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  1. Well everybody I am sorry too say that I lost this one today. When I left for work this morning he was doing great and when I got home he was dead. I still don't think it was khv, I just believe the bacterial infection went into the blood and without injections he passed on. Besides the ulcer there were no signs of khv and the shusui still looks great. Now I will be keeping a close eye on his tankmate who is in for an even longer quarantine. This all illustrates how important QT is, since if I introduced this fish directly too my pond I would be freaking out by now. Pm That is some great questions and hopefully I can answer some of them. I don't like too medicate fish for something they MIGHT have. I like too look at a scrape under the microscope if I can and go from there. Medicating a healthy fish for no reason is only going too add too the stress. Unfortunately I was not ready for this guy and I decided too use a shotgun technique of prazi( also known as praziquantel) for flukes and intestinal parasites and proform c ( which will take care of most parasites). If you need too shotgun this would be the best 2 meds too use and I always use prazi regardless of what I see under the scope since it is so safe and can kill things that you can not see under a microscope. I think temperature is the main part of a qt. When you get fish into the mid too upper 70's everything becomes more active, including viruses, parasites, and bacteria. The whole purpose of a qt is so you can make sure your new purchases are safe too add too the existing population. That is the reason I raise the temperature. If something is going too happen, a qt is where you want it too. I also like too feed a medicated food right from the start, but I got lazy with this fish. I added one of my goldfish too their tank after a few days too try and calm them down and did not follow the full course of medicated food. I think this is the main reason I lost this one. Medicated food won't hurt if you only use it when you need too. And QT is when you need too. The reason I use 6 weeks is because I keep the fish in the upper 70's the whole time. If they show nothing after 6 weeks in higher temps they should be fine. Don't quote me on that one. And you should always have an established biofilter on there. You need too keep tip top water quality. Salt is something I only use if I need to. The reason I upped the salt on this one was too help the osmotic regulation because of the ulcer. KHV = Koi Herpes Virus, This is a virus that infects koi only and if you ask me there needs too be way more research on this one before anyone can give you advice on how too manage it. Debride= Is a cream for the treatment of ulcers in fish I hope I didn't miss anything but it has been a long day.
  2. Clove oil works great. The stuff I use is called clove bud and it is made by natures alchemy. Just make sure the label says 100% oil. I know that Doc J reported that it takes a long time too get them under and a long time recovery using clove oil (around 15 minutes for both parts) but this has not been my experience. Normally after 4 minutes they are sedated enough too work on and they recover quite rapidly however I have never sedated a larger fish so that could explain the discrepancy. The smaller fish that I have sedated normally upright themself within 1 minute and after 5 minutes you can not tell that they were put under. Just don't spill any, since your house will smell like a fresh cooked ham for some time.
  3. Andrea, I like the aquaultraviolets but there is some downsides too them. The main thing is the amount of head pressure they create with all of the elbows and smaller diameter piping. The good things are: 1) they are relatively cheap compared too other uvs 2) they have fairly high flow ratings 3) the bulbs last 14 months 4) they work 5) the company has been making them for a long time All in all they are a good product and I have been more than happy with the results I have achieved since installing mine. Scott, Do you have a uv on your pond? I am sorry if I missed it before.
  4. Thanks everyone for the replies. I do not advocate the shotgun method but I have found it impossible recently too find cover slips without having too order them. So I decided too hit the new guys with Proform C and prazi. That is the safest and least stressful way I know of too eliminate almost all parasites. For the ulcer I know peroxide works great and a pp paste rub would probably work as well but I decided too use debride. And Andrea, you posted all of the reasons why I am so upset that there is not going too be a wet lab this year. I really don't think it is khv. It looks more like your run of the mill ulcer. This fish is eating great and after taking a look at the gills they look extremely healthy. In a khv infected fish this would not be the case. I am contributing the cause of the ulcer too overall shipping stress and the fish probably damaged itself in some way with all of the jumping that goes on when they are in their new environment. And the best way too handle the fish when you need too do treatments like this is too knock them out. Go too any health food store and get a bottle of clove oil. Add 5 drops per gallon and that will do it. I like too shake it up in an old test tube too help emulsify it. Just don't let them go too far under. Normally after about 4-5 minutes they are suitable too work on. I'll post some pics early next week for an update. Either good or bad.
  5. Regarding QT times: I really don't know since there is too much advice out there. I would think that if you up the temps too the higher 70's the fish will break within time( if they got something), not matter what it is. I normally QT for around 6 weeks. So far I have never had a problem until that shiro came along. If I can hold a fish in 77-80 degree water for six weeks with no symptoms and a clean scrape I consider it safe.
  6. This is what my treatment protocol will be/has been. This is a new fish that I hit with Proform C and prazi right from the start so I will rule out parasites. Unfortunately I could not get my hands on any microscope cover slips so I used the shotgun technique. Right now I have upped the temp too 79 and salted to .3%. I am also feeding antibiotic food as of yesterday and just started debride applications today. I will keep the water parameters where they are now and continue with the medicated feed for at least 3 weeks from now. If I could, I would inject this fish but it is so small. It is only 7", and the difference between the correct dosage and a fatal one is too close. And I do not feel comfortable in doing so with such a small fish. So I am going too stick with the higher salt levels combined with antiobiotic food and Debride applications. I will post some pics on monday or tuesday either for the better or worse. I think I can pull this one through it but you never know. Scott, What was the first sign you saw in the khv fish? This fish has been eating and acting fine since I got it and the shusui looks great. I think my carelessness led too the advanced state this fish is in right now. One more tip for everyone: When you set up a QT, be sure too monitor the conditions of the fish regularly.
