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  1. That just made my whole day love. Thank you for the coments on the sketch, hopefully Paint Shop Pro 7 is comming in the mail and I can digitally colour it.
  2. Thank you Mrs. raven. The plecostomus's are finally fine and I can say that with great confidence. Yesterday I dismatled the 55, no more gravel just the driftwood (To answer your question Fishmerised, it's been in there for well close to 8 months before this happened.) and the plants. The pH has set at 7.5, amonia reads 0ml. and Nirites are <0.3ml. The filters are still running and I'll wait the three weeks it takes to re-cycle then think about any fish. But in memmory of my lost souls... Thank you ALL for your love and support it's helped me along with this terrible accident. That's the end of this story, further inquiries will be posted in water chemistry.
  3. I'm so strung out. Trevor passed away today, he was looking so good, but I hadn't added enough pH stabalizer when I left last night... Now I'm fighting for my two BN plecostomus's to make it. I was able to stabalize the pH at 8.0 today so *hopefully* they'll make it. The 55 was torn down, gravel taken out, pH stabalizer added and now I've just gotta get it to cycle and stabalize completely. My stepmom gave up on her fish, she took the 55 down and stuck the Dempseys in with the remaining fantail, common and koi in the 5 gallon. Poor fantail has no tail left, the koi is all scared up. It breaks my heart that I can't help them, I have no where to put them... An up side is I'm going to ask for the canister filter that's laying out in the garbage, it has a crack but nothing some seleant can't fix. My Opa (Grandpa in German) is going to help me build a stand and canopy for the 55. My bettas are still in great shape, they're going to get a 20 long so I don't have a million and one tiny tanks. I'm enraged with my water company and I'm going to have at them when/if I can calm down. They're supposed to send warning notices when they change the water! God have mercy on me, all my babies have died and I'm a train wreck...
  4. Aw no, poor guy. Luckily he can re-grow his fins and there is no infections though. Best of luck with re-growing!
  5. I think it might have been the substrate, because I mean my 20 had just close to nothing for gravel, but I stuck new nice natural pebbles in and whooom. Too I think they changed our tap water, my stepmom lost her fish yesterday from what looked like the same thing. It came out all yellow today in the kitchen faucet! Usualy they send a flyer but I guess not. That seriously angers me. I'll go bare bottom but I have live plants, maybe I'll make a sort of barrier and plant in only certian spots. For that though I'm buying Flourite, no more of those light coloured pebbles. Trevor and the plecostomus's are doing great, he's not flakey on his head anymore and he's becoming more vigorous.
  6. I agree with everything Barbra said, you NEED to know the basic chemistry of water, and it might sound like a lot when it's explained, and everything you need and the costs get added up; but that's where the hobby starts, (and can end sadly) with the water.
  7. Baking soda..., well I guess I paid $7.99 for some baking soda. Oh well, at least I have this on hand. Thank you for the link it was super helpful!
  8. Kh is the carbonate in your water, it 'buffers' your pH so it doesn't crash. If you want to see the devestating effects of NOT testing it and actualy having your tank crash, go browse my recent post.
  9. They sell single Kh tests yes. But they're like $7-8.00.
  10. Yes they're the drops. The pH goes up to 10ppm. I believe so, yes CO2 is for planted tanks.
  11. It's so horrible, but I rather they have gone this way in a great big huge tank with all the freedom then in a tiny cramped tank. Theyre last "swim".
  12. You're all in my heart. When I leave this earth I pray we will be reunited in Heaven, because then you can hug your fish, play with them and never worry about the awfull realities of pain and death... The tanks parameters: pH: unreadable (he said way below 5) Amonia: slightly high (1ppm) Nirtrites: fine (0ppm) Nitrates: ok (.5ppm) [ they don't do Kh and gh in the store so I can test those tomorrow at my Moms] The tap waters parameters: (I tested for Kh) pH: 8ppm Kh: 2ppm They had a Tetratest Laborett with pH, Kh, Gh, No2 (Nitrite), NH3/NH+4 (Amonia) and CO2 (Carbon dioxide) for $20 so I bought that, and Kent pH Stable. It's a powder for raising KH, has anyone used this? It was recomended and I pretty much trust this store. He also said I should re-seed my filters, what can be used in doing so?
  13. Hey Lauren, I bought the tetratest laborett master kit, for $20 it has Kh, Gh, Ph, Amonia, Nitrates, Nitrites and CO2, I dunno it's accuracy yet but it was a great price for all those.
  14. Trevor and the Plecostomus's lasted the night, I left food in and it was eaten. When I came home from school I switched the 100 off and put the 170 bio-wheel on. Have water samples from the tank and the tap all ready to go, I'm catching the bus at 4:30 to the store, Mom gave me $40.00 for a master test kit. I'm so grateful, she has been really kind and in that 'motherly way' knows this has really thrown me to the bottom of my bottle. My best friend offered to get me another fish when I'm ready, that was very kind of her... I talked to my chem teacher but she doesn't know fish tanks so I was refered to a "fish fanatic' teacher who I didn't know we had, he was busy when I peeked in but Monday I'll have to catch him during brunch to figure out exactly how this happened. Well, now it's off to see the damage of what happened to my water...
