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  1. Looks Good In fact I just finished setting up my 35 Gallon the other night
  2. Nice tank i would put three goldies in than one ....oh and by the way
  3. to clean my tank i use some water in a spray bottle and some paper towel
  4. I was wondering if was ok to replace my gravel with sand for goldfish ?
  5. Well my fish is not even a year old so i put 1-3 years
  6. well i have a black moor and well hes not that black he's turning a goldish color but still has a lot of black on him
  7. I know i was having a bit of trouble there... It just wouldn't load Oh well
  8. Check out my new Tetra tank kit. It's a nice ten gallon tank with a nice footprint.
  9. Check out my new Tetra tank kit. The gravel and the plant don't come with the tank. B)
  10. Oh! How about some Black Moors ??? I just love Black Moors
  11. When is this going to end koko ??? I'm going to be on a trip so if you could wait a week longer for me to send you the e-mail please
  12. What about a Black Moor or is this a pond ??? Then a Wakin
  13. That's kinda cool I didn't know that fish made noise
  14. Sounds to me like fin rot but I don't know what to treat it with this might help you http://www.kokosgoldfish.com/disease.html Sorry about your fish alot of other people on the board might be able to help hope I did
  15. Aww man I wish I could but I'm in Canada
  16. Why must the Government cut from vital fish protein...oh wait you can food with extra protien but it's expensive peas will do fine
  17. 1 year for a Betta Gilbert oh how I miss him so
  18. I isn't cleaning a tank a pain in the butt <_<
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