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  1. I can't find the attached picture. Any ideas? Tim
  2. I once got a oddly calico fantail at an unnamed superstore cuz he looked a little different. A year later, he is developing into a calico telescope eye oranda. SCORE!!! Tim
  3. I'm jealous. I have a 100 gallon pond to set up, but nothing close to that size in aquariums. Tim
  4. Hello all. I've been offline for a while, and haven't been able to participate as much as I like. I hate to jump right back in with questions, but I wanted to research this before I decided. I found this pump -Dolphin AV-50 Air Pump- on eBay for sale. I'm looking to run a bunch of sponge filters and it looks like it might be the ticket. Does anyone have an info on this product? Thanks. Tim
  5. I bow at your pond-building-skills feet!!! Kudos to you, Andrea. I'm re-arranging mental plans even as we speak!!! Tim
  6. they are your basic power filter. The inserts have the filtration media on the inside of the frame instead of the outside like a Whisper. I can't speak to reliability of the product, as I've never run one. I ran a skilter on a saltwater tank years ago, and I like it, but it was nothing special. Tim
  7. Does this help? http://www.aquaart.com/filtermedia5.html Tim
  8. I've never seen an octagon tank. Mostly I've seen hexagons ( I have a 42 that I"ve had for 14 years.) I bet you could find one though from a high-end acrylic place. OR you could get handy and MAKE YOUR OWN acrylic . Just gotta cut the edges at a 45 degree angle . Tim
  9. Hello Amanda- Your pond sounds amazing and hats off to your do-it-yourself-isms. When you move, please let me bid on your place first . Tim
  10. I hope I'm not repeating anything here. In Izhak Kroshinsky's recipe, he uses red peppers. Does anyone know why he chooses to use peppers? I'm assuming there's vitamin C in it, but there are lots of sources for that. If anyone has any idea why he made that choice, I'd love to hear it. I'm not questioning, just curious. Thanks! Tim
  11. I always think of them as angels in the water. They have fins instead of wings, but thats what they remind me of. Tim
  12. Actually, they get their fish on Wednesdays. These babies sat there for 3 days. There about 5 more that I wanted, but I didn't have the cash. Probably for the best, huh? Tim
  13. I"m putting the sponge over the intake so that the bubble eye doesn't get his bubbles stuck in the intake. It happens a lot as they get bigger. I have a 40 breeder tank downstairs that I'm going to set up for him once I seal it. Then I'll just use a sponge filter and hornwort. I want those big beautiful bubbles on him . Tim
  14. Hello. I was shopping for stuff at nnnnnn and did my traditional running of the fish tanks. I found some cool little fish! The first is a calico bubble-eye! He looked to be in good shaped fin and bubble wise. He has a nice curve to his back and his bubbles are symmetrical. The bubbles are small, but so is he, so I'm hoping to see them expand as he gets bigger. The second was a bronze lionhead. He has nice wen starting to develop. perfectly curved back and nice overall balance. I'm looking forward to growing him out. The third was a tiny little fantail. For some reason, I"ve always been a big fan of the nacreous goldfish with no skin coloration. This little guy is all white with pink "blushing" gills and dark black eyes. I couldn't resist him for 2 bucks! $1.88 actually. I'll try to get some pics in the next couple of days. Now I have to go cut a sponge to fit over my Aquaclear intake. Tim
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