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  1. Yay! I just got a panda myself as well. Panda party!
  2. Holleuja! They're all safe and sound, Asher included. I dunno why she would take him, but I found him being chased around her 55. (which has *cough* 6 common goldfish, a koi and two cichlids, and yes, the goldfish are 'pets') She also has a 5 gallon eclipse with a fantail, another koi, a skirted tetra and a guppy. I try over and over to tell them they can't do that, but no, they don't want to listen. So I said "fine" and took ALL my fish over to my moms house, just like that. I'm not subjecting my babies to that woman anylonger and now they are almost compeletly happy. They've gone from 5 in a 20 gallon to 7 in a 55 gallon, Trevor being the exception because he gets a new home. But FINALLY, for those that followed my other thread, I got it.
  3. OMG, good news but VERY BAD news. Good news, I get to set the 55 up tomorrow at my moms. Bad news, one of my fish was stolen by my stepmom, don't ask because my hate for that woman is past the passion of a thousand camels. She's jealous is all and plays games a 5 year old plays when they want something and can't have it. My poor baby moor Asher was no where to be found this morning, and he was there after school yesterday, in the best of health, so if she pulls thast "he died" crap it's so not true! So, I'm taking ALL my fish to my moms where NO ONE can hurt them. This greatly upsets me, and I'm not moving to AZ with my dad after this so long as she is going with him.
  4. This guy/gal well deserves his/her name, Lucifer is picking on Trevor, and he's 6X his/her size! 'Comon now, who could resist this little face?
  5. I'm kicking myself in the butt for buying him/her, but I would be kicking my butt if I didn't. The employee, whom I'm on friend terms with, told me to snatch him/her up because they get these in rarely and there were two in the morning and he didn't know how long this one will be there till. GRAH! The problem, I have too many goldfish and not EVEN enough room. I'm working that out though. As of now he is in a 10 with Trevor (the rather large common) untill Tuesday when Trevor gets a new home. ( It's for the best. I have no where else!) That's at my moms, at my dads I'm still pleading/negotiating getting the 5 outta the 20 and into the 55. It'll happen soon, just how soon I do not know. Anywho, no more for me untill this sorts out, I promise. Pictures tomorrow! (Because Lucifer is sleeping right now)
  6. OMG! That's hilarious and a very skilled drawing! I think I love you!
  7. Crimmeny! Is this a comparison or what!? She's so beautiful! She and Pudge must be sisters somehow. Pearlies are the cutest little golfball fish aren't they!?
  8. I don't know what's wrong with her but she can't be pregnant. It's impossible, goldfish are not livebearing fish, they are eggs scatterers. When a fish is bloated we usualy give it a pea and fast it for a day or two as it's system clears and it's gut is emptied. This will bump you question so someone else who knows more can help you.
  9. Ok, then I'll just have to but a lot more plants/make "safe" areas. No worries Touchofsky, I'll try to get a better picture.
  10. To cool the tank you can fill a regular plastic water bottle up, throw it in the freezer and when it's nice and frozen stick it in the tank and let it thaw out. It could be he is gasping because of lack of oxygen with the higher temperature water, warm water carries less oxygen. I don't know if you should use salt or not, wait for another member to reply, but if you do use salt use Aquarium salt, Dr. Well fish puts some out in milk carton like containers for usualy like $3.00.
  11. Thanks a million everyone. Devs I'm with you, I really have no idea how this happened or what caused it. Well, now I'll put her in a QT and look for some Maracyn 2 and/or nitrofurazone/melafix. Glad to know it's nothing life threatening if it can be treated. EDIT: Too add, there are no signs (that I can tell) of her bubble re-growing, will it stay this way or do you think eventualy a new bubble will fill in? It will be crammped quarters for the others untill December/January I'm afraid. The 5 of them are going into a 55 gallon then though, should I keep her seperated or is it big enough that she has room to mingle?
  12. 55 in the closet, 20 running, two 10's, 5 and a 3 gallon. So together, um, 93 gallons. Not me by a long shot. I envy those 125+ gallon tanks. I envy those a lot...
  13. *waggles finger* All these new things! He sounds so cute, calicos. Pictures!
  14. This is the best I could do, she was sleeping and pretty still otherwise she's swimming all over foraging for pellets.
  15. Yup. Haha, I'm more like *quickly* running them accross the hall to the bathroom. I'm not that strong.
  16. I can just see that on one of those Geico commercials... Fish outside the bowl: "Dude, what are you doing?" Inside: "Just, you know seeing what it's like." Outside: "But I mean, why in that tiny thing when you can be out here?" Inside: *thinks* "I dunno, but I saved a ton of money on my auto insurance by switching to Geico."
  17. Aw poor guy! Glad you got that out, ew, I can't imagine what a shock that must have been for you.
  18. So a 55 gallon tank weighs 550 pounds? Wow, so when I carry the 5 gallon buckets from my room to the sink I carry 50 gallons in each hand? That's a great thing to know.
  19. HAHA about time Sesame Street. Now all we need is to have Stanely get his goldfish into a 10 gallon and tell kids goldfish can't be taken on "walks". Seems like the Great Big Book of Everything has a few things missing. EDIT: Spelling.
  20. Grr, ok I have to hunt down the charger but I'll get a picture up sooner or later.
  21. Trolly oh who could forget trolly? I loved that show, but I don't recall ever watching the fish care episode. That's wonderful news to hear.
  22. She is one puzzling fish. I've got school registration till 11am but I'll take a picture and post it here when I'm back. Oh and too add, her eye is still somewhat turned down towards her gills and there is a very small almost silver ball between the eye (lid?) and her actual eye. I can see her eye but this ball is in the way almost keeping it from comming up.
  23. I object. I have a good size Swahala wood in a tank with 3 Moors. No accidents, only with my bubble eye which I admit was a stupid move on my part. The Moors though do well with it, and if you are to get BN's you must have wood. It's your choice unltimately.
  24. Oh I hope he is there too Della! He sounded like such a cutie pie how you described him! I'm crossing my fingers for you. I think Prazi can be found at LFS's but I'm positive you can find it easier online.
  25. Ah, new problem. Her whole bubble is missing, no pieces hanging off just completely gone. Did a 50% change and added a dash of salt. Like before she is eating and acting as if nothing has happened. There are no scars or open wounds. It's stumping me but I'm doing my best to keep everything pristine. At least she's not bleeding, no bubble is almost better than a bloody one?
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