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  1. 8 years anniversary today...

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. fantailfan1


      Haven't seen you around forever! Happy 8th! :)

    3. dnalex


      Congratulations! Please give us an update of you and your fish! :)

    4. Narny105



  2. Sad day. R.I.P. Angus the King of Fish, 8 yrs old...

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    2. Daniel


      Not Angus :( It's good to see you around again Anette, I just wish it were under different circumstances. :(

    3. horserider36


      I'm so sorry about Angus. Rest in peace :(

    4. ShawneeRiver


      I'm so sorry.

  3. I have a SECOND batch of plec babies... they are taking over my home...!!!

  4. Finally! Summer in Sweden and fish are enjoying pond life!!! Yay!!!:)

    1. Quasi


      Woot!! :-)

  5. I have baby plecs!!!

    1. seheap


      Yay! Any more pictures? :)

  6. So many new members...

  7. OldHag

    Goldfish Beach Towel

    Why don't we have anything like that in Sweden???? I want such things for Christmas...
  8. OldHag

    Shubunkin/goldfish Hybrids

    Yes I have shubie/common mixes. These guys looks a lot like mine. Good luck with the little ones! Adorable!
  9. OldHag

    My New Ryukin Fry

    Soo cute! I like the purple one too! I also want cutouts...
  10. OldHag

    Moos Baby

    Very special! And singletailed!
  11. Hi. I am at work, it is SOOO much snow here... I feel a cold coming.

    My fish are fine, but yesterday I notice one of my tanks going green, I don't like it.

    So how are you and your daughter? Any fish?

  12. hi Annette!

    it's been a while ...how are you?

  13. OldHag


    What a beautiful dress!!! OH! Prettier than all the others!!!
  14. OldHag

    Last Summer's Fry

    They are soo cute! I don't know anything about genetics, I just keep the fry that looks good! And my "pink" fry always turns out calico colored. But I have commons/comets!