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    At the left of Kokos site there is a link that explains it. Until you understand how too cycle a tank and keep it there it is going too be a long road ahead for you and you will probably lose many fish. Sorry too be so harsh but it is the most important aspect of keeping fish. The best saying I can think of goes like this, "Keep the water and the water will keep the fish" And if you ask any experienced fish keeper what the most important thing is too keep fish succesfully, They will all say WATER QUALITY. You really need too do more research especially since you are going too be building a pond.
  2. Like Debi said most ponds in nature do not freeze solid. And if they do freeze solid, YES, ALL OF THE FISH WILL BE DEAD!
  3. kbreese, You are very lucky. Most of us don't have those great deals. I paid $85 for my 55 and $90 for a solid pine stand and in my area that is a great deal.
  4. Nemo, The reason for not combining the meds is because salt will stimulate a slime coat on the fish including the gills thereby making it harder for oxygen too be transferred. If only salt is used it is not a problem. However when you add formalin too the water, the formalin will use up the oxygen and could lead too the fish suffocating. While salt is very gentle, formalin is not and should be dosed precisely and always be ready too perform a quick water change when using formalin if the fish start gasping.
  5. I would stop using the med and go with just the salt. Acriflavine will harm the beneficial bacteria in your filter while using just salt is very safe.
  6. Here is a couple of new pics. I hope they turn out better.
  7. Actually Lynn before you try any of my recommendations let me know what Ick med you are using. This way we can get the best route route too use.
  8. Koi blood has a natural salinity level of .9%. My thought is if you have too worry about the temps getting that low all of the fish are going too die anyway.
  9. Is there formalin in the ick med? If there is, don't use both the salt and ick med together. Just continue with the ick med and forget about adding anymore salt. If there is NOT any formalin in the ick med I would discontinue the use of the ick med and go the salt route. Add 15 level tablespoons of salt now and 15 level tablespoons tomorrow. When I say level, I mean measuring spoons not regular householsd spoons. This will be a strong enough dose too take care of the ick while not hurting the fish. Just dissolve it first before adding and keep that salt level up for 2 weeks.
  10. Why not 2 big ones. That would be my choice.
  11. jetman73


    Could you tell me what the ph, ammonia, and nitrite readings are? With that many fish your best bet will be too do frequent water changes(remember too keep up the salt for at least two weeks) and cut down on the food. Once a day is plenty. Once the pond is done you can start feeding them more. Almost forgot too add that you should read about cycling a tank if it is not cycled. The most important thing you can do is keep the water quality good.
  12. jetman73


    How many fish are in the tank? What size are they? What size is the tank? What are the water parameters? What is the temp? How much are you feeding? I know this is a lot of questions but for me too give a reply that I feel comfortable with I need too know these answers. I gave the answer too the salt replacement on your other thread. If you have any more questions you can always email me or we can just go through this thread. Either way is fine with me.
  13. jetman73


    Add it very slowly and make sure you use some type of water conditioner too take care of the chlorine/ chloramine. As long as the water is covering the fish you should be ok. Try not too raise the temp more than 5 degrees and if this means you have too add some more water tomorrow then do it that way. And if the temp is very low(say below 50 degrees) you should NOT be feeding them. While water changes are great for fish this is definately not the way too go about it.
  14. The link from gldfshkpr explains the proper way too use salt. I am not sure what you are asking but once you have the full dose of salt in the tank (1 level tablespoon per gallon) if you need too do a water change you need too replace it. If you take out 5 gallons of water you need too add 5 tablespoons of salt too the new water. And while that link is very helpful don't expect salt too work on as many parasites as the good Doc mentions. In recent years many of those parasites that it used too kill have developed a resistance too salt however in your case ick is not one of them. If you dose 1 level tablespoon of salt per gallon for 2 weeks you will no longer have ick. Hope that helped.
  15. jetman73


    I'm with Luke on this one. My fish seem too enjoy oranges and grapefruit better. Still have not tried that lime though.
  16. You could let it soak in a bath of pottasium permanganate. I have found pure pp at home depot or you could get a bottle of "jungle clear water". Just make sure the water stays a nice deep purple for a day and that should kill everything. Also be careful when using this product since it is a potent oxidizer and can be harmful too you if you come in contact with it.
  17. Laura, Thank you for providing that info. It definately helped me and I am sure numerous other people. Anyone else out there have any experience with this med? Jessica, Dropsy is so hard too explain since there are numerous reasons for it happening. In your case I would say the damage too their internal organs was already done. This is normal when we see full blown dropsy. The med probably helped the fish eliminate excess fluid so for a short time it looked better. So while it seemed better the damage was already done internally and that is why the fish died. Normally with full blown dropsy the prognosis is not good. That is why I mentioned the jungle labs claim on their package that it cures dropsy. It says that it cures dropsy and we all know that is not true. Maybe they are making the same claim with their parasite elimanator and that is why I want too hear from other persons responses about using this med.
  18. jetman73


    While I would never recommend using salt on a continual basis in your pond it is not a bad idea when you start it up. The main reason being for the nitrite phase of the cycle. You could dose 10-15 pounds per thousand gallons and this will help in the beginning. The best source of salt I have found is Solar Salt that they sell at the home improvement stores. It comes in a blue bag and is meant for water softeners and only costs around $3-$4 for a 40 lb. bag.
  19. Shiari, Sorry I did not mean too offend you, I just wanted too state what concentrations we are aiming for. I love having people like yourself on the board that truly care for their fish and try too help whenever they can. lynn, If you know you have ick salt is the best way too clear it. Be very careful combining an ick med and salt since many ick meds contain formalin which does not mix with salt very well. At the dose you are using it is going too be ineffective since you are around .1%. If you have any questions about how much you should use just let me know and we will go from there.
  20. Shiari, You need too move the decimal point one place. Salt concentrations of .01% or .03% will do nothing. We are trying too get too .3% which is not very close too the dosage being used. If you dose one teaspoon per gallon three times you will be at a concentration that will wipe out the ick. Another consideration is the temp of the tank. 80-83 is desirable but only if sufficient aeration is added. In my tests 1 teaspoon per gallon dosed three times will bring you up around .45% which is safe for the fish if added gradually like you recommended. It will no doubt take care of the ick if kept at that level for 2 weeks. I would like too know some more info about the tank and more parameters if possible. Lynn, Could you post some more info about the tank. Normally ick only rears its ugly head when something is out of wack.
  21. I would suggest you visit the AKCA site and print out the info. While you can make an "L" shaped work it is much easier too stick too an oval pond.
  22. I am going too bump this up after reading the info posted on the pondrx site about proform c. It is the total opposite of the information I got from the manufacturer. Any thoughts anyone?
  23. It sounds like the filter just don't have enough room for the good bacteria too thrive. Like was mentioned above I would add a biowheel filter too it and DON'T start over. You are basically there now so why start over. I like the emporers over the penguins because of the spray bar and the 280 would be a great addition too the tank.
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