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  1. My goldie will be a year old in a few weeks
  2. Nicetank the background looks great.
  3. Wow nice pond how many fish u got in there and how big is the pond.
  4. Your fish are awsome they look great
  5. Congrats on your new fish they look very nice i really l;ike the last picture!!!
  6. Nice photos loz the koi are really huge...did you buy any?
  7. leo

    Over/under Feeding?

    Try and feed them once a day,feed them as much as they can eat in a few minutes.If they beg dont give them any food..thats what my fish do its cute but you must ignore them otherwise bad things can happen hope i helped
  8. i went in today early and guess what they are all sold out them man said they were gonna get more in few months!!! sorry guys i cant get the pics now
  9. i'll try and get a pic and try and find a way to get the fish
  10. My mum said i am not allowed to get one i'm overstocked anyway
  11. My lfs has now black comets they cost ?3.75 and they look awsome, does anyone else know of black comets or new coloured fish?? by the way were there black comets before i posted this <_<
  12. Lol i might go this saturday just to look at the fish and stuff and i might just buy some things 1...2..3....maybe 4 things or 5 or 6...ok i'll stop
  13. You got spme nice fish they look very happy.
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