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  1. You have one of the most gorgeous ryukins.. Hope they are all doing fine..

  2. I looked at your album and just had to tell you your fish are more beautiful than i can say. Simply breath taking. thankyou for sharing.

  3. I just seen your photo album and only seen one fish before I was blown away! Not only do you take amazing photos but your fish are just amazing! Very great job!

  4. Haven't seen you around the board lately. Hope you visit soon. Would love to see more photos of you beautiful tanks and fish!

  5. Does Ammo-lock say on the label that it detoxifies chloramine? And/or chlorine? You may have both ammonia and ammonia-chlorine (chloramine) in your water supply. If so, you'll need something (like Prime) that can break the chloramine apart and then detoxify both the resulting ammonia and chlorine. And are you testing nitrate before or after the water change? Because if the water you're adding has 20ppm nitrate, then your tank can't be 5ppm. Even starting with no nitrate in the tank, doing a 25% water change would automatically start your reading at 5ppm and then the fish will add to that so you should have more nitrate than you're reading. PS. I agree with you. My tapwater is similar and I wonder what monstrous bugs are in there to begin with that they feel the need to add so much ammonia and chloramine in order to kill whatever it is.
  6. Nitrite At 5.0

    Unless you're doing a fishless cycle, Cheeky's tank won't cycle now you've moved him out, so you'll likely have to go through the cycle again anyway when you put him back in. Test NH and NO2 twice a day while cycling (morning and evening) and do water changes to keep NO2 from getting above 2 if you can. I'd also recommend adding aquarium salt to stop any NO2 damaging Cheeky's gills. Any NO2 levels at all during cycling may not seem to visibly harm him, but it may permanently damage his gills enough to affect his ability to uptake oxygen and stunt his future growth. You can use a de-nitriter like Prime to chemically detoxify NO2, but it only works as long as the Prime is in the water, which isn't long after you add it. Salt doesn't chemically detoxify the NO2, but it does render it harmless on the fish's gills, and stays in the water permanently so it's always working as insurance in case there's a NO2 spike overnight for instance.
  7. Follow the instructions on the label. If it says switch your filter off, it may be because the treatment will kill the beneficial bacteria in your filter. Or they may say remove any carbon instead so as not to remove the treatment from the water too quickly. If it doesn't specifically say don't mix treatments, err on the side of caution and don't do it. Chemicals in one product can possibly react with chemicals in another product in ways their manufacturers didn't intend.
  8. Glass Catfish Problem

    If it's just the oldest glass going cloudy while the rest are fine, I wouldn't panic and start dosing your tank with chemicals yet as they are quite sensitive. I'd suggest trying the simple options first and see if they work. One of my big old ones started going cloudy the other day with his antennae pulled back. Simply raising the water temperature to 28C (82F) made him go clear again. I can't actually tell which one had the problem now they all look the same again.
  9. I've never had any luck using phosphate removers with goldfish as the goldfish food contains more phosphate than these things can remove anyway (so you're adding it faster than it can be removed), so a water change is still the best option in my opinion. You have a free sample though, so you may as well try it I guess and see if it works! PS. I actually ADD phosphate to my planted aquarium to control algae. If it's in a 1:7 ratio with nitrate, algae doesn't grow.
  10. I Now Have Orange Glofish

    Very true, Brian. They're genetically modified Danios I believe, and if they breed, their offspring carry the gene too. They've banned them in the UK I think, or are working on it. They need to establish laws pretty quickly to regulate this sort of stuff, or we'll be seeing glow-in-the-dark rabbits and purple mice for sale soon.
  11. That sounds like adult fish lice. Pick them off by hand if possible, then use an anti-parasite treatment. No need to quarantine the one fish you found with a louse as you'll have to treat the whole tank anyway repeatedly in case there are eggs or larvae as well. The fish get sick and die when the lice break the skin and internal infection sets in.
  12. Lemon Passed Away!

    I'm so sorry. Lemon was such a beautiful fish with great potential. Were the other fish harrassing Lemon at all? I lost a baby oranda last year not long after I bought it because it was just continually harrassed by the other young one that it never got any rest, especially at night, and simply died of stress and exhaustion I think.
  13. Suzy's Gone

    Thanks everyone. I just have this sick hollow feeling in my stomach today every time I think about it. An odd thing is that I thought the water change may have been a problem because the other three ryukins, Ferdy, Basil and Buzz went quiet and nose down into the corners as well for two days so I was really worried about them too. But less than an hour after removing Suzy's body, they were back to their normal selves swimming around fine. Maybe a sick or dying fish gives off chemicals that makes other fish feel nauseous, as an hour is about the time it would take for the filter carbon to remove most of whatever it was, but it was only so noticeable because Suzy was a larger fish.
  14. Suzy's Gone

    Four days ago, I noticed a lot of small frothy bubbles on the surface of the big tank, and Suzy looking a bit quiet. All water tests were fine, but I did a large water change anyway suspecting something was wrong due to the bubbles, but to no avail and too late, or it made the situation worse. I don't know if the bubble froth was a cause or a symptom, but they disappeared after the water change. Suzy deteriorated quickly and died today a few hours ago. No white poop or anything. He just went quiet, then flipped, then died. He was my biggest and best fish and it was a really tragic feeling pulling his body out of the tank and feeling how heavy he actually was for the first and last time. I weighed him at 480 grams, just over a pound in weight. I'm not feeling anything right now. I'm numb. I'm in shock. The speed of it and not expecting it and not knowing why... The one fish I never expected to lose as he was always a picture of health and grew big and fat. Four days ago he was fine, but today my magnificent Suzy is gone. Another recent sad event for me was Big Red, the goldfish who has been with me the longest right from the beginning, finally passed away two weeks ago. Unlike Suzy's death, I was pretty much expecting it as he was riddled with viral tumours so it was only a matter of time. If there were tumours on the inside as large as they became on the outside, it surprised me that he actually lasted as long as he did. I never took any pictures of him once the tumours grew large because I preferred to remember him the way he was when he won Goldfish Paradise' Goldfish of the Year (Telescope). Like Suzy, he too was a magnificent fish. I'll miss you greatly Big Red, old friend.