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  1. lol attack of the killer moths!!well some moths secrete poison so I dunno maybe someday your goldfish will have a reaction too it.
  2. I dont know how to get him out of the water...
  3. My new re dcap oranda has a green thing that looks like a root of a plant but It hasnt disappeared...how do I get rid of it?I seperated him when I saw it...All the other fish ar eok I put in live plants recently is that the case?I also feed him live bloodworms..Is that it?Please help Ive seen ranchugirls tweezer idea but I dont wnt to risk getting his fin...Im really hectic right now pleas ehelp Im really desperate...
  4. arent bloodworms midge fly larvae???How could they reproduce???Maybe your thinking about tubifex.
  5. this afternoon I went to buy $4 worth of bloodworms well this was my 1st time trying live bloodworms...The lady got a plastic bag filled it 4 times and tied it.Well I went home happy as a freshwate clam the thing is I forgot to ask where the bloodworms come from well they have hemaeglobin(SP) in there blood.And I rinsed them very well with cold water in a brine shrimp net.Then I tested a few on quarrentine goldfish and they ate em so quick I couldnt see them open ther emouths...Also when i tested them on my good tanks the fish wouldnt eat it well they it half of it but the other half still alive and wiggling around in the gravel and I trie dto get but it was already gone... MY QUESTION IS:if I rinse them very well are they ok?and also if the uneaten bloodworms fall into the gravel will they die and decompose?
  6. I give rinsed live bloodworms freeze dried varietys and some wardleys flakes\and also sometimes some lettuce and peas
  7. well I put them in a quarentine tank for 1 week before I release them into the wild=A.K.A. fish tanks.
  8. ???can you use hand-sanitizer on your hands???Is it ok omg if not I am so srry about my tanks
  9. jersey omg your like on the wrong side of the railroad im in cali
  10. Red Cap Oranda

    Hens Eggs

    oops srry lol I sometimes studder on th typing..because I lose track from watching tv and type it againw hat I meant to type is do they eat it as like a main course or as a treat because they may have no choice and my goldfish hate em like I do I feed em bits of watermelon.
  11. Use jungle tabs and add aquarium slt also add some melafix and solitude the injured into a seperate tank because the others might pick on him because hes injured and of course...Catfish will attack...Pleco=Catfish=Catfish=Pleco
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