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  1. Here's what I've been doing for fake plants that sit in gravel, or plants that I do not want to put in containers. I take a clear suction cup, they come in all sizes and you can buy them in the hardware and craft sections of the store. I take off the hook. Using a drill with a small drill bit (depending the size of the plant stem) I drill a hole in the top of the suction cup; not all the way through, just about half. Next, I cut the stem of the plant off of the base it comes with (make sure you don't cut the stem too short). Then I shove the stem into the hole I've drilled in the top of the suction cup. It should fit firmly. Then I seal around the connection with aquarium sealant and let is set for 24 hours. Now you can attach the plant to the bottom of the aquarium and it will stay very secure. It does not move when you vaccuum the gravel and the fish can't pull it up. The suction cup and sealant are clear and hardly noticeable. It works really well with bare bottom tanks too. Especially if your using glass stones because the plastic rock that the plants come anchored to clash with the glass stones. I have looked for plants that are anchored this way in the store but have never seen them. So I don't know if they can be bought this way or not. But this really works great for me.
  2. Queenie

    Uv Sterilizer In Container Pond

    I put a UV sterilizer in my container pond because I got so tired of battling the green water. In a matter of days the algae was gone. My water is white or milky. Does anyone know how long it takes for the water to become completey clear? The pond was cycled before I put the uv sterilizer in.
  3. Queenie

    Pollen From Pine Trees

    I have a container pond on my patio that is approx. 350-400 gallons. There is a wooded thicket on the back of my lot with pine trees, oak trees, etc. There is yellow pollen (I guess it's pollen) all over everything, the cars, patio furniture, etc. A neighbor said it comes off the pine trees this time every year. This pollen is getting into my pond water and turning it sorta yellow. Does anyone else have this problem and will it hurt the fish?
  4. Queenie

    Pollen From Pine Trees

    Thanks for the replies. I won't worry about it then. But it is indeed gross. I'm trying to skim it off but it is floating all through the water. Hopefully I can get it filtered out.
  5. Queenie

    Pollen From Pine Trees

    I brought the fish in the house 4 weeks ago because of another problem. I have corrected the other problem but not put the fish back outside yet because I am doing a fishless cycle before I put them back out there. The pond is not finished cycling yet. The pollen just started falling 2 or 3 days ago. So I don't know how the pollen will effect them. Thanks for your input.