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  1. they look wonderful i love the little ranchu, and the pictures are very clear and detailed. I have a little cheapo camera and am lucky to get a nice shot!
  2. jaw dropping! I would love to have such a gaint beautiful goldie tank! well done!
  3. grumble i did that to one of my first heaters *smacks head* lucky for me it was shatter proof and no harm was done. but that is a good reminder to everyone, heaters out of water are bad news!!
  4. Thanks everyone, i am treating the other fish with some meds. made sure all lids were on my other bettas, i'm not going to let that happen again!
  5. I am so sad, a few weeks ago i had bought new fish, i didn't wait long enough before adding him to the tank. So everyone has ick now. i noticed my little betta wasn't taken it very well so i move him out into his own seperate tank so i could keep a closer eye on him. He wasn't moving very much, i should have sat longer and watched to make sure he was doing alright...Just a few minutes ago i went to check on him and he had jumped out of the tank. He had the best personality of all my bettas he was always first to jump for food when ever i passed. I can't believe it, i should have waited longer before adding the new fish!!
  6. lol i think he is really neat looking plus i love white goldies...but the price is a bit much! the bubbles do worry me though, it can't be easy for them to swim, can it? even if they can deflate them...thats bizzare.
  7. ooh he is so cute! i love the pink rocks!!
  8. thank u thats all i needed to know!
  9. Okay i know alot of u keep tetras in w/ ur goldfish. So can u put a goldfish in a tropical tank with platies and guppies ect. I don't have room for a goldfish so i'm not plaining on doing that i was just wondering.
  10. lol i have been wanted one for a few years now! I love orandas, so i will get at least 1 oranda, a fantail and a ranchu. That should do it! hopefully in the next week or two i can start buying the things i need.
  11. Thanks, It's a black tank so i think black gravel will look really nice in it.
  12. Ok for my brithday my parents got me a 30 gallon tank...GOLDFISH!! I am just wondering what type of filter should i get? I was think maybe an undergravel, I really don't know what it the best is there anything special i should get, it is going to be a few months before i can even get water in it. Any advice will work, what theme should it have colors ect ect
  13. Oh that happened to me too, tried the snails, just ate the leaves. I agree w/ everybody the best thing is just to wipe the leaves off. Good Luck!
  14. You don't mind if i steal ur idea? it looks great!!
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