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  1. Thank you! Yeah no kidding, they will be an interesting color pallet for sure though. I've also been meaning to ask: Smooches eyes are REALLY odd, she doesn't have pupils. Honest, her eyes look like liquid fire in person, and almost like she has red eye in photos. She can see, I'm 99% sure of it. What could this be? Has anyone ever seen this before?
  2. So these two spawned last night: Their babies to be: And people have asked for more photos, so here you are! Tank stats: 55 gallon/ minimum to bare bottom/ 'natural' theme. 2 yrs. Fish stats: Smooches (F) - Dragon Moor 6+ inches Goggles (M) - Black Moor 5+ inches Damian (M) - Butterfly Black Moor 5+ inches
  3. Gerbi - I do have more, I'll post them up in the pictures section.
  4. Awesome, thanks guys! I'll take a look around this section.
  5. Goodness. Just about an hour ago my Moors spawned. The males have been showing their turbicles and following the female but NEVER have they spawned before. Tomorrow is their scheduled 25% water change too. The back has gotten a terrible amount of brown algae which needs a scrub down butI've been neglecting it. Well looks like that's out of the question. How does this work? Some are clear and some are opaque (fertallized I'm guessing). Do I have to move them into my quarantine tank or leave them in there untill they hatch/develop? Do I need to purchase any special baby food for them? How long is the egg-to-fish cycle? Should I use a sponge filter as opposed to the power filter I currently have? Please help get me on the right direction, it'd be extremely appreciated. Really unprepared for this... STATS: 55 gallon Bare to minimal substrate (large river rocks with smaller stones.) 350 Penguin Bio-wheel (Running for a good 2 years now.) Using Amquel+ to condition water Kent Freshwater Ph Stable Aquarium salt and copper safe are added every month in proper amounts. (Had an anchor worm breakout a few months ago and still getting rid of the last ones.) Ph - 7 NO2 - <0.3 NH3/NH4+ - 0 INHABITANTS: Dragon Moor (F) - 6 inches Black Moor (M) - 5 inches Black Moor (M Butterfly) - 5 inches Suspected Parents Eggs
  6. Like Apollo said, because of their eye features you'll have to monitor thir food intake. The Ryukins will be much faster at seeing the food and may eat a good proportion more than the Moors. vmlola made a wise suggestion about special feeding places, a feeding ring or funnel set inside the tank will help the Moors to be able to easily find the food. You might even want to get a veggie clip and occasionaly feed them some cucumbers and leafy lettuce as these are easily acessible for both the Ryukins and Moors when suctioned to the side of a tank wall. Moors are such cuties, if you do get some you MUST (haha) post pictures! They're much like an other goldie when it comes to care, the exception of course are their eyes. The tank should be devoid of any sharp edges of rocks, driftwoods and plants. If you have any sharp points you could sand them down or replace them with softer more rounded objects. Otherwise enjoy!
  7. Ew, that was a very interesting/disturbing bit of info. I've plucked the easiest ones off, and man are they ugly. I saw what you said were the heads, they're sort of star shaped. To catch all the late bloomers would it be ok to keep the meds going for a little it longer than what the packages suggest? (a weeks treatment) EDIT:Spelling.
  8. Always a help Daryl. Thank you. I'm going to keep them in the 20 and just totally break down the 55 because I need to boil the driftwood in there. It is a bare bottom, with a few large and small river rocks scattered around between the drift wood. I've got two 350's on the 55. The newer one is still running on it while the older one is being used without the carbon for the QT. I wouldn't dare run a 55 on just one alone. I'll bring up the salt levels as you suggested gradualy. The worms might have 'hatched' when the cooler waters from the change were added. What bothers me is the burrowing under the scales. Will the meds. kill these worms as well?
  9. Ah, I dunno where these worms came from. All I did was a water change on my 55 with the normal de-chlor and pH stabalizer, a few days later my fish all have bloody legions and anchor worm. I have moved all 4 into a 20 galon hospital with a 350 bio-filter and doubled the oxygen flow into the tank. Added a teaspoon of salt, and the suggested dosages for Maracyn to treat the hemeraging and prevent dropsy as well as a parasitic/fungal med. for the worms. ammonia, nirites and nitrates all read 0ppm pH 7 the 55 has been running on the newer Penguin 350 since october and has a great bacteria colony. The 20 OT was set up this afternoon. I do 50% water changes twice a week on Tuesdays and Fridays. There are 4 fish, one roughly 6 inches, two that are 5 inches and a runt at 3 inches. I use Amquel+ and Kent pH stabalizer with every water change, the 20 has maracyn and a parasitic/fungal med as well as a teaspoon of salt. I usualy feed them Hikari Lionhead sinking pellets and blood worms. All 4 fish have been lethargic and listless staying near the bottom for a few days though when places in the medicated water they peerked up quite a bit.
  10. I back you 100% on everything you said. Does AFM come every month?
  11. Oh thanks for pointing out the cut off! I didn't realize that. Roano, I don't get AFM but when they have articles I am interested in I'll pick one up at my LFS. No worries about your friends giving you the bully, everyone in my family thinks I'm nuts for keeping 'just goldfish' in a 55 gallon. Haha, if they could only realize how much fish rock!
  12. Alrighty, I'm not sure if this will be readable but it's the biggest I can get it. page one page two All material is © Aquarium Fish Magazine of course.
  13. I must say, I was extremely impressed by this article. It's on page 18 and 20 Fish Kids Q&A section. If anyone reads AFM this is a great achievement, if you don't you should look into picking one up from your LFS. The article is not avaliable online or I'd send a link, but later on tonight I'll scan and post it for all to enjoy; unless someone who has it wishes to type it out.
  14. OT moment. Nattviska, you're on DA, if you make a plush moor you can enter it in the artisan craft contest! Ok, back on topic. I LOVE THAT! It's so big...
  15. 24! one day to get answers or disqualified
  16. Makes me want to gobble those cuties up! Bubble eyes are such adorable things, do they have names?
  17. Yup. Amy you've got yourself one cute little Crowned Pearlie.
  18. Now what in the world were they thinking when they reported that? That's very unnerving comming from a new station, makes you wonder. What time was this on/day ect. so I can too send them an e-mail, maybe if they see a picture of nice big tank with happy goldies they'll think twice.
  19. What a neat idea with the hill! It looks awesome, I must say. Hazzah for bigger tanks.
  20. I didn't bring back any. Far too much trouble to bring it back to Australia 458980[/snapback] Aw now, that's a shame. Someone would need a crobar to keep me from taking at least one. Maybe next time.
  21. Monacle was actualy the little orange telescope. The ryukin used to wedge herself between rocks, but since I moved them around, and she got way fatter, it's nearly impossible for her. Still looking for more pictures.
  22. Custom you say? Hmmm, some one on here has a "Sushi Bar" one I thought was just too cute. I've been looking for one myself, but to customize? It can say a million and one different things.
  23. Wow! That was amazing... The sizes! The Pearlies were a tad too, um plump, for me but maybe if I put them in my pond... The Veiltails, Ranchus and Ryukins were like monstorous sizes! The tri-coloured Ryukin with the red lips was adorable, like s/he was always saying, "kiss me!". So, how many did you really bring back with you?
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