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  1. Fishnappers, oh no! This morning Monacle passed away, poor thing must have wedged himself under a river rock and couldn't get out because I found him stuck upside down. The ryukin does that a lot and I have to grapple with the rock placing but I guess Monacles was just so tiny... Everyone else is great though, I'll try and get a few good ones of Sprinkles, she's really odd. Like a pearl, but then her head is just so wierdly shaped. Glitter fish - I'll look for where I saved her picture to and stick it up in here, she has the same orange dot above her eyes as yours, too funny.
  2. Aw, thanks Svendenhowser and glitterfish! Balthazar and Damian wanted some pictures of them in here too... Sillies! *giggles* Glitter - Your Bubbles in the Sig. remind me of my little Gypsy, such cutie pies!
  3. Moors = Love! And Gobbles is nothing short of a heartful!
  4. A friend wanted to get a turtle today, so we go looking for turtles. Wouldn't you know, I take him to my LFS and they have a new shipment of goldies in, as well as his turtles. So I'm innocently looking in at these beautiful Crowned Pearscales and Telescopes (they called 'em Red Moors) and I just fall in . Then I go to the next tank and they have a tiny little orange Telescope, a cuby little Lionhead and this...thing (looks like a Crowned Pearlie body, but there are no visual scales) that are like, "OMG take me home Tam!". ...So, this is Smooches... Trenton (Trent) Sprinkles (the thing) Monacle and, No-Name as of now... Oh Kristofer you've just fueled the addiction! <_< Darn you... Already overstocked, so Trent, Sprinkles, and Monacle go into a different tank. But the 55 is so nice and clear now, you can see right through either side.
  5. Aw, they're so cute! I love bubble eyes, reminds me of Gypsy.
  6. Thanks! The Moors are as follows: (Biggest, to the more copper one, to the smallest Moor then the Ryukin) Barthalemue (Balthazar for short) Damian Goggles Magnolia (I'll PM a photo for you Della.)
  7. Thank you, that was the spawn of a crazy notition my mom gave me when I was 8. She said I could paint my walls, so I went at it with a big black wolf. I had a pack on there but scrubed them off because we're painting the walls a solid purple next month. I figured I would leave at least one as a memmory. Thnk you all! I should shut it with the bragging. One thing to add though, for those with semi bare bottom tanks that want plants, easy thing to do it stick them in pots and hide them behind a few rocks. Viola easy peasy. EDIT: To add to Della's comment, (we posted at the same time! ) That came from Thailand when we went back after they had the Tsunami. The figure ontop of the tank is from the same trip to protect my bettas and remind them of home. There's a Chinese goldfish painting we got a few years back while on a cruise of the Yantzee Gorges, that was way before I even got fish. The chinese knew my future, bless them!
  8. For not being sure whether this was even going to be set up by now way back in June to seeing it now; it's like a miracle! I cannot brag any more about this tank and it's inhabitants. Forgive me please!
  9. Yes, the pH incident, someone recently brought that thread up in discussion. Anyway, thank you for the enchouragement, I'm so glad the stand works. Pressboard had me on edge but it's held up. (Knock on wood) I've had the tank since the end of I think it was July? Since then it was in the closet at my dads for a month, in my moms garage since. A week into first setting it up came the pH crash, fighting for Trevor who didn't make it, then resetting it to where it is now. Devs you're right! I'm enjoying watching my fish in a warmer room but alas, my homework is being bumped back to late nights. Della, I'm sooooo busy right now hun! You wouldn't believe, I try to go on but it's mainly weekends now untill winter break. I miss you all here on Koko's.
  10. I'm sitting on with this tank. This is what I've been dreaming about since last uh, since June. It's taken so long, the lives of 6 of my best friends, a whole lot of $$$ and sweet talking to get to what I have now. Unfortunantly the bettas tanks were downgraded to one 5.5, boys in the condominiums and girls free. Mom's deal, 2 tanks (55 and bettas in 5.5) or no tanks. The goldfish set up won't change much except when Christmas rolls around and they play 'musical filters', instead of a 170 and a 170 powerhead I want to get a 400 and leave the 170 on. The bettas tank will have sand and plants soon, oy vey, just getting this up took all day, doing the bettas at the same time is way too much. Well, enjoy!
  11. Thank you Kissy and Barbra, those lice I tell ya, they're nasty critters. I do hope no one ever gets them in their tank(s). Good news though! We have a stand and it's under construction as I type.(Much and many thanks to my moms boyfriend for building it) Nice cherry pressboard (yes, I know cheap, but it looks sturdy enough) that matches my bed frame. So in my room tomorrow it goes. Horrah!
