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  1. Hello everyone!!! It feels like I have been gone forever. I've been busy with my new job and running around after my two year old I thought I would drop by and post a link to a video of my Tandanus Catfish - Mr Tinky in his tank that I got him for xmas. I took this video in Feb this year. It's hard for me to decorate his tank cause he wrecks everything I put in there so it's pretty plain looking. I'm thinking of getting a background for the tank to make it look a bit more interesting.
  2. Your floating plants look great! Do you have any problems with them flying around due to the filter current?
  3. Our Australian Native fish have to compete with wild godfish, hence the decline in our native fish populations in some areas of Australia
  4. I love you bowl set up. That's a great idea, especially if you place it in a corner of a room. Apparently it's good 'feng shei' I have had a grassy plant before called "Hairgrass". I just bought it at the LFS.
  5. That is one stunning fish! I love the bright colour and his body shape is so cute. I was going to ask the same question about your nails.... ....I have fake ones at the moment but will be going natural again once they grow out or fall off
  6. Baby goldies are so adorable!!! Pearscales are one of my favs
  7. Thats a cool concept. I dont think I have the patience though. My catfish on the other hand already enjoys dribbling a ball so maybe he will catch on quicker than my goldies.
  8. Very funny lookig fish. I haven't seen these at my LFS. They may not be available in Australia yet. Does anyone know?
  9. You have done a fantastic job! You tank looks AWESOME!!!!
  10. They are going to be adding fluoride to our water supply and I was just wondering if the stuff I use to take out the chlorine, will also take out the fluoride, as I am not sure if fluoride is safe for my fish
  11. Congratulations!! I hope your fry grow up big and strong for you
  12. I have an aqua one 1200 and it works great. One of the main things I like about Aqua one is that you can get parts for it quite easily and they are inexpensive. Cannister filters in general are always a bit messy when you have to clean them out. I always end up with water everywhere.
  13. I have seen the floating basket used on another forum and it's a great idea. Not sure for long term use for your GF but a great solution till you organize an alternative for her
  14. I am so sorry about Dusty I have lost GF in the past and I still miss them.
  15. Your Oranda is a little cutie.
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