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  1. Well Gaffan that is not a pond that you have them growing in, THAT IS A LAKE!!! It is hard too tell from the pictures but it looks more like a sanke with heavy sumi. Reminds me a lot of one of the little guys I got growing in my pond. I bet your fish is loving that environment and will no doubt reach its full potential. Shiari, the one I mentioned that went from 4-14" in 6 months is of the gosankes. It is actually a Kohaku with nice shiro and beni but a poor pattern. It basically is a three step with the last step missing if you know what I mean. I finally got a nice ochiba and can not wait for the next years growth rates since I live in florida. Do you have any of those chagoi, ogon, soragois that you mentioned? I will admit they not only get big but are so friendly it is scary. Any pictures?
  2. I would just like too let everyone know that they posted the seminar schedule.
  3. Hey keeper, please don't get me going on this one. Here are some of my thoughts although they are only pipe dreams as of now. If you have incredible source water it can be done but every system would be different and definately custom. I will use a 100 gallon tank as an example. Let about 25-50 gallons of great source water trickle into the tank per day while there is a bottom drain installed too take care of all of the waste. You would not even need a filter but maybe some added oxygenation and that thing called water changes would be a thing of the past. Maybe I have been spending too much time researching pond systems but theoretically it can be done. Any thoughts?
  4. I just reread my post and please don't think I posted that sarcastically joneus since I love posts like yours. It only helps all of us on our learning curves. Now if we only can learn when the carbon reaches that point that it becomes detrimental and needs too be replaced. Maybe ORP readings? I don't know but am trying too give my fish the best water conditions that is possible and maybe in 20 years I can give all of you that answer. Just remember that all of us keep our fish in UNNATURAL ENVIRONMENTS. Unless we have a spring fed or natural river feeding our tanks it is not natural. I still would like too know what temp your FIL thinks that is acceptable too recharge carbon.
  5. I forgot too add the best part about the video. The sound effects when something either goes squirt or smoosh. I guess only Doc J can have a sense of humor when it comes too this.
  6. Can I ask you what temperature your chemist friend suggests too recharge the carbon? My guess is that it will be higher than any of us are capable of.
  7. Even though the video is more than a few years old IMO it is a must for all of us trying too advance in the hobby. I have probably watched it over ten times and still learn something new every time I watch it.
  8. There is normally no reason too soak progold unless you have extremely floaty fish. Then only soak it for less than a minute since it crumbles very fast. I also like the point that Jessica made about the ingredients. Try and look beyond the actual analysis and look more into what goes into the food. Just by looking at the ingredients will tell you if you are feeding a high quality food.
  9. That is some bad news. I have actually spoken too Rick on the phone a few times and good people like that are hard too come by. I hope he enjoys his retirement and the goldfish connection lives on. Since I recently got a vacuum sealer I was thinking about putting an order in for 20 lbs. of progold. Well, maybe thats overdoing it but my fish sure do love that food.
  10. That is no reason not too get a microscope. Have you ever seen Doc J's video? It is a must but I would personally feel much better having gone through a wet lab. I have actually done quite a few scrapes recently on my new fish and have never seen anything. I guess that is a good thing. Maybe?
  11. Almost forgot too add that they are planning on having some type of a goldfish talk/seminar on saturday.
  12. I just thought I would bring this thread back from the dead since I got some new info today from the person that is running the show. There is not going too be a wet lab this year. The reason being is since they did it the last 2 years and now many of the local clubs are doing it they decided too pass on it this year. However some of the other seminars they are planning sound very interesting. Needless too say I am extremely disappointed but I guess on the bright side it will give me more time too do my koi and goldie shopping. If any of you know of a koi club in the central florida region that will be doing a wet lab please let me know.
  13. My thoughts are if you can get their water quality pristine don't worry about where they are at right now. With the size tanks they are in now and their size they should be ok till spring rolls around. Remember, I say this only if you can keep their water pristine. Meaning high quality water conditions. However, once springs rolls around and if you put them in the large pond you are considering they will grow tremendously fast. I would not be surprised if those 3 inchers turn into 15 inchers during a normal growing season in a well designed pond if not more. Koi kept in great water conditions and with enough room grow EXTREMELY fast. Just something too think about. As an example: I have grown a 4" koi that I bought in june into a 14" koi as of now. I still can't wait for next years growing season and see what I can do. Like I have said before, koi are pond fish and are not suited too tanks but in your situation you should be OK with your small ones for at least this winter. Next year is going too be a totally different scenario
  14. Sour milk, I think you will be fine using your dosages of bleach. 1 part bleach too 10 parts of water is highly effective but so is 1 part bleach per 19 parts water. Just let it soak for 24 hours.