  7. May that was a great post. I read in the newspaper here yesterday about a teenager dieing from cyanobacteria. It seems he was visiting the state of florida and attended a pool party when he became gravely ill. He was taken too the hospital and died the following day, I believe. After investigating the matter they found out that he was swimming in a pond the day before the pool party that had cyanobateria and they attributed this too his cause of death. If you are interested it was printed in the St. Pete times within the last few days.
  8. Here is a couple of pics of my new shiro utsuri. As you can see it has a pretty nasty bacterial infection. This is the reason why ALL NEW fish should be quarantined. If something is going too go wrong, quarantine is where you want it too happen.
  9. I clicked on the goshiki showa pic and it said "call for price". I think we all know what that means. Just browsing through the pics you can see some of the major differences between one goshiki too the next. The kohakus look great but I like the second one much better. Much more potential. It looks like it has a nice balanced pattern from front too back and side too side. That is the main problem with my kohaku, it has no balance from front too back. I like too call it a sandan(3 step) kohaku that is missing the last step. The first one has what you would call "shimmies". It is not always water related and it could be genetic.
  10. It is the AquaUltraviolet 80 watt unit with wipers.
  11. Jessica, All of my fish except one were between $25-$55. I don't think that is too much too pay if you expect on having that fish for 15 years or maybe more. You need too find a good dealer in your area or even use the internet. I have seen many nice koi online in the $100 range. Scott, Ever since I plumbed in the UV the water clarity has been outstanding. And with all of that cold and ice at least you are saving on food costs. Just remember too post some pics when it thaws out. And here is a better pic of my kohaku, Elvis. It was one of my first koi I bought last june at 4". Right now it is around 16" but I think it is a male. The shiro and beni is great on this fish but the pattern is lacking any beni towards the rear of the fish. It is still one of my favorites and we'll see what size he is by the end of the summer.
  12. Here is a picture of the other side of the fish. Let me know what you think either good or bad.
  13. This showa I consider my tategoi. It is 6-7" and I have owned it for 3 months.
  14. I thought I would post a couple of pics for you northerners up there freezing. Here is my ochiba saying hello.
  15. It is too bad you can't make it Milo but I understand where you are coming from. I don't think I would make a drive that long either. I did pick up some new memory for the camera and will do my best posting some pics for you. And that backup plan of buying a couple of fish from Rick sounds like a mighty fine idea. Maybe next year.
  16. Anyone who reads this and is planning on going too the show please let all of us know. Maybe we could do a little Kokos board lunch meeting. Get too meet some screen names and talk fish for a little while. Tomorrow I head out for some more memory for the camera for all of you that are expecting pictures. I promise that I will do my best regarding the pictures but a photographer I am not. Andrea, What would be a good time too arrive on friday too get first crack at Gunn's fish?
  17. Since I just got home from work I am sure you know the answer already.
  18. Here is one tip I came across. If you are trying too pick out a fish, envision it without all of its scales. Just try and look at its skin.
  19. Scott, That is some great pics you posted, just don't tell Jessica the price tag on those. That last pic like you said is not a doitsu ochiba. And out of all the fish that my dealer gets from pan intercorp I have never seen a hariwake. Jessica, Koi are just like goldfish in that no two are alike. Too buy high quality koi like that it is going too cost a fortune. That does not mean that you need a fortune too have nice quality fish. I am not interested in showing my fish but I like too have fish that are of a higher quality. The best way too do this is too buy reasonably priced baby(4"-8") japanese imports. They may not turn into show winners but they become nice looking fish. Most (but not all)domestically bred koi you find in a wal mart or lfs will diminish over time quite rapidly. And if you are serious about doing a pond let me tell you firsthand that if you think goldies are addicting wait until your koi start too grow in that new pond. Scott calls it an addiction but I call it koi kichi. Either way it means the same.
  20. Actually I was thinking a plane ticket from hawaii too japan would be cheaper than if it originated from florida. Now I just have too see how much it costs from florida too hawaii. Seriously folks, I would love too attend that show but it is way out of my reach. Its too bad since it is probably one of the last chances too hit a wet lab for the next year. However the Fl lotto is at 15 mil.
  21. I had too jump through hoops just too get the weekend off for the orlando show. Now just think what my boss will look like when I tell him I am taking off for over a week so I can travel too another koi show in HI. AKCA Hawaii = unemployment line. I am going too have too pass. But, it is a lot closer too japan. Come on LOTTO!!!!!
  22. Please don't say addicted. The proper terminology is KOI KICHI. That is translated as koi crazy and it sounds much better. It is much easier too explain too friends and family that you are koi kichi instead of addicted. Actually all of my fish came from pan intercorp except for my ochiba. My local dealer here in tampa imports all of his japanese babies from Joel and the latest crop of 7-8"ers was very promising. I am not a big fan of the longfins or even the ginrins but they seem too get a nice mix of quality fish. I did have too pass on some nice kohakus but I felt the showas and sankes were not of the greatest quality. The last two fish only cost $55 each. And so far all of the fish I have received from them have been in perfect health. If you ever get the chance too see their facility by all means take the road trip and let us know how it is. And be prepared too fill up your wallet.
  23. Thanks for the pictures and congrats on being able too pick up a comet like that. Just don't sign me up for jumper duty.
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