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  1. Mr. TD

    10 year old common constipated?

    Sorry, glitch with the last post, had to get a screen shot..
  2. Photobucket decided to start charging to be able to post images on forums and such, so the people that wont pay have all their images like that. Photobucket is basically holding peoples pictures hostage, so it's a completely different issue.
  3. The format actually hasn't changed much at all, this update was mostly about improving some features and adding others, very little changed in the way the forum works. Like Koko said, in the past 14 years the forum has had many updates. The changes on this one were not dramatic at all. One very nice addition was the activity tab. I like that users can adjust the time periods and content that shows there.
  4. Mr. TD

    goldfish bare bottom

    Looks really nice, I like the black background, the fish really stand out.
  5. Mr. TD

    Forum Upgrade

  6. Mr. TD

    Forum Upgrade

    Oh, I see what you are talking about, the &amp Hmmmm
  7. Mr. TD

    Forum Upgrade

    That's because there are only 4 forums in that section...
  8. Mr. TD

    Forum Upgrade

    subscriber badges are back.
  9. Mr. TD

    Forum Upgrade

    One cool thing I noticed about the new system is the browser size responsiveness. Even from a phone the desktop version turns itself into a mobile version. And on a desktop, you can shrink your browser window and the site will adjust. Very cool.
  10. Mr. TD

    Forum Upgrade

    Thank you for letting us know. Many of the settings are not the way they should be yet, and we don't know about them until you guys let us know and re really appreciate it. I'm just here while koko is trying to put J down for a nap, koko is doing most of the heavy lifting getting the forum back into shape. She's a champ.
  11. Mr. TD

    Forum Upgrade

    Try it now, it may work.
  12. Mr. TD

    I'm dating a woman who has this...!

    We totally understand what you are saying. In some instances a person will come here and be a problem, but in a way where we keep having to ask them not to do this or that, but some people are a little challenged when coming to being cordial online and eventually they are either asked to leave or leave on their own. We don't always jump right to asking someone to leave, we are much more prone to give another chance in hopes everyone can get along. Sometimes people do not want to get along and thrive on drama. When that becomes clear the person is asked to leave or leaves on their own. Believe me we would love it if everyone was always nice and got along and I wish it didn't take so long and do so much damage to the forum when we try to give someone a chance that doesn't really want to get along. This unfortunately is the nature of a forum. Comparatively, this forum is much friendlier and mature that most. Thanks for bringing it up and I hope we are all on the same page.
  13. Mr. TD


    It is a tad smaller, let's see if we can bump it up a little. Sometimes people don't see changes to the site right away because of browser caching, but eventually the browsers will catch up. I'm not sure what the problem is with the notifications on the mobil skin.