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  1. They use tons of filtration and scoop out all of the dead ones before the store opens up. Not my idea of good fishkeeping.
  2. Even you Koko are posting in the wrong room. Just kidding since this is your site. LOL. We need more posts on the pond thread. That is actually a vid from someone that posts on the koivet site. Hope you enjoyed, since I sure did.
  3. JS you have it 100% correct. You should add some type of mechanical filtration before the bog filter. Something that does mechanical AND biological prior too the bog would be very nice. And if you do put the bog in: After the mechanical stage have the water pumped in on the bottom of the bog filter and make it rise through the media and plants before spilling back into the pond. I was a little unclear in my last post. If you do it that way you could also make the bog filter the top of your waterfall. I have seen it done before on a pond and it looked great. If only I had the room.
  4. NO! But frozen krill sinks.
  5. Bog filters work very good, especially at clearing green water. Basically the plants suck out the nitrates so that there is no food for the algae too use. If you do put one in I would put it at the top of the waterfall having the water pumped underneath the gravel so it can flow upwards through the gravel and plants and then spilling back into the pond. You could also have a stream filled with plants. It should also only be a secondary filter and not the primary filtration on the pond.
  6. Krill is an excellent food source for higher protein.
  7. The link works, BUT THIS IS NOT MY WEBPAGE. I just wish I was a little more computer savvy. I hope you all enjoy the pictures.
  8. This site has the best koi photos I have ever seen. My Webpage If only there was another comparable site for goldies only.
  9. Hopefully Ranchu can help you out on this one but I am pretty sure there is a fairly large goldfish contingent there. Check out their home page because it has some pictures of last years show. www.afkaps.com
  10. Of all the pictures you posted you ask me too ID the one I don't know. Thanks alot. LOL That is definately not the type of koi you come across everyday. I can tell you that it is considered a DOITSU fish which means scaleless however almost all doitsu fish have a line of scales down the back and also a line of scales along the lateral line. Do a search for shusui and you will find some beautiful examples of doitsu fish. The calico one you are talking about is probably showa or sanke. Showa and sanke are basically three colored fish(red, black, and white) with the showa having heavy black markings on the body and head. Sanke should have no black in the head. Red and black fish with no white at all are probably hi utsuri which are kind of rare these days. I think you got the ogon right. Ogons are also known as yamabukis and can get quite large. The blue one with black spots I have no idea but it sounds like it might turn into an all black fish. Does it look like the blue is under the skin? If that is the case you probably will have an all black koi in the future. Thats the best guesses I can give without pictures and that beautiful black and white one you have a pic of is a very nice looking shiro utsuri. Thanks again for the pics and I hope your parents enjoy them. My guess is they will be close too a foot long by this time next year.
  11. Nice diagram reboot. That is very helpful. Now the reason why I love canisters besides what Koko said about the frequency of cleaning. That is a huge plus. If you pick up an eheim that is full with its media it is very heavy. There is no possible way that a HOB can incorporate the amount of biomedia that a canister can incorporate. What would you rather do? Push your water through a biowheel or a few pounds of eheim bio media. That is why the eheims cost so much initially. The best prices I have ever seen on them is at bigals and you can get them with all of the media included. Over a longer amount of time they will work out too be cheaper filters since you can use most of the media over and over but the initial cash outflow is kind of steep. I am also favoring the eheims since this is the only type of canisters I have ever owned and I don't have any expeience with the other brands.
  12. You need too check what your KH is before you add coral too the tank. Just because your ph is 7.5 does not mean it will stay there. KH, also known as carbonate hardness and alkalinity is what is responsible for keeping your ph stable. If you have high levels( above 100 ppm) than just regular water changes will keep it where it needs too be. I would think if you have a naturaly high kH and add coral too the tank you should expect your ph too rise too somewhere in the 8.3-8.4 range in the near future.
  13. Thanks for all of the pictures. I can never see enough of them. If you can post some pics of your babies I could identify them for you. And if you think goldfish change colors just wait and see how koi develop.
