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  1. mookie

    New Goldfish!

    With it's markings and red & white color,I like the name Japan.
  2. It seems that most of the bloating is affecting the eyes of the Fancies.I just wish we had a answer,better yet a cure.I have a beautiful Chocolate Ryukin who was fine for month,then became another victim of bloated eyes.I have done a major water change and treated the tank with epsom salt.I'll keep my fingers crossed.
  3. Do you mean Japan? I don't know,I have noticed this problem way before the crisis in Japan. I remember about 5 years ago when we had the bacteria outbreak,with a lot of the fish coming in with sores and open wounds. I wonder if we are experiencing another situation here.
  4. I think it might be bacterial, there are so signs of fungus or injury. And there seems to be no sign of finrot or dropsy for that matter. Just bloated eyes.
  5. Is this happening any where else? Could the use of a UV eradicate the problem?
  6. Hello Gang,long time no chat. I was wondering if anyone has noticed that the goldfish are getting bloated within 2 to 3 weeks after arriving at the lfs? Here in south jersey it is happening everywhere at many (dozens) of stores.The fish seem fine when they arrive but start showing signs of bloating,always beginning with the eyes.The eyes start to swell (not popeye) and its driving me crazy.Has anyone else noticed this.Thanks!
  7. mookie

    Totm Winner

    Thanks Shawna,I use an Fluval FX5 Canister Filter.925 GPH
  8. mookie

    Totm Winner

    My Blue Ryukin got very ill and passed away one week ago.As well did my Chocolate guy.Something must have gotten in the water and took them both.All is well now though.
  9. mookie

    New Tank Set Up!

    Good Luck with your new tank!
  10. mookie

    Totm Winner

    Thank you to everyone who voted for my tank! My tank is a 180 gallon by Aqueon,with a Mission Series Cherrywood Stand & Canopy.I have a Fluval FX5 filter and a 36W Turbo Twist UV Sterilizer.Also I have a 280 Power sweep power head hooked up to an air pump.They love to play in the bubbles.My fish are 4 Short Tailed Red & White Ryukins & 1 Short Tailed Black Moor (Demekin,my favorite).Tank has been running for about 8 months now and I can't wait until these beauties grow up.Thanks again to every one who voted!My fish and I thank you.
  11. mookie

    My New Fish, Georgie!

    Very nice Oranda,good luck with him/her!
  12. That was probably one of the most absurd stipulations I've ever heard about goldfish. A fin isn't anything like an impacted tooth or an ingrown toenail. I've kept pretty fine specimens with single anals and some with even contorted or twisted ones, and the cause of their eventual demise wasn't anything that could be traced to their anals being single. It just means that these fish didn't get the exact genetic traits deemed "proper" for their breed. Also, remember that goldfish originally have single anals AND caudals. The double anal trait was an artifact of the fish being bred to have twin caudals, from fish which have the mutant and naturally abnormal trait of having an extra tail. Very good point Man Yu!
  13. Hello Gang,I was wondering what fellow Goldfish keepers of this site would think about this.I have for the longest time brought home ONLY fish that had Double Anal Fins.No singles for me!No matter how much of a WOW factor the fish was, a single anal fin was the deal breaker.I think this started when I first started keeping Fancies and read that a true Fancy Goldfish must have 2 anal fins.And that having a single anal fin made it less of a fish. I, myself have been very anal about this (actually double anal) and turned down many a fish due to this.I feel very sad for the Goldies that I turned away.And so today I brought home 2 beautiful Short Tailed Ryukins with single anals.The one has been sitting in a LFS for about 2 months. I would stop by every now and then and think "man, I wish it had a double"!. I was wondering if anybody else has dealt with this. Does it even come into consideration when looking for a new Fancy?. Well, there I fell better. My name is Mookie and I'm a recovering Double Anal Fin-aholic.
  14. Well the smallest is about 2 inches and the biggest is 3 1/2 inches.Four of them come from Kowloon, China.The other two are lfs finds.All six are of the short tailed variety.The Kowloon 4 are all Red & Whites,and one is Chocolate and lastly a Black Demekin.I've had the Kowloon 4 for about 3 months now. The other 2 about three weeks or so.I will try to post pics tomorrow,it's getting a little late here in Jersey.