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  1. Hi. I am at work, it is SOOO much snow here... I feel a cold coming.

    My fish are fine, but yesterday I notice one of my tanks going green, I don't like it.

    So how are you and your daughter? Any fish?

  2. hi Annette!

    it's been a while ...how are you?

  3. Congrats! It's your birthday today!

  4. It's good to hear you and your fishies are doing fine!Sad to say I lost both my goldies to dropsy...

  5. I am fine, and my fish too.

    How are you're little ones doing?

  6. Hi Anette!How are you?

  7. What's on your mind?

  8. So, how are things in Japan?:)

  9. Yearly Medal?

    thank you sooooo much Koko!
  10. Yearly Medal?

    sorry must've accidentally deleted them when I changed my siggy! If I'm not mistaken,I think I had 4 pico,2 breeding and a donation medal.... I'm not 100% positive though I'm really sorry
  11. Yearly Medal?

    Hi koko don't want to bother you but I logged on today and noticed that all my medals are gone
  12. Possible Popeye

    sorry I haven't had time to update princess is doing a lot better!She's gotten her appetite back and her eye is almost back to normal. Will try to post a pic soon
  13. Possible Popeye

    quick update.... princess' eye still look the same so I guess it's not getting worst. She does try to eat but after a while of chewing,she spits out her food. Don't really know why but it doesn't look good
  14. Possible Popeye

    I can deal with 3 days off...but a week(10 days to some people ).....makes me go crazy
  15. Possible Popeye

    Thanks IMO!Will do as adviced Hope you have a nice day!