  15. Aw you guys! Thank you all for the care and support, it really means a lot to me. I'm going after school to get the tap, the tank tested and the hospital tested. Even going to ask my Chemistry teacher how this happened just so I know what exactly goes on. For now, my fullest efforts will be on Trev and the Plecos, but I won't be getting anymore fish for a long time...not untill I know for sure that the 55 is stable and safe. Thank you though, it's hard, like Mario's Mum said, we have all lost so many fish this week it's very depressing.
  16. Aw. *Big e-hug* I lost almost all my babies save one and two plecostomus's. I know how you feel, hang in there, it's going to be very rough, but you have help whenever you need it.
  17. You're absolutely right Paul, but man, I had Dusty for 2 years and it just kills to think that something so preventable could have been overlooked. We were so attatched, he would dance with me, I would stand in front of the tank, dance and he would wiggle and turn when I did, our routine...And he was reunited with his best friend Trevor, they were apart for a year then I put them together and it was as if they never forgot eachother, Trevor was next to Dusty as he lay dying. That chinese proverb, when a fish dies it took some evil intention that was aimed towards it's owner, I think of that and it sort of helps me believe they passsed with at least a good intention. Nothing is ever easy, but losing your best friends are devestating.
  18. Thank you Paul. I'm going to do that tomorrow, take tap and my water to get tested, I have $10 on me, so I'll see if they have individual tests for that. I'm going to have to dismantle the 55, re-cycle it and keep the hospital in perfect condition. Those are my top priorities. My poor babies, I still feel so guilty.
  19. Thank you, but they're all gone now...it's all in the general section, I can't bring myself to posting it all again.
  20. I test them at petshops because I'm poor and cannot afford new test kits, so I can't untill tomorrow, but that's a good thing to watch for, and tip about the coral. I duno what happened to them, what could kill, like this...is a 12 hour period? Nothing was in the tank, or got in, the garage door is locked during the day, no one goes in there.
  21. I'm at a loss of words, in shock, horrified, broken hearted, puzzled and mourning. This morning at 5:30 am Mom went to work, check on the fish and saw nothing out of the ordinary. 3:30 pm I get a call, "Tamatha, you're fish are dead you need to look at this, but hun, brace yourself for what you're going to see." I tear down the street to my Moms, she stops me before I look, tells me again, brace yourself. I hold my breath, walk in the door, look and let it out slowly for fear of vomit. My babies, my loves, my life, lie petrified, covered in a white film like stones at the bottom of some toxic lake. Thier faces frozen in a state of agony, gasping for help, their last breath was never finished...My God, I will never forget the looks on their faces. I couldn't take it, the wave crashed me onto shore sobing and confused, broken and mamed. It was like the volcano of Pomei. I hugged the glass hoping for my baby Dusty to move, to gasp anything for a sign of life. Trevor shuddered and gasped, quickly I set up a 5 gallon with a filter, methylane blue and airstone, two plecostomus appear at the surface, they're rushed out. Gathering my emotions I burry my six in my backyard. I'll deal with the tank later, for now I'm not sure if Trevor and the Plecostomus will make it. The tank was a 55 gallon, newly set up on Sunday. Running on 170 (3 months), 100 (one year) bio-wheels, air bar ect. Amquel+ was used to dechlorinate. The readings in my tank Sunday were pH 6.5 Amonia .5ppm Nitrites 0ppm Nitrates 0ppm nothing out of the ordinary, I didn't check the params today, I can do that tomorrow. Here are links to pictures. I WARN YOU, THESE ARE NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART, young children and those with weak stomaches I URGE you NOT TO LOOK! Tuesday Today, Pudge Today, Dusty, De Jacamo, Zorro Dusty, close Trevor, Plecostomus
  22. When I have to move Trevor the 6 inch common I just coat my hands in Nov Aqua or Amquel+ like lotion and catch him gently as you would un-hook a fish. Gently cup your hand around him moving slowly back toward his tail, make sure his pectoral and dorsal fins are laid back under your fingers so they don't get bent the wrong way. It's fairly simple and effective, most seem to lie eerily still out of the water this way, but they go quitely instead of sloshing in nets or buckets.
  23. Ok, I should make a few things clear in my haste. I don't know for SURE that it was her, it could have been one of her kids, who put my goldfish in there. But yes, Lauren, how those poor fish manage in that tank I have no idea, it's really sad. I do indeed have Zorro, she's kinda in the right hand corner infront of the lighter coloured rock. De Jacamo. Asher, Lucifer, Pudge, Dusty and Trevor are all there along with The Good the Bad and the Ugly Plecostomous. It's cute, Dusty and Trev were my first two original goldfish, and they have been apart for a year, but now that they are in the same tank they won't leave eachothers side. Now who said goldfish only have a 3 second memory span?
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