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  1. Does anyone here plan on going too the show. I know it is a long way off since it is in march but I will be there and would love too meet some board members. Also plan on doing the wet lab. Last year it was only $50 for 8 hours but they have not posted any info about the upcoming show yet. If you ask me, that sounds like the best $50 you will ever spend if you plan on staying in the hobby. Anyone here ever been too one of their shows?
  2. Believe it or not but I only plan on having a total of 10 in there. Maybe 12 if I find two more that I can't resist. That will give me 350-420 gallons per fish and if you listen too the koi gods that is way overstocked. They suggest 1,000 gallons per female and 500 gallons per male. Granted this is for show koi which is something I do not intend on doing but I won't mind having some show quality fish in my pond. I also plan on adding two of my goldies when the water clears so I can keep an eye on them. In my estimation the koi can swim about 1,000 times faster and I don't want anything too happen too them. Talking about growth rates: The picture of the 2 in the pond were 4" when I got them 3 1/2 months ago and are now 9". And almost all of that growth came when they were in my 20 gallon QT tank.
  3. I am really hoping that I don't need a UV but have already been researching them. I will wait until the pond cycles and then make a decision(probably 2 months from now). With my super low stocking levels at the moment I am thinking that the water will clear itself when the pond gets established. What do you think? Am I just kidding myself and putting off the inevitable to a later date? What brand of Uv do you use? I have been looking at the aqua ultraviolet brand and would probably go with the 80w unit. Thanks again.
  4. Well if it is a preform we can probably rule out 4' deep. The way the motion detector works is as soon as anything wanders past it before it even has a chance too get in the pond a sprinkler comes on and blasts them with water. I have also heard of people setting up a motion detector that is hooked up to a tape recorder that plays either music or just peoples voices recorded. They say it scares the racoons away but I am not sure how happy the neighbors would be.
  5. Here is the new koi in my QT tank. A sanke, longfin ginrin ogon, and a koromo/ goshiki. I still can't tell about the last one. They are only around 5" here and should be in the pond by next friday.
  6. This is the first two that were put in. A kohaku and a shiro bekko. This is also when the water was gin clear. You can see the bottom drain and that is 4.5' down. I really would rather not say what the water looks like now but you can add it up. Tons of florida sun + an unestablished biofilter + a constant temp of 80 degrees = Pea soup green water. Just waiting for mother nature too run her course.
  7. I am pretty sure that the 20 long and the 29 gallon have the same footprint and could be used on the same stand. Just be careful if you put a 29 on the bottom shelf. You might not have enough height.
  8. They sell a motion detector water sprayer specifically for that purpose. I have read of other people who have used these with great success. Basically when the racoon walks by it turns on a sprinkler and it scares them away.
  9. Here it is finished. I would like too thank everyone for the nice comments and sorry about being away from the board for awhile.
  10. Thank you Jenny for the nice comments. What you are referring too is something us floridians call a birdcage. It is basically just a large screen room and I have never seen a pool around here without one. I have actually dealt with numerous contracters for all the jobs. Footer, birdcage, paver patio, electrician, and pond builders are the five different contracters I have dealt with not including the owner of the pond store who designed it. That also don't include all of the hours I have worked on it trying too save any money I could. The pond is filtered with an aquadyne bead filter that takes in the water through a savio skimmerfilter and a bottom drain. The water is returned through the waterfall and a couple of underwater jets(thanks Kevkoi) forcing the ###### too the drain. And good luck on the new job, money, house project.
  11. Just wanted too let you know that they can be a little noisy in the beginning but after a few weeks of use they become extremely quiet. Another good point about the emporers is they come with a spare media cartridge so you can add exactly what you want. Right now I am currently using some coarse material (ehfifix) before the regular cartridges too extend the regular cartridges life even longer. Although I am always tinkering around too find the perfect setup for them.
  12. Try a nice piece of slate with a a few holes drilled through the middle and attach it too the wood with stainless steel screws.
  13. The only reason I like the emporers over the penguins is because of the spray bar on the biowheel. ( I am not sure if the 330's have it and someone please correct if I am wrong). In my personal experience the biowheels that lack a spray bar get gunked up pretty quick and restrict the water flow. They also need too be cleaned frequently where as the ones with the spray bar never seem too accumulate excess gunk. With my emporer 400 I just let them float in the tank water during maintenance time and just pop them back when I am done. Never had a problem. This is not a knock on the penguins since I think they are good filters but this is the reason I prefer emporers. They also have the 280 on sale at drfosterandsmith for $34.
  14. I think you will be fine with the 330. When you clean the filter just make sure the only type of water the biowheels see is tank water. If you use tap water too clean them you will kill off the bacteria.
  15. Sounds like you got a pretty good winter plan going on there. I am originally from NY and know the winters can be rough but now I am in florida and am wondering if my temp will ever go below 50 degrees. The reason you mentioned is the reason there will be no plants in the pond. The koi love them. I would rather chunk in a head of lettuce. It is also 4' deep with sides that go straight down and the chance of them knocking over a whole plant container kind of frightens me.
  16. I'm sure you know I would object. In my personal opinion a penguin 125 will never be able too handle a 20 gallon goldfish tank. Now if you are going too use the 125 may I suggest you add another filter too the tank. The emporer 280 which is just a smaller version of the bigger 400 and it can be had online for around $30. This would give more than enough filtration for a relatively cheap cost.
  17. You could also try spray painting the bottom of the tank black. I have done this on my qt tank and it looks pretty nice. I am also in the process of switching my big tank too a barebottom. I know that I have said many times before how I love a small layer of gravel but after being enlightened it looks like the barebottom is the way too go. The only thing I would suggest is make sure you have 2 filters since this is the main place the good bacteria are going too grow.
  18. Debi, I saw the pics of your pond and it looks great. That sure is a lot of rock work you have there and the plants really make it. Believe it or not but I am not putting any plants in mine, it will be strictly koi and algae. If you don't mind me asking what part of the country are you in?
  19. Thanks everyone for the kind words. This has been a project over 3 months in the making. In two more weeks all the landscaping and gravel work will be done and I'll post some more pics then. If anyone has any questions fire away.
  20. Here it is completely done by the builders.
  21. While I think the penguin 170 is a good filter I would never use it for more than 10 gallons. It just seems like the biowheel clogs up too fast on anything larger than 10 gal. You also need too replace the cartridge fairly often. If you want no regrets go with an emporer 400 with the spray bars on the biowheels. You can also customize some of your cartridges with the 400 and it is only about double the price online. You will probably recover the cost of this since you can go much longer before changing out the cartridges. You can also slow down the flow if you have too and when you clean the filter just let the biowheels soak in the tank water.
  22. I'm not really sure what kind of stone you have but if it has a suction cup try scraping the glass where the suction cup goes with a straight edged razor. It worked for my rena bubbler stone.
  23. Hey the pic worked. If only I can rememember how to do that again. In the background you can see where the waterfall will be done and up close you can see the skimmer which will be hidden completely by rock. The pond is actually laying on the patio in the front and some pics I post later will show it off a lot better. Right now it is still a disaster area. I hope everyone likes it but it sure is a work in progress.
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