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  1. Aww Devs, you seem alot like me! One day i'll go visit pittsburgh and take you (and maybe anyone else who would like to come) around the city to ALL the lfs! I don't go as often to my pet/lf stores as i would like to.
  2. Many people feed their goldies fruits/veggies ect. but no one has mentioned seaweed at all. I know many Asian Markets sell the dried seaweed (which i absolutely love!) and it dawned on me, its natural and it comes from water, i eat it, would my goldies like it? To be on the safe side i havent given them any yet, but if anyone has done so before and your fish are fine, maybe even better, then i'll let them try it.
  3. Interesting, and thank you everyone. I guess he's just a Moor that has a short rounded tail, maybe even from a line of English Black Moor (little guy has quite the 'beer' belly for a fish his size ) Those English Black Moor, i wonder if you can buy a 'pure breed' of them anywhere?
  4. Ok, so i was checking out GFC (Goldfish Connection) and in Fred's Fotos there's a 'Telescope' that looks almost identical (in body/tail shape) to one of my Moors. A few weeks back i bought a new Moor at my lfs and when i put it in my tank i noticed that the newer Moor had a more 'elegant' flow to her tails, while the other Moor had short more rounded tails, like the 'telescope'. I am just curious as to if there are indeed any differences. He's still has the black velvety appearance as Moors do, it's just his tails that leave me in the dark.
  5. What a wild goose chase! Haha! I think the fish your thinking of/saw is indeed the shubunkin.
  6. Hmm, could you describe it in as much detail as possible? I have loads of reference books i can go thru, maybe i could help you out. Suskbkin, thats an interesting name.
  7. Haha! wow, i'll have to try that one. By the way, Tobias, since were both trying to breed our Moors, lets keep in touch and maybe inform eachother about the progress. It would help loads if i could get advice from someone also in the proccess. Feel free to PM (personal message) me: AIM: SurfinWolf6689 E-Mail: SurfinWolf6689@netscape.net
  8. Stores that carry and sell fish should ALWAYS have employes that know their fish facts. Haha, thats super if theres a fish doctor! SuperPet, hmm, does anyone know of one around the san francisco area? I am tempted to check it out with all the great replies they get. And sorry if i made such a stab at mmm, after being to a few that really suck and reading about it on that site, it got to me. I still buy supplies from there.(food/filters/ect.) I am still cautious on taking home any of the fish/animals, even after salt baths/quarantine. I still have yet to find a nnnnnn in my area, the only one is about 25 miles east of me.
  9. Haha, Tobias, i was going to ask you a question simmilar to that. Although, i do know that during the breeding season males will get small white "dots" on their gill and eye area. I would be thrilled if the Moors would mate! How do you do it? (Haha, i mean, is there something in the tank besides love? temp./water levels?)
  10. ... WOW!... Haha, your koi are probaly like...yay! it's gone... Can't wait to see pictures.
  11. WOW! go you! Hmm, i have a question for you now...i cant seem to find any really heathly looking red cap orandas or panda moors, and since you'll have the scoop on where the fish came from, could you maybe order some? Well, actualy, haha...i am not even sure if i can stop by your lfs (what city/state is it in?)
  12. Now that you mention it, i am noticing that new common (feeder) fish are being sold very small and with a light grey coloring. Trev, my very old grey goldie i have, was almost smoke grey when i rescued him, now hes almost a dark borwn/ebony color. If the fish you saw are indeed fry then i wonder why they're selling them so young? The grey coloring is probaly natural. You might want to ask them about it next time your there.
  13. There are no Walmarts near me, maybe thats a good thing, but there is a mmm. One thing i should mention about mmm, well no, i think you should see for yourself www.petcosucks.com (i believe thats the correct link) Horrible, absolutely HORRIBLE! :angry: I will never step foot in that store to purchase anything! It may be cheaper and what have you, but to support that kind of behaviour...ridiculous. As far as fish go at our mmm, i bought a pair of Black Moors about a year and a half back, they survived (luckily) but one went to the tank in the sky last month. (incident with a family member who decided to stick this HUGE chiclid in my goldie tank) Dusty, the survivor, still wiggles around with a new Black Moor, Tam, bought at a local fish store, happy as can be. But to make a long story short, i bought a Pleco (Pelco?) from mmm for my tropical tank and lemme tell ya, this poor thing died less then 4 hours after i placed him in my tank! OH! i had the nerve to walk back in and give them a lowdown about the health of the fish they carry. Just to make my point i mentioned that a few fish were dead and stuck to the filters...of course they didnt do anything. mmm= Animal cruelty/abuse/torture
