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  1. Just remembered a question I have, but it wont let me edit my other post now ... Anyhow, I know I have this water issue cos of where I live ...but why dont the many people here with ponds seem to have the same problem? I've seen really big fish in ponds, so they cant just be replacing them every so many months (Would cost a fortune at the size of the fish) ... why aren't they struggling with PH too???
  2. I was using crushed coral before in the filter, it sat on the top of the white sponge and over a period of time had got it from 6 to 6.8 but it took some time and I was worried constantly to keep it stable, I rarely got it higher, although my LFS bloke said if I had used even more of it I could've raised it higher maybe. At the LFS he just chucks in baking soda, the previous owner had used crushed coral in the gravel, but he said that was a bad idea. kortniee, both Tom and I adore goldies, that's where our heart lies, but I am so afraid of them suffering again, I just would feel so bad! That's the whole crux of the matter ... do you do what you want personally and just go for goldies and hope to get the filter and water chemistry right over time, even though you KNOW it's not ideal and is an issue ... or do you play safe for the fishies sake and try something else that is more suited to our water, even though it's not really what you want?
  3. Sandy, you made me laugh so much with that one!!!!!!!! I really am going to have to find out more about Tropical's I guess to give it a fair hearing, cos I have no idea what a 'brackish' tank is or even what all these different fish look like! Having Goldies with a few tropicals like the white clouds etc isn't really going to solve anything for me, cos my dilemma is whether to chance Goldies again because of the low PH and filter issues I have. By choice goldies would win hands down .... but I will write down all these names and go look at them in the LFS and try and see if anyone calls me!!! (Great idea Sharon)
  4. I love your Goldie reasoning Sandy! My heart is there with it completely ... (They can wrap me round their fins every day of the week!) BUT, I know the PH is a real issue like Sharon says .... The filter again is a problem ... I dont want to cut holes in the tank ~ so I will have to see what sort my LFS has. I guess I'll have to take a wander down there and make myself look at the tropicals and betta's as well. Hubby's suggestion was to clean up the tank and make it into a bigger home for my hamster! <_< Forgot to say as well, that I like the idea of go see who calls to me!
  5. Sandy, I just knew you would say Tropicals! I am really dragging my feet over this cos in my heart I dont want tropicals, but Tom seems to think it would be fairer to give them a go than take a chance that we might get a couple of goldies and they suffer and die. I dont even know how to switch on the heater in the tank!!! Anyhow's I showed him the links you posted and he quite liked the look of some of those fish .... I guess we should take a trip to the LFS to see what he has available, as to be honest, I've never done more than a casual glance at those tanks as I hot footed it over to the goldie ones! I'll write down those you suggested. Of course, if you wish to put the case for goldies before I go ... I'm more than willing to listen
  6. Ok, so awhile back our goldies had that awful disease, and the tank was cleaned out and left. Just couldn't bring ourselves to replace them. So now Tom is wanting to get more fish, and I really do miss them myself. Hubby and I moved the tank downstairs into the kitchen and plan to bleach and clean it all up again this coming weekend. The problem is this. Should we get more goldies (fancies this time) or should we venture into tropicals. We have a 30gallon tank, juwel, so have discovered that the filter in it on it's own would not have enough turn over to keep the tank happy and healthy. I dont want to cut the tank up, so how could I put more filtration in it and also not lose gallonage. We have soft water and struggle to keep the PH up to 6.8 (usually 6-6.4). So would it be easier to try tropicals? The problem being (dont want to offend anyone here) that tropicals just dont appeal to me, I dont connect with them like goldies ..... by choice I would only go with goldies ... but is it fair to get them when we dont have ideal conditions? Tom would also prefer Goldies but he would be willing to give tropicals a try if our set up is more ideal for them, as he hates losing fish .... Any input, thoughts or comments would be appreciated
  7. Congratulations ~ he's adorable!
  8. they are ALL gorgeous and TOTALLY cute Had to do a double take though in your last pic, cos your Unagi ? (white one with orange on head) looks so like our Dave .... (see in my memorial below) it was really weird!
  9. oh nooo ... I'm so sorry .... He was gorgeous, the other two as well are beautiful ... I hope they stay well for you
  10. Just saw this thread, I am so, so sorry to read what is happening here ... I really hope your fishies pull through
  11. How awful!! you must've been terrified! Glad it all worked out ok in the end!
  12. I've had problems accessing the site at times too, other times it's fine ... but infact it's very slow for me tonight, so slow infact that I have a book here with me and I read as I wait for a new page to open or while I wait for my post to be 'posted' .... Hopefully it will be better tomorrow.
  13. Ohhh... I haven't been on Koko's too much recently, and I couldn't believe it when I read about GN! Oh I really, really hope he improves and is ok! Thinking of you and sending :hugs ... I'll keep checking back on this thread in the hopes of good news!
  14. Oh no, I'm so sorry! I can really empathise with how you feel right now : This disease is awful, but you really tried your hardest and I so admire you for that. I'm glad he went peacefully. poor Bug, and poor Andy too :
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