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  1. Almost forgot the add the black and white ones WITH scales. If I could get off of work I would make the trek down there but it is not feasible. I hope you enjoy your NOW 4 HOUR RIDE. The good part is you could probably walk too the real show in march.
  2. Thanks for the reply lovemypets(nice screen name by the way) but that hydrometer is not really suitable for the levels we measure in freshwater goldfish tanks. The kit I mentioned is called the "Pond Care Salt Level Test Kit" and it is manufactured by aquarium pharmaceuticals. Unless someone wants too spend around $80 for the digital meters this is the best way too go. If you need too order online I highly recommend drsfosterandsmith and would never use www.pondrx.com ever again. That is just my personal opinion. I hope that answered your question Purple.
  3. I doubt it will measure the lower levels of salt that most of us goldfish keepers are looking for. I have yet too see a hydrometer that is suitable for lower levels of salt. Can you post a link too it or just give us the item number? The salinity meter I mentioned is a dropper type test kit and is accurate to .01%.
  4. Ditto what Koko said. That is exactly what I do and this way you will get an instant cycle.
  5. I have only tried a few different heaters and I think I will be sticking with the visitherms. Never had a problem and they are very accurate.
  6. When you look back on it you will realize that is the best decision you ever made. Especially since you are looking too grow out 20 koi. Let me know how everything turns out.
  7. Here is another tip: You can use some of the dirt too build up the sides around the pond. Whenever you build a pond make sure that the water level of your pond is at least 2-4 inches higher than the ground level (with 4"-6" being better) and this way you will not get any runoff in it. If your water level in the pond is lower than ground level you will be asking for problems. I also like your sneaky idea of making it bigger and the best way too do this is too dig it deeper. Your fish will thank you. Just remember you did not hear that from me.
  8. NO, Most salinity testers out there will not measure what we freshwater goldie keepers are looking for. We are trying too measure much lower levels of salt than most hydrometers. Aquarium Pharm sells a relatively inexpensive salinity test kit that is perfect for our needs. It is available online and hopefully at your pet store and only costs around $5-$7.
  9. I would never suggest too keep your fish in a salted environment all of the time. I was just trying too state that salt has its place in the keeping of goldish and when used properly for the right circumstances it is going too help.
  10. Well Koko summed that up pretty good and I will give my thumbs up for the eheim pro 2028. This is what I have been using along with an emporer 400 for my 55 and the water quality is excellent. The best part about combining these filters is you will barely have too clean them. I normally let my eheim go 3 months between cleanings and the emporer about 2 months. And too dispel the myth that canisters are a nightmare too clean: It takes me all of 45 minutes every three months too clean my eheim. I also like too keep the biomedia and just rinse it out with tank water and only replace the fine floss media since there is no way too save it. You can even get away with letting the coarse pad go over a year if not longer. That is another plus since it only costs a few dollars per year too maintain the eheims. I have had mine for over a year and a half and have maybe put $5 of new media into it. Hows that for a ringing endorsement. And almost forgot too add that it is completely silent and you can adjust the flow when feeding something like bloodworms with just the flick of a finger.
  11. Can't help you on where too get your fish since that totally depends on what is available in your area. I think you would be better off if you wait until the pond is done before getting any new ones. I know I have said this before but can not stress it enough: You should attend a local koi club meeting and let them know what you are planning. Those people there are going too help you and will have tremendous experience in your climate and what you will need for your pond design. I have yet too meet a koi enthusiast that will not help a newcomer. You can get solar salt at any home improvement store. Lowes or Home Depot carry it in the section that is meant for water softeners. It comes in a blue bag and is dirt cheap. Just make sure you let it dissolve before adding it. It is completely safe when you need too use salt and is the only salt I ever use.
  12. This is a thank you in advance of the great pics that are about too come. Please post them in the pond area if you could. Now, if you can get me some shiro utsuri pics that should hold me over until march.
  13. I would like some pictures if you can provide them. If you can make sure you get some pics of the grand champ(both goldie and koi). Thanks again
  14. Andrea, I am trying too save up as much cash as I can for the orlando show if you know what I mean so I will have too pass. Also the reason the All Japan show was cancelled was because of KHV. As far as I know right now they have never found it in ornamental koi but there were huge outbreaks in magoi which they use as food. I guess the japanese are just playing it safe.
  15. Why not use it too build up the base of a waterfall.
  16. The rubbermaid feeding troughs are a much better alternative since they are so much STRONGER. They also cost a lot more but in my opinion is worth every penny. They sell the 100 gallon ones by me for around $60 and the 150 gallon ones go for around $100.
  17. Here are my thoughts for your situation Lynn. Since you are starting up a new tank without any viable biomedia, salt would be a good thing too introduce from the onset. When anyone is trying too cycle a new tank unless the stocking levels are low you will encounter nitrites sooner or later and this is what salt helps. I would suggest 1 teaspoon per gallon until you know that the tank is cycled and then reduce that amount by doing regular water changes and not adding anymore salt. I would never suggest keeeping salt in a tank all of the time, and for parasites its uses are limited. Ick is one it will still kill but for most other parasites there are better meds out there. Why not buy a bag of the solar salt. Since you are going too be a ponder soon they only cost $3-$4 for 40 lbs.
  18. Congrats, If I could give you one piece of advice when you use a liner get a (EPDM 45 MIL) liner. They are readily available and not much more expensive than what most home centers offer and are a thousand times better. They even come with a 20 year warrranty. Good luck and I wish you the best.
  19. I would always suggest having a heater in a fancy goldfish tank.
  20. Also higher temps= a higher immune system.
  21. Thanks Shiari , but you will have too fight me too the death on that one. Out of all of my fish she is the only one that would even have a chance at taking a prize at a show. She was just harvested in japan only a couple of months ago at 2 years old and cost me around the price of my UV. I think I got some great photos of the fishies today and when my friend emails them I will post them so you can see what the fish truly looks like. Did I mention he has a 6.3 megapixel camera. If I have any problems posting them maybe I will try and call KOKO into the rescue. She always comes through. Thanks again everyone for the kind words but I would like too pass this word of wisdom I got from a breeder. If anyone is interested in top quality koi it is better too buy 1 $500 fish than 10 $50 fish. I am learning that the hard way and since I only have room for 2 more my selective eye will be brought up a notch.
  22. Thanks but I think you are referring to my ochiba shigure. I hope too get some better quality pics today since a friend is coming over with a nice camera. If they turn out I will post them either tomorrow or monday.
  23. Gaffan, I hope everyone reads your response regarding how fast koi can grow. Too point out that your koi have outgrown a 350 gallon pond in short order is going too help someone. Some mention 100 gallons per koi but if they have ever seen a full grown koi would never say this in the future. I must admit , your koi sure looks very happy in their LAKE. Do you have any idea how many gallons it is? It reminds me of the mud ponds the japanese use too grow out their best fish. I am also assuming you are not feeding that fish anymore. Am I correct or wrong?
  24. I thought we did this thread a couple of weeks ago.
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