  15. I love the rubbermaids but only use them as my QT facility. Goldfish look much prettier when viewed through a glass tank but for price and gallonage you can't beat them.
  16. All I can say is have fun heating it. I would not even try it in florida unless I had a few thousand dollars laying around for a heating system.
  17. Sorry too hear that since I am barely south of you but only 3 miles from the gulf. I guess you still really need some of that tampabay water. I laughed before about the temp fluctuations but even now us floridians have been having a cold winter. I am down too as of now (62.6 in the pond) and will be buying some long 2x4's and a pool solar cover for the really cold nights. I know I will be safe but since I got it bad you know I will do whatever I can too help them. Here is something I picked up on another board that you might enjoy. It is a wireless digital thermometer that they sell at radioshack. I got the base unit half price($20) since I got their card and the pond sensor is on sale for half price for $15. It gives you the temps in the pond and also the outdoor temp wireless. It also saves the lows and the highs until you reset it and only set me back $35. If you want I will give you the model numbers. It is great since I can easily figure out what what amounts of food they will be getting if any at all.
  18. Just wondering since you moved up too the central area how is your source water? I get about 170ppm kh and over 300ppm gh out of the tap. It is very good for the fish but my skin and bathrooom fixtures think otherwise.
  19. You know I can never get enough pictures dealing with pond contsruction. That is half of the fun.
  20. Yes I did have too add a UV too the pond. I used a 80watt aquaultraviolet and plumbed it in myself. After about a week of having the Uv running the pond is CRYSTAL CLEAR. The screen room around it has been great and gives me piece of mind not having too worry about them. The only problem was a couple of frogs got trapped inside as the pond was being built but my cat took care of them. I will try and post some better resolution photos since lately my pictures have looked terrible. I have a friend coming over in a couple of weeks with a 6 megapixel camera and hopefully I will be able too get some better shots. Thanks
  21. I have found pottasium permanganate at the local Home Depot although for some reason they don't carry it at lowes. I paid around $7 for a 1.5 lb. jar of the pure crytals. This will be enough too last you a lifetime. If you can't find it you can by "Clear Water" that is made by jungle at wal mart. It is just a diluted version. Be careful when using it and don't get it on your skin or especially in your eyes since it is a potent oxidizer. I put a little in the water until it turns deep purple. Try too keep the water this color for 24 hours(overkill) and you will rid the wood of anything that was living. If the water starts too go pink or brown just add some more too keep it purple. Once you are done with the soak you can deactivate the pp with hydrogen peroxide.The water will go brown and then you will know that it is not active. Then give it a nice scrub and you should be good to go.
  22. The good old Doc RC. No further questions.
  23. I tried the edit button but it did not work. You should get test kits for ammonia, nitrite, and kh. I see you already have a ph kit which is good. These kits are relatively inexpensive and I like the aquarium pharm kits. You should be able too get all three for around $20 or less and are a MUST in keeping fish. I would not worry about the nitrate kit just yet but it would be good too have in the future as would the salt level kit. If you can give these readings I can walk you step by step through the process of cycling the tank. And adding that 75 is ONLY GOING TOO HELP. Your only problem after the koi are added too the pond is you are going too have so many choices of goldfish too add to it. Many of us would kill for that problem. Right now without the test kits, Think WATER CHANGES. I would do about 30-50% every 3 days. After you can post the results we can go from there but in my experience koi are much hardier than any fancy goldie and tolerate salt easily. Remember too keep that salt up too(1 tablespoon per gallon of every gallon replaced).
  24. The plants are probably not going too help especially if you did not disinfect them. Check out my response in the discussion page about what ph is good.
  25. Happy, Thank you so much for the response. I was pretty sure that is where you were going too go and I agree with you 100% after further research. I always look forward too your insight in a situation like this and I am sure the rest of the board does also. The reason why I posted that email is since it came straight from the manufacturer. Once I posed that question too them THEY did further research and that is the response I got. I did not edit anything and posted exactly what I received. I look forward too seeing them in person at the afkaps and you can be sure I will bring it up. Now the scary question is: When you can not trust what the manufacturer states, who can you trust. You think they would know what would be compatible. Maybe if you have time you could ask them the same question and see what response you get. For now I am done with them even though the make a terrific product. I think after all of my emails they will consider me a nuisance but people need too know the truth. And for further info: I have been treating all of my incoming koi with this product without any problems. I still consider it a fantastic product that should be part of anyones QT that does not have use of a microscope or are unsure how too read what they actually get in their scrapes. Was it Roddy?
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