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  1. Starsmom, After doing a little more research on the different ingredients in this med they all seem too cover what the manufacturer states. The praziquantel takes care of the flukes and internal worms. The diflurobenzamide would take care of the anchor worms and lice. The metronidazole will get the hexamita and the acriflavine will work on the ciliated protozoans and fungus. My main concern would be at what levels are these being used at. Just because it includes these meds does not mean they are used at the proper levels. Does it say what levels of these drugs are used on the label because their website gives no information? It also sounds like a pretty potent concoction since it seems too cover almost everything but bacterial problems. Anyone that has used this med in the past or knows more about it I would love too hear from, be it good or bad. Thanks for bringing it up.
  2. Star, Too answer your question: I just don't know. I have never used this med before. Being skeptical as I always am it almost sounds too good to be true. It sounds like they are marketing it as the ultimate shotgun therapy. I just happened too look at an old bottle of jungle fungus eliminator and it says it cures dropsy. I'll just leave it at that.
  3. Ranchu, Looking forward too seeing you start a thread about your new pond. Sounds like it might be sooner rather than later. I'll also see you in orlando. I already mede my reservations but still no seminar info. FYI I am using an aquadyne right now and though it has only been a few months I am very happy with it. However when the fish get bigger in a couple of years I am sure I will be adding more filtration. Does it ever end?
  4. This might be long but I hope it answers your questions. 1]Here is the info for a liner pond. You actually put the plumbing for the drain in first and then lay the liner over it. Next you cut a hole in the liner where the drain is and install the top part of the drain. Between the top part of the drain, the liner, and then the bottom part of the drain you get a watertight fit. There is also a no cut bottom drain that works for direct suction systems. More on that later. 2] There are two ways too get the water flowing UPWARD from your bottom drain. The first way is a direct suction system that basically means you hook the pump up directly too the bottom drain. Most people would use a 2" diameter pipe for this type of install. Here is also where you can use the no cut bottom drain. It is basically an inverted drain that you weigh down and the water is pulled up through it with 2" pipe. If you use this type of drain you don't have too worry about leaks since you don't cut the liner but is not as effective. 3] You can use a gravity fed system which is a little harder too explain. Basically since water will find its own level you need too have some type of settlement chamber as the first part of this type of filtration. The bottom drain will be plumbed directly too this. Think of a small chamber built into the ground on the outside of the pond that has the same water level as your pond does. When you put a pump too one end of the settlement chamber it starts draining the water out of the settlement chamber and since water will always find its true level the water in the pond will basically be pushed through the bottom drain too try and keep the settlement chamber full. That is how you can make water flow upwards even though the water levels are kept the same. When doing a gravity fed system use nothing less than 4" pipe. Check out this website since it has some incredible info on how too do gravity sytems but not too much info on the direct suction types. The main drawback on the direct suction type is all of the detritus gets churned up by the pump before it reaches the bio stage. Go to www.akca.org Click on menu Then koi health advisor Then KHA construction If you truly want too have a koi pond and let them grow too their fullest you need too find out how too do the pond right. You might spend more money in the beginning but you will more than make up for it with all of the problems you will have in the future. Good luck and if you have anymore questions fire away. P.S. If you run into an aquascapes dealer I have a piece of advice. RUN, run fast, run far, and then keep on running. They basically promote a sewer system too keep fish in.
  5. The japanese raise an ancient form of koi called a magoi that they use for food purposes. Remember all koi are just basically carp but the colored varieties we see today are not used for food.
  6. This is the info I got back from them stating why amquel is safe too use. I hope this woRobert: AmQuel (Kordon), Liquid Buffered ClorAm-X (Hikari) are both fine for dechlorination in new water that is going into a system that is being treated with Proform C. Treat the new water before putting it in the system if at possible, but the fact that it being used as a chlorinator eliminates most of the objection of having it in the same water as malachite green (the dechlorination reaction utilizes the sulfonate part of the molecule). The better product to use is ULTIMATE, this contains the ClorAm-X, but is a complete water conditioner and is better than the other two in that regard. ULTIMATE is available under the AquaScience label and soon, under the Hikari label. It is generally available. BTW, neither AmQuel nopr ClorAm-X contain "sulfinate". The sulfinate products are those highly odorous products that are poor immitations of ClorAm-X-containing products. ==JFK== rks.l Very Interesting
  7. While what Ranchu said about bottom drains is technicaly correct they are not used like that anymore. Think of a bottom drain as the intake too your filter with water constantly flowing through it. Then you can also hook up a skimmer as another intake. There are literally thousands of ways you can plumb a pond but I will try and give you a simple scenario. Have the waterfall spill into the shallowest end of the pond. Then slope the bottom downward too the far end where you would install the bottom drain. This way you will get good movement of the water and most of the detritus will be pushed too the drain where it will suck it up and then on to the filter. Hope that helps.
  8. Thanks again Happy, I still wonder why they told me amquel since when I posed my question too them I specifically asked about amquel, prime, and ST. They told me too use the amquel, not the prime and gave no mention of the ST. Hmmm
  9. Thanks for the info about rid ich +. I had no idea. While proform c states not too use with sulf"I"nates is there a difference between them and sodium hydroxymethanesulf"O"nate which like you mentioned is the active ingredient in amquel. I am not a chemist and anyone that can answer that please do so. With all that being said what type of dechlor would you use with this type of med?
