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  1. Thanks again for the info. I don't have any plans on showing it because I feel that would be wrong. All of those other people take care of their fish for years and then I enter one I just bought. Just don't seem fair too those other people.
  2. You can definately get diseases from your fish. It is well documented. I have also read about it being fatal in a few instances. However that is extremely rare. I would think the chance of you passing a disease too your fish would be rare if not impossible.
  3. jetman73

    Progold ?

    If you are in the US send me an email and I will send some too you. And I have never seen any fish that would turn down progold.
  4. If you have smaller growing fish a diet with higher amounts of protein will help their growth. But if you have full grown fish it would be a good idea too lower the amount of protein in the diet. Foods that have lower amounts of protein will help them with digestion and is better for your overall water quality.
  5. Never had japanese but I am up for anything. And thank you for the advice. I plan on getting there early on friday and picking out a goldie soon thereafter. Since this is more than likely my last goldie for awhile I am not looking for a bargain. Right now my only plans are the friday night lecture of which I will definately be there and maybe the khv and goldie one on saturday. And again one more question: If I pick out a fish on friday does he seperate it from the rest of them? Just curious. Koko, Sorry you can't make it but there are some excellent shows up in your neck of the woods.
  6. I will see you there. Just look for the tall guy with the Jets hat. Hopefully a few more board members will be able too make it. Since I bought my last two koi the other day I am now only looking at picking up 1 goldfish. Does Gunn stay around until sunday?
  7. Thanks, I was not planning on a shusui but after seeing that one I had too have it. It was the only shusui in his shipment of about 75 fish and I had first pickings. I also think with hi shusui I won't have too worry about it going black. This fish has absolutely no scales along the lateral line with a hi pattern from top too bottom. We shall see. I liked the shiro because it looks like it is going too be a big fish. Hopefully female. It is definately an old style utsuri which is not much in vogue now but that is what I like. It should be an interesting journey. Did you ever get that asagi or goshiki? Milo, Check out a thread I started awhile ago on "all koi lovers need too see this site" or something like that. The pictures that guy takes are stunning too say the least.
  8. Unfortunately too have a fish that will be able too compete for the higher awards at any major show it is going too cost major $$$$'s. That is just the reality of it. Even when you buy those high class japanese babies they were still a cull from some breeder. That defines all of my fish but one. However you might be able too compete in the smaller classes if you choose too show your fish. You should pick the koi THAT YOU LIKE. www.koi.com has a nice talking encyclopedia about the different variations of koi. Here is what I do when purchasing koi. Always look at body conformation first. They should look like a torpedo with no deformities. Make sure you check the head for deformities since it is prevalent in certain types. Make sure they are active. If there are a large amount of fish in a tank they should be schooling. And if your dealer just got them in don't expect them too feed them just for you. If you pass the first two steps ask them too bowl up a couple of the variety you are looking for and do your best. Its all about WHAT YOU LIKE.
  9. And a 7"shiro utsuri. I am expecting a lot of changes in this fish in the future hopefully for the good.
  10. If you can trust your dealer, by all means buy your fish from her. It will save you so many headaches in the future, as I am sure you know. I visited my dealer on wednesday and like you said, it sounds like KHV is a much larger problem here in the US than most of us read about. My dealer also had a new shipment of those pan intercorp fish coming in on thursday. Needless too say I will not be buying any new koi at the orlando show since I reached my limit. I guess all that shusui talk convinced me. Here is the first one: A 7" hi shusui
  11. That is the reason I moved too florida. Don't worry though since spring is only 3 months away for you. About 2 weeks for me. Sorry Deb, I just had too add that since I grew up in NY. I can feel your pain. Do you have any pictures of your winter setup? How has it been working out so far this year?
  12. I would say the goshiki you are looking at has much more potential than mine. Mine has many flaws and could never be a show fish but I will be able too appreciate it as it grows larger. Even my dealer told me too pass on it. I was not aware that Bonnie sold fish since I always thought of her as the plant person. Are they japanese imports? And if they are, there are certain months during the year that you would be better off buying the young ones. Ever thought about adding a chagoi, soragoi, ochiba? They get very large and are so friendly. It is also much easier too pick out a younger one. I have only had my ochiba for a few months and you can already rub her head. She also took over as the leader and calmed them all down. Have you checked the NI?
  13. That is a nice story Ranchu. I have also heard of many times when other koi will help a sick and injured one. And in my experience any time you introduce a koi too a new small environment it is going too jump. I even tried the cooler lid trick and what ended up happening was my fish landed on top of it and could not make it back in the water. Thank god I was right there, but that is the last time I will ever use that again. If it is a tank, make sure there is a lid and if it is a QT, small pond make sure you cover it. Normally after a couple of days they settle down.