  14. That is a great question and I have no idea what the answer is. I will tell you that I saw the hugest ryukin of my life living in a pond that was 4' deep. My ryukin is almost 8" now and it looked like a fry compared too this fish. Eventually I will add my ryukin and fantail into my pond that averages 4' deep and see how things go. One good tip would be too make the pond walls nearly vertical. If you want too add plants you can always use plant stands or make your own stands. This way you will not have too worry about most predators.
  15. I like too add fruit to their diet as well but only as a treat. Maybe once every couple of weeks.
  16. Well the microscope I just received does go between 40x-400x which should be good for diagnosing parasites on koi and goldfish. I will be doing my first scraping tomorrow. It has its own light source but does not have a moveable stage(would be a nice upgrade). It is made by C&A Scientific and goes under the name "my first lab microscope". I picked it up at amazon for $90 but found it for $70 on other sites after the fact. It is not the greatest but should be more than sufficient for its purpose. It all comes down too you get what you pay for. And in my opinion for under $100 it is pretty good. My sanke is still alive after 8 days as of now. He is still not eating on his own so I have been forcefeeding with medicated food everyday for the last 5 days. Since I knew that a bacterial infection was going too happen I ordered some tricide neo. I know that med is not talked about on this board but it has been phenomenal. About a tenth of his body where the scales came off turned a bloody red after a few days. After the dip almost all the bloody looking spots are gone after only 2 days. He still has a long road ahead of him but I think I can pull him through it. I always wanted a doitsu fish, but just not this way.
  17. I would keep up the water changes like Koko suggested and would definately up the salt content. IMO, 1 teaspoon per 5 gallons is not going too do very much. One tablespoon per 5 gallons is what I would use. This should put you around .1% which would be beneficial in this instance. And since I know that you are a ponder you can buy salt dirt cheap at the local home stores. It comes in a blue bag labeled solar salt and costs under $4 for 40 lbs. It is used in water softener systems and is the same thing as aquarium salt. Hope that helped.
  18. Did I forget too mention what the weather is like in florida during march. Don't forget your shorts, tank tops, swimsuits and suntan lotion. Just another thought for you.
  19. Peas are a great food too give too your fishies. I personally like the green giant brand since they are larger. I never blanche or cook them, I just let them defrost in some water. Why cook the vitamins and minerals out of them? It seems like the koi will eat them regardless if there is a shell on them but the goldies will not touch them unless they are skinned first.
  20. You will have no problems spotting me. I am 6'4", 250 lbs and wear my trademark New York Jets hat everywhere. Hence, the jetman screen name. I also ordered my first microscope. It is capable of from between 40x-400x and has its own illumination. Picked it up at amazon the other day for $90 and then today found it for $20 cheaper. Live and learn. I will have too get as much practice on it as I can in the next 5 months. If you have a scope what type are you using? If there are any updates about the show I will post it in this thread. I wish I had the wet lab training beforehand since now I am force feeding my 5" sanke that got sucked through my bottom drain and ended up in the pump basket for 2-4 hours at 4,000 gph. Amazingly after 5 days this fish is still alive after his remarkable trip that included about 30' of pipe, 4 90 degree elbows, and a jandy valve.
  21. Thanks Ranchu for all the advice. You say Gunn for the best ranchu's, right? I know it is in march but I am already planning now since I got the bug pretty bad. Hopefully I'll see you and anyone else from the board that decides too attend the wet lab. Good luck with your newest 300 gallon tub since after reading that post I think you have the bug even worse than me.
  22. Koko the tank looks great. You don't know how lucky you are too have fish that don't mow down the plants. One question, How many wpg's are you using?
  23. Glad too see you found him in time. I still would not trust him though. The piece of mind by having it covered would be well worth the expense.
  24. 2 Years and you still have not done the wet lab. Shame on you. Just kidding. I will be there on friday and saturday and can't wait for the wet lab. I wish you the best of luck entering your fish. I don't think you will need it if that crowned pearl is coming along with you. That 15 minute drive makes me jealous but I will be more than happier too make my 2 hour drive. How are the smaller fish they have for sale there? I am looking to pick up a couple of small koi(6") and either a ranchu or crowned pearlscale. That link is also very nice. Thanks
  25. It is in orlando on march 5,6, and 7th. They also have a goldfish show too. Check out their website at www.afkaps.com and they have lots of pics from last years show.
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