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  1. Aw, that's even worse than my situation. I've never experienced a wipeout, thankfully. Zhao's fancies are gorgeous, but I've heard that they're picky about water. My water has pretty wacky pH and I don't have the means to age it for 72 hours as they suggest. I will keep an eye on Chuchu's. Thanks for the advice!
  2. Yeah, this was an unfortunate attempt. I don’t plan on nuking anytime soon unless my fish decide to die on me. I’ve read good things about Gary Hater, but I have no idea where to actually get fish from him. I also want to start out with small fish, since my fish are maybe two inches on a good day. I haven’t been able to find a reputable place to get 2-3 inch babies. I’ll most likely wait until Thanksgiving break or winter break before I get more anyway. This whole thing was terrible timing with midterms and lab reports. :s
  3. Unfortunately he passed away last night. Thanks again for all your help.
  4. Awesome, thanks! I’ll attempt tomorrow.
  5. Okay, he hasn’t eaten since Friday. I tried squeezing some blood worms into his mouth but he spit them back out. Is it harder for them to spit out liquids?
  6. Okay, I'll start using a little less of the Proper pH each time. I have another container of Metro so I'll be able to extend treatment if needed. How many days can he go without eating in 78 degrees? I know they can generally go a while, but with higher temps and fighting illness I'm a little worried it might be hindering him.
  7. Yeah, I’m struggling to find a good place to get actual healthy fish from. ECR has beauties but I don’t trust myself to take care of hers. The pH is stable. The test only goes to 8.6, and it’s definitely up there. I’m using the proper pH because they came from 7-7.2 water and I hear you aren’t supposed to change the pH more than .2 a day so I didn’t know how to go about that. I’m continuing metro for the 14 day total. His gills are red.
  8. They’re from a breeder in Chicago. I know they have imported fish, I’m not sure if these guys were imported but they probably had contact with imports. They dont claim to be “clean”, but they looked healthy in the videos I got. I would love an ECR fish but I’m terrified of killing it. Plus, the other fish I have are from petco and I’ve heard it’s not good to mix her fish with others. I am using tap water, I was just asking if RO would be easier for them to adjust to from right after shipping. Our pH is really high- like off the charts of the API test, so I use API proper pH. Ah, I will hope that this is the case. I just panicked when I saw discoloration. He’s still pretty mopey. I have him in a low-light area to keep his stress down, I feel like he sleeps most of the day. He’s more active after water changes and darts towards food which makes me feel better. He isn’t giving up yet. I haven’t noticed any thick/extra slime coat. His gills move a little fast, but he doesn’t gasp at the surface or move his mouth a lot. This fish is the one that originally needed the kanaplex/metro. It’s had two weeks of kanaplex and today is day 9 of metro, day 3 of second prazi round.
  9. and of course, more problems. 😔 Now he’s got blackish brownish spots appearing. On his back and fin. He’s still interested in food but spits it out. Still sitting sideways, still has the swollen side, but I think he’s getting skinnier like behind the belly.
  10. Ironically, the only one left is the one that had the most obvious symptoms. :s I started the second round of Prazi last night. Hopefully he’ll start eating once it takes effect if there’s a parasite bugging him. I have RO water that I use for the saltwater tanks. For future, do you think using that when they first arrive and gradually switching to tap could make it easier on them?
  11. Okay, well, the orange one is dead. I think I’m just really bad at taking care of shipped fish.
  12. Drove an hour and a half to get frozen blood worms, the orange one isn’t interested and the white will grab some but spit them out. The orange one has been getting worse. Now he is bottom sitting with clamped fins and really doesn’t move much. I squirted some blood worms in his mouth with a pipet, and he hardly even wiggled. He spit the worms out too. I assume there’s a point where they can no longer spit out, but I was scared to put the pipet in too far.
  13. Welp, couldn’t find frozen bloodworms anywhere. The LFS I got them from a couple months ago has since closed and chain stores don’t carry them. I got freeze dried ones to try but I can’t get them to sink so the fish don’t even notice their existence. They got one round of prazi for three days and then this happened so I switched to antibiotics.
  14. Also ran out of blood worms. He is spitting out the Hex