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  1. PS--If I need to look at fish real bad, I know a great forum on the internet ;-)
  2. You've convinced me--I'll store it. I've already found someone who is interested in giving a home to my two dojo loaches. I'll miss their cute little faces but I never look at them any more. I know I'll want to have fish again at some point, I love goldfish! Thanks for the feedback :-)
  3. I thought, at least w/glass tanks, that storing them w/o water can cause the seals to dry out and then they leak. This doesn't happen w/acrylic tanks?
  4. Hi--I haven't been here in a looooong time, mostly b/c I now have two kids. I'm thinking of taking down my aquarium. It's a 35 gal hex, acrylic, and the only things alive in it right now are two dojo loaches, about five years old, and some java fern. I rarely remember to feed the fish any more and changing out the water is a hassle. I'm not enjoying it, I just feel guilty when I see it. My DH offered that we could store it in the garage for when I feel like setting it back up--might not be for >5 years though. I spent a lot of $ on the tank/filter/supplies so I'd be selling it at a big loss, but I hate to store it and find, when I decide to set it back up, that it leaks and can't be used for fish any more. Should I store it or sell it?
  5. I think that was a good idea; HOB filters are easier to deal with. I run an Eheim canister filter but I haven't cleaned it in months. Somehow the water parameters stay okay!
  6. I keep 2 moores and 2 dojo loaches in a 35 gallon hex aquarium. The tank does not have an UGF or gravel layer (though it has small piles of gravel strewn about), it has 2-3 inch river rocks, driftwood, an Eheim Pro canister filter, an air stone and lots of java fern and anacharis.
  7. I've never seen a group of trained fish before, that is REALLY IMPRESSIVE!!! Thank you for posting this link.
  8. One of my moore's is slowly turning orange, including his eyes. His name is Bara and I've had him about 2 1/2 years. When I got my fish, they were 1 1/2 or 2 inches long (including tail) now they are 6 or 7 inches long. Here is Bara after I had him a few months: Here is a recent pic of Bara (sorry it is blurry): Kuro, my other moore, has a small spot of orange near his tail but it hasn't spread like Bara's. The thing that has interested me most about my moores is that their fins have grown diproportionately larger as they've gotten bigger (possible to tell in photo if you look closely).
  9. Why don't you try anacharis? I know it's considered a higher-light plant but if you let it float at the top it will be close to your fluorescent light and that can make a big difference. I have a 35 gal hex tank with a 15" fluorescent strip light, even less light than was on my old 20 gallon! I'm growing java fern all around the bottom of the tank on rocks and wood and growing anacharis at the top. The ferns are a few years old but I bought the anacharis three or four months ago, it was supposed to be a temporary food source for my moores while we were out of town, and it's grown and adjusted really well. I'm totally surprised but pleased at how well it grows as a floating plant. It has not gotten stringy like anacharis grown under low light nor has is sent down a lot of roots (I've noticed that, under stress, anacharis will desperately try to root).
  10. I've hatched brine shrimp from eggs before to feed anglefish fry. That should give you an idea of how tiny the baby shrimp are. The young brine shrimp are really small compare the the mouth of a goldfish. I don't know how easy it is to grow the brine shrimp to adulthood, which is when they would be a better size for goldfish. I personally wouldn't bother, I just feed my fish the frozen brines shrimp. Good luck, fresh food is great for goldies!
  11. Pussywillow and Cattail, what adorable names!!! I still haven't named the new dojos, nothing seems to suit them. I also wonder, if they actually grow to 8", if they'll rampage across the tank in a path of destruction. They seem really strong and are only about 2"!
  12. Thanks guys, I think they're pretty cute but DH thinks they look like leeches and he doesn't like the barbels around their moutn. Also, the less spotty one is still lighter so I can tell them apart now. :-)
  13. Your dojos sound like a lo of fun! I just got two also, Wednesday. But they are not doing a whole lot, mostly laying around. Once in a while they zoom about or dive into the gravel.
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