  14. Hello there Tobias! Glad to see another Moor lover How many Moors do you have?
  15. That makes sense. Thank you! As far as genetics go, i read in a post today that someone rescued a Black Moor and it grew to be a whopping 10 in. fish! I've got two and they're so pretty right now that i would only give them everything to make them happier.(if not a tad bigger, as they are only 3 in.) They're in a 40-gallon, and hoping they will breed, but, as said, i wish they would get bigger. One of these days when i have enough, i'll get a 75-gallon and they can swim and be merry. ...you can just tell i love my fishies! Haha...
  16. I've heard of people whom own HUGE ( i am talking 125-gallon) tanks that only have 2 fish in them, and so on. What i am wondering is, if having so much space to themselves makes the Goldies grow at faster rates then if they were in, say a 40-gallon tank with other fish?. If this is so then i'll have to start saving to get a bigger tank because i wish my fish had the oppertunity to get as big as they can. Can anyone prove this?
  17. Called a friend who said she'd love to watch them while i am gone, i told her about what to feed them and so on. I am still worried about the water changes, i dont know if she will be able to handle them... i could do a 60% water change then have her do smaller 20% changes once or twice a week. Hmm...Anf i'll label food for each day for each type of fish. Thanks everyone, your helpin me figure this out! Ha, next time i'll plan this out, before, i make a trip.
  18. Oh, i totaly forgot about the water changes! I have a 40 gallon being filtered by two biowheel mini (dont ask, they were given to me) What am i to do now? I cant ask her to change the water too, she might accidently mess something up. Any ideas on that?
  19. Hmm, what about a few small ice cubes? or would that be like adding untreated water to your tank?
  20. ...wow...sometimes you just gotta wonder why some people actauly believe the psychic mumbo-jumbo. Very funny though, great find...
  21. I'll see about going to nooppee later on today, (interesting thing, thank you Lor) if i dont see the feeder i'll ask someone to feed them. Though, i dont feel that comfortable leaving my key with someone while i am gone for so long. Thanks, i guess the cubes wouldnt work either like Ranchugirl stated.
  22. Awww, goldies are such cute little fishies it's hard not to love them. I remember when i got my first one, the local school was having a fair and they handed them out with those horrible little bows to all the kids and mums. He was such a playful guy, wiggling around after my finger in the bag, when i got home he was put in a proper tank and now when i go to feed him (he grew from about an inch. to 5 in a matter of months!!!) he swims out and almost looks like hes dancing. I agree that goldies have ALOT more personality then tropicals. They're just plain amazingly smart fish.
  23. Hello, just a quick question. I will be going on a trip next month for the whole month, but i am not sure how to or what to feed my fish while i am away. While in my lfs i saw these cubes that hold food for a week and i am guessing the fish just slowly eat away at it, but i am worried that, since goldies are such glutants, they'll eat it before i come home and will starve themselves. Please, if anyone has gone away for so long and know what to leave in the tank, i would greatly appreciate the information. On another note, i have an eel, should i just buy live tubiflex and bloodworms to leave in for him? Or will the goldies eat those before he can?
  24. I too am moving and wish to take my fish along. Kingyo, you said to transport them in coolers? I am interested in what kind of enviroment to keep them, should i keep a heater and portable airation system in with them? The entire drive itself will only be about 10 hours, most likely without stopping, but i am vey worried about making sure they stay in as little stress as possible. Also, the fish that are comming with me include: 2 Black Moor, 1 Swordtail, 3 Goldies and a peacock eel. Would i have to keep them in seperate coolers?
  25. My two little Black Moors are inseperable! It's so cute. Just recently i bought a new female for my pudgey little male, (his dear love died from an accidental chiclid attack while cleaning out some of my tanks) he was so depressed that i couldnt bare to watch him float around, he almost looked like he was searching for her. Now they're so perky! So yes, in my oppinion fish can indeed love eachother.
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