  14. I was hoping a couple of more people would have taken a crack at guessing it but Scott, you are right. When I first bought this koi I was thinking sumi goromo all the way. But now that it is developing it is definately an old style goshiki. I can't wait too see what it looks like in a year. Regarding hardness: My water has a natural reading around 300ppm or higher for GH. I have read that at levels that high, shusuis and asagis will blacken up as they mature. The same goes for goshiki. The only feasible way too lower your gh is with the usage of reverse osmosis water as part of your water changes. Just mix some RO water in with your source water until you find out what the desired mix should be. If you look at my pond thread, I posted an asagi pick at a friends pond(as usual not a great pic). This fish has been in this pond for 3 years and I would estimate its size as between 24-26". Definately one of the bigger ones. It is an absolutely stunning fish. He also has some terrific goshiki. My point being is he raised these fish with the same hard source water I am using. Did you get that asagi?
  15. The thought of you going with 50 gallons a fish is the best way too go. I am sure your fish will thank you. My only concern (and it is a minor one) would be that of condensation buildup in the house. You probably won't have too much trouble in the summer but in the winter when the pond is warmer than the house you will have humidity problems. The best way too counteract this is too not heat the pond. Since it is inside you should have minimal temp changes.
  16. Since I have been having problems on the before and afters, what do you think this one is? Anyone? It was 4" in september and about 9" now. So far it is very friendly and I believe it is a female. 2 bonus points.
  17. Here is my TOTALLY UNQUALIFIED opinion. It is so hard too tell what such a small fish will turn into. I have been there, am currently there, and will continue too be there in the future. It does have some nice attributes and hopefully the head will clear when the skin thickens up in the future. If I could buy that fish for a reasonable price I would give it a go. However I am trying too avoid the asagis and shusuis because I have hard water. Even though I love both varieties I would be disappointed if they went black in the future. Have you seen some of the latest shusuis on usakoi? Very nice and very reasonable. However I am not sure about the shipping.
  18. Milo, That is some great questions that I never even thought of since I am only about 2 hours away. Andrea, Any answers? I would like too be able too pick up all of the new fish within an hour of leaving. Do you think that will work, since as of now I am planning on purchasing 2 koi and 1 goldie? Any pics of the sofla yet? The only advice I can give you Milo is don't mix the bagged water with their new water. The worst thing you can do with fish shipped for a long time is too add some of their new water too the bag water. Since after a long trip in a bag the ammonia will rise and the PH will drop. By the Ph dropping the ammonia becomes less toxic. Now if you add some new water into their bag you will be raising the ph and thus making the ammonia more toxic. The best way is too float the bag for temperature adjustment and then lift the fish out and place it in its new home which is hopefully a cycled QT tank. I also plan on bringing a large cooler too hold the fish for the journey back. That way you can put the bagged (and hopefully boxed) fish in the cooler and keep it dark without much of a temp change.
  19. Since my pond cycled the only thing I test for regularly now is KH and PH. Maybe once a month I run all the tests(ammonia, nitrite, nitrate). Right now I can get away with this since my stocking level is so low but I will do it more regularly as the fish grow. I change 20% of my water every week. After I am done cleaning the filter I pump out about 800 gallons and replace it with fresh water. If your pond smells fishy it is because there is a buildup of organics in the water. The best way too remedy that is regular water changes.
  20. Scott, They all say that at their own sites. It is called marketing. What I am looking for is an environment where they can grow too their max and realize their potential. I know my system as of now will not allow that and the filter you bought is making some hefty claims. Being the skeptical person I am, I don't believe it and probably never will. In my past life experiences "when it sound too good to be true it usually is". However I really like that pump you got. Did you get my link? If not, anyone can directly email me at rratyni1@tampabay.rr.com and I will provide it.
  21. Thanks for the pics. That answered my question. And if you want too pass up on that doitsu ginrin chagoi I have a place for it in my pond. I also like the pic of the last one. Very interesting!! I'll try and post some before and after pics early next week. It has only been 5 months for my pond and my photography is terrible but I think you will be able too see huge differences in how my 4 inchers have turned out as of now. Some for the good and some for the bad. I have one fish that will be a type of, Guess what it is? And if you get it wrong don't feel bad since I see this fish everyday and it has taken me months too correctly identify it.
  22. Scott, Quote, " I am no expert on koi. I know a little." Welcome too the club. I am also a member. Did you ever get that link. Now that is a place where people know koi. And I think you mentioned a ginrin shusui. Could you post a picture of one if you got it. I have never heard of a doitsu gin rin fish. My understanding of ginrin is you need too have at least three rows of ginrin scales for it too be considered a ginrin.
  23. Thanks for filling us in on all of the info. I hope you did not take my post negatively since it was a compliment. How many people would even know the steps that you went through too save their fish if they had the same problem. Probably not many. Hopefully more people will read this and realize how important it is too QT.
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