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  1. My local aquatics only every had white clouds in the coldwater section, they must have read this thread because they now have zebra danios there too..
  2. I plan, always have.. it goes as follows.. Go to pet store, no intention of a purchase.. Love strikes.. Walk out with new fish.. Realise I need a new tank. I try hard not too but it?s always the same..
  3. He's cute, he looks like he has been blown up like a balloon or swallowed a golf ball..
  4. I had this decision to make, i finally chose small gravel. My reasons were larger rocks could be more difficult to clean, and for me planting into small gravel was alot easier.
  5. Where i buy my fish from they have bright yellow commons, hopefully i will be working there next week, as i applied for a job there, i will try and take some photos, there really pretty, and bright, if i had room i would have one or two..
  6. Buying new fish cheers me up no end, shame i can't buy new ones everyday, Congratulations..
  7. I need a delete button, sorry for all posts.
  8. Is your fish the one in the photo, the reason i ask is both my lionheads seem to be quite prone at knocking scales of on top..
  9. White clouds are more coldwater than tropical.
  10. LOL, both my little lionheads are like that, they both love eating off my hand, for the size they swim fast, but at feeding time they go nuts..
  11. Hello all, this no net access is killing me, will sort soon. I haven't yet bought a butterfly plec, just considered one as a algae controller and they look cute, as will plant the tank. The white clouds that currently live in the tropical tank were intended to go with goldfish but they died. So i thought about moving them upstairs and putting some other fish downstairs. So it was either white clouds or plec, not both. As i want my to lionheads to be happy fish, not overstocked, i with leave the white clouds in a bucket next to the cold water tank for 6 or so hours to help them acclimitize.
  12. I know exactly how you feel, i nearly gave up after loosing my first three fishes to ich, two comets and one shubunkin, ready to give up, and stick with tropicals i fell in love with a lionhead, thank god she's been fine, its so hard to continue when you have such bad luck, i found its just luck if you get a healthy fish. Sorry for your losses.
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