  12. Aw, I'm saddened to hear this has happened to more goldfish. If you'd like to see the pictures you can contact me through AIM at: Ownedbygoldfish
  13. Balthazar is doing SO much better. It's been at least 3 weeks since I took the lice off and he's out and about, no more loaping around the bottom. The scars around his eye are completely healed this morning too, thank goodness. The tank sits in the garage untill I can get/make a stand, not the best place but the strongest. I've hesitated puting it on a towel on the floorof my room simply because my cat would sleep on the hoods and I'm afraid those would lean in and maybe snap under his weight.
  14. Merlin is very stunning! Thanks guys, like I said, the albino was a very unsure guess, the spot threw me off over and over again. He's just a strange one then. You never know when the fish you happen to want show up. I think I can say of all the fish I have now, I never went to the store intentionaly looking for them, they pop out at me.
  15. On a recent trip to the LFS I took a peeksy at the small fancies and this quirky thing caught my eye. So I decided to take him home. The 3 Moors are very dark and a nice light fish throws that tiny hint of colouration in the tank. I'm guessing he's a ryukin because of the promident hump, and I took a very unsure guess at calling him/her albino. He'she has the red eyes but also a solitary spot on his/her tail, kind of odd, unless he'she really isn't albino. What do you guys say?
  16. Thank you for the nice comments! Here's a few more pictures for you all.
  17. Gchen, you don't happen to have mentioned the Petclub by the Fish Market on South Norfolk st. in San mateo? If so you might have seen me there, like a second home, anyway, just curious. I like your Ranchu even though it might not be the best grade, it's beautiful in my opinion. Though, Fish For You in the Marina Plaza on the very South end of Norfolk has 6 inch Ranchu's for roughly $16-17 that were very lovely as well.
  18. Oh no, hun oh no! That's most definantly a pH crash symptom. Change 50% water out and use a pH raiser such as backing soda or Kent pH Stabalizer. This is a very serious problem and I don't want you to lose any fish the way I did.
  19. Oh boy, it's one of those 'sounded-good-at-the-moment' things then after the fact you're sitting there slaping your forehead like what in the world was I thinking? He's fine, got a little bacitracion (like neosporine for burns cuts and wounds) smeared over his head and it's healed over this morning. Tweezered the suckers off and bacitracioned those sores, completely tore down the tank and scrubed the plants/rocks/wood, inspected the other two and now everyone is swimming happily with some salt and later today in meds. So glad they're better, but yeah, the suction thing...oy, never thinking of doing that again.
  20. Thanks Jen, the tank is at .2% salt at the moment, I'll bring that up mid-day to .3%. Yes, those nasties were on the new Moor, he's lice free and moving around so much more which is so great. I'll look for Para-ex as well, thanks again!
  21. Ammonia Level: 0ppm/ml Nitrite Level: <0.3ppm/ml Nitrate level: Don't have a test for this, hmm... Ph Level: 7.5 Ph Level out of the tap: 6.0 Tank size (How many Gals) and How long has it been running: 55 gallons, been running for about say a month and a half. What is the name and size of the filter/s: Penguin Bio-wheel 170, Penguin powerhead 660, Jebo 850 canister How often do you change the water and how much: Changed 75% Monday changed another 50% Friday How many fish in the tank and their size: Black Moor 6inches, Black Moor 2.5 inches, Black Moor 2 inches, two BN lecostomus 2-3.5 inches What kind of water additives or conditioners: .2% salt, Amquel+, Kent pH buffer Any medications added to the tank: No Add any new fish to the tank: No What do you feed your fish: Lettuce, cucumbers, bananas (occasionaly) and Hikari Lionhead Bio Gold Any unusual findings on the fish such as "grains of salt", bloody streaks, frayed fins or fungus: Fish lice Any unusual behavior like staying at the bottom, not eating, ect: Biggest Moor w/lice was laying around the bottom, noticed him kinda seziouring an hour ago. Since the seziours I've picked off 3 larger lice and caught one free swimming, he's doing better and has begun roaming the tank. I'm going to drain the whole thing and inspect the fish. I've been recomended to use Jungle Clear (or something of that nature rather) by someone, I read up on lice and the fish do need further medications, what do people recommend, and how to go about this? Thanks for everything!
  22. Awesome thanks guys, I'll stick a progress post in the disease section!
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