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  1. Winter fun Exchange!

    Mine was sent this morning.
  2. Me too but mine says not to open till Christmas. I hate to wait on anything.
  3. Winter fun Exchange!

    Long long line at post office. Maybe if I get there before they open in the morning, Ill be first.
  4. Baby Budgie

    It is so much fun watching her grow up. Ya I think Cricket is a girl. Wont be sure for a few more weeks.
  5. Baby Budgie

    Looks more Turquoise to me.
  6. Baby Budgie

  7. New here

    Need new pictures.
  8. Baby Budgie

    Ok you two don't make me pull over.
  9. Baby Budgie

    That's the birds crop. Where it goes before it get to the belly.
  10. Baby Budgie

  11. Baby Budgie

    I need to try and clean him up today. He has food all over him. Ill get a new picture when I do.
  12. Winter fun Exchange!

    Mines ready just not sent yet. I dread going to the post office. Ill send it first of next week. On a weekday not this weekend.
  13. Baby Budgie

    I see some green on his tail and legs. Camera does not pick it up yet.
  14. Baby Budgie

    This is his Mom and Dad. I think Dad is what he is going to look like. Dad is the green one.