  10. Thanks Ranchu, You summed that up very well. I would think twice about trying too breed them but you should get in touch with that local koi club about building the pond. The normal recommendation too grow them out too full potential is 500 gallons per male and 1,000 gallons per female with tons of filtration but many people consider this even overcrowded. When they are grown out in japan they are given huge amounts of water too grow and 15,000 gallons per fish would not be uncommon. This is also done without any filtration but sometimes added aeration. And when you start digging, GO DEEP. As deep as you can considering 4' as a minimum depth. Also think BOTTOM DRAINS. They are a must. It has been stated many times that some koi can grow deformed in ponds of less than 2'.
  11. Happy, I posed that exact question too the manufacturer and they said that Amquel is fine while Prime is not. Those are not my words, they are the words of the manufacturer. Pro form C is also a better alternative too use than regular formalin/malachite green products because it is formulated with malachite green chloride which is safer for fish and filter. I already know that you know those facts and that you have mentioned this drug in the past. Unfortunately numerous people on this board will have no way too get it just like other drugs like prazi and dimilin. Original post: I also heard back from the manufacturer regarding smaller size bottles of this med and while there are no plans too do it as of now they are thinking of selling it in 8 and 16 oz. bottles. Maybe with a few more emails from us goldfish people we can convince them too do it. Their reason for not selling it in smaller bottles is because the med is very cheap right now with a quart costing around $20-$25. However for people with tanks a quart will last you your lifetime and probably your grandchildren also. I started this post too let people know that there are much better alternative meds out there that are completely safe and reliable. There is really not too much mention of Pro form C here and I think everyone that is treating their fish for parasites should look into it if they are able too obtain it.
  12. How big is that pond you plan on adding them into in the spring? I think when buying koi you need too plan on a MINIMUM of 300-400 gallons a fish. Koi are considered pond fish and just because you have a pond does not mean it is suitable for koi. Lots of room+ a great filtration system+good water quality and a good diet = JUMBO FISH. just a warning
  13. jetman73

    Pro Form C

    I see numerous people here on the board seem too be fighting persistent parasitic problems. There is a product available called Pro Form C that could help many of you but it is mainly marketed too pond owners. It is basically a malachite green and formalin combo that is safe for your fish and filter when dosed correctly. It pretty much takes care of all parasites except flukes (can work on flukes if dosed at double strengh but this dosage will also kill your beneficial bacteria), fish lice, anchor worms and internal parasites. Since the smallest amount you can buy is a quart I contacted the manufacturer about making it available in smaller amounts and will keep you updated as too the response. For any of you that are using this product make sure you dechlorinate with Amquel and Not Prime. Just passing that little tidbit of information along straight from the manufacturer. It also seems too only be available in the US and Canada and has a very long shelf life.
  14. You need too look no further than what Divinegf did with a rubbermaid trough a few posts down. Sure you don't have room on that balcony?
  15. Thanks Ranchu, Looking forward too hopefully seeing some board members down here in march. If there is any new info about the show I will post it in the other thread. As of now they just named the hotel but no seminar info. FYI I just picked up 2 more babies today. A showa and a kin matsuba. I promise these are my last purchases before the orlando show. I promise. I promise.
  16. Thank you. Yes it is enclosed in a screen room which is pretty standard here in florida. It is more of a pond, patio, entertaining area.
  17. Thank you, and hopefully one of the mods could delete that last picture from me. Sorry folks I did not know it was going too be that big and I think I used up all of my edits.
  18. Have not seen this post in awhile but I thought I would add a pic of my new girl here. She is a 2 year old Ochiba Shigure that is about 15" now and was swimming around in japan last month. The Kohaku in the back has grown from 4" in June to over a foot long now. Hope you like her and living in florida sure helps those growth rates.
  19. Ranchu, I think everyone on this board would love too have our problems with keeping the temperature up in their ponds during the winter. I am a little south of orlando but over on the west coast in New Port Richey so I am pretty sure we have the same weather. Note for Debi: The pond here is 74 degrees right now. Just wanted too add that since I know you are in NY and that is where I am from originally. I feel your pain.
  20. I hate too be the bearer of bad news but 20 liters is only 5.27 gallons and not really big enough for 1 fish.
  21. You could not get better advice than what fishyfan and lionhead said. A nice balanced diet with a good quality pellet being the main ingredient and then just mix it up from there. I have not come across many things that my goldies will not eat including every plant variety known too man. One thing I will add is that I would never feed any type of live food. I see that you do that fishy and there is no argument from me of the nutrition they will get but in the long run the risks outweigh the benefits by a long margin. In my opinion it is just another way too introduce parasites when you can get the frozen type parasite free.
  22. I would fill it with sand but be very careful using silicone as an adhesive since some types are toxic too fish. I would seal it with the stuff they sell for sealing tanks and then you don't have too worry.
  23. I would suggest you ask those questions too a member of a local koi club. There is so much that goes into building a proper koi pond it will make your head spin and by getting info from somebody that lives in your climate will only help. I am pretty sure with just a phone call someone will be more than happy too help you. If kept in proper conditions koi will get HUGE!!! My only advice as of now is once you figure how deep you can make your pond add another foot of depth. If you check out the thread I started about my pond, I posted a picture of a real nice 4" longfin ginrin yamabuki I got for $25.
  24. Try calling a local koi club and maybe they can help you out with a place too buy them. Incendentally most longfin koi are cheaper than the regular ones. I would expect too pay around $20 for a nice 4-6 incher. Here are 3 clubs in tenn but I have know idea how close you are: nashville pond society www.nashvillepond.com 615-361-0880 the koi club of middle tennessee No web address but the phone # is 615-302-0048 western tennessee pond society Phone number 731-424-8919
  25. How big is your pond? If it is under 1,500 gallons you would probably be better off with goldies and shubunkins. If the pond is too small the koi are just going too cause problems in the later years as they keep on growing.
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