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  1. Yeah, should do. Just PM me when you're ready
  2. They keep within a good limit actually. Just make sure there isn't too much food loitering around or you might have a few too many on your hands
  3. Got some pink ramshorns for sale again! £5 + £2.50 postage for 12 snails. I also have some Malaysian trumpet snails so if you want a few freebies, let me know!
  4. Hi guys! Got some xmas moss for sale again. Fist-sized clump, £5 + £2.50 postage. If you want more than one clump, I'm happy to combine postage. PM me your address and I'll send details for Paypal ***Please note, the moss may come with pink ramshorn and Malaysian trumpet snails. If you would like some extra hitchhikers, let me know!***
  5. Livestock: Axolotls Quantity for sale: 2 wildtypes, 8 leucistics Reason for Sale: My babies are big enough to go to their forever homes Delivery or Collection: Collection only Sale price: £15 Location: Colchester For more info on how to keep axolotls, please visit my website here
  6. That is one sexy looking living room. And the tank looks stunning!
  7. I've been wanting to contribute to this topic for ages but I've been so busy starting a new job that I haven't had a moment to go through all my stuff! Ok, I have to stress that my collection used to be a lot bigger but I've moved house so much in the last few years that a lot of it has got lost along the way I had this bought for me a few years ago: And this little guy: An old member of this board (who is now a good friend of mine!) got me this: And this: Mouse mat and coaster: I got these from another member of this board in a gift swap in... gosh, '04? '05? And the various handmade cards from a couple of members of this board I keep every single one. They're far too nice to throw away! And some PFK t-shirts in the loft that say "fit fishkeeper" and "grumpy old fishkeeper" Also, I'm bidding on this at the moment. Oh, and when I get paid, I'm totally buying this!
  8. Aww she's gorgeous. I signed the petition too. Fairground fish is a subject that has been grinding my gears since I was a nipper. It's now illegal in some parts of the country as far as I know, which makes me wonder why fish should have more protection depending on where they are. They're still fish. It just doesn't make any sense to me.
  9. OMG, I want them ALL. Good thing I just got a job haha
  10. Yeah, she could definitely do with some Hikari gold...
  11. How gorgeous is this?! Not something I'd wear on a night out but stunning none the less
  12. This was my Sooty shortly after I got her: A couple of years later: A few months after that: And a few months after that: She turned completely white in the end. Still as gorgeous as she ever was <3
  13. Leave them a couple of days and they'll get much less sticky and should roll off easily. In the meantime just shove them in the fry tank and look out for little eyes in those eggs! Good luck!
  14. The only thing I advise is that you pop them on a leaf or ornament rather than dropping them in. The betta is more likely to mistake them for food if they fall through the water. A little nipping on the betta's part is normal. He'll soon figure out they're no fun and ignore them haha
  15. My bettas don't look twice at them. If you're worried about the filter, they'll be fine in a container for the time being but generally mine go in and out of the filter as they please. They don't come out of the water if they have a choice lol. I just check the filter for ones that have got too big to make their own way out every few weeks, they never get hurt in there
  16. Amazing book. An old member of this board lent it to me some years back. Once the time came to return it, I bought my own copy. I find the section about microscopy and parasites the most helpful. Almost any ailment can be diagnosed with a light microscope and this book. Invaluable.
  17. This post makes me miss breeding goldies so much! Those little eyes just break your heart, don't they? Congrats on the motherhood to you and Fred! I wrote a post a while ago about how to breed goldies. There's a section on there about how to raise the babies too. I had planned to expand on that section so if you think there's something I've missed or have any specific questions, fire away! http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/22931-breeding-goldies/
  18. Hehe, they are pretty darn cute. Let me know if you decide to take a few. They'll be a 50/50 mix of wildtype and leucistic judging by the genotype of the female. There are two genotype possibilities for the female but whichever one it is will produce the same phenotype of the offspring
  19. It'll cost more than £2.50 to ship them but I can see if I can get a quote and if customs allow livestock to be sent abroad
  20. Yeah, a lot of people sell their axolotl eggs. They go through phases of breeding so readily that it wouldn't be fair, or indeed possible, to raise them single-handedly so they're sold so other people can try raising them, rather than just culling them off. I was getting about a clutch per week of 200+ eggs when I had a single female. I've had two males in with my 5 females for 36 hours and already there have been two nights of breeding, so I could easily end up with 1000+ eggs by the end of the week!
  21. Livestock: Axolotl eggs. Most likely from wildtype (Dd/Aa) and leucistic (dd/Aa) Quantity for sale: 100+ Reason for Sale: So people can try their hand at raising these wonderful creatures Delivery or Collection: Both Sales price: £5 for 10 Postage & Packaging: £2.50 Location: Colchester Photograph: http://img.photobuck.../DSCF0030-1.jpg
  22. That's xmas moss. Lovely fluffy stuff
  23. Ok, so I tied some more fishing line along the edges of the mesh, sellotaped it in place while the blob of glue dried like so: Now the glue has dried, I've taken the tape off and it's sitting in the tank until water change day so when the water level's low enough, I can dry the back wall and stick it on! It's being propped up by some bits of driftwood in the meantime and the girls are already getting some good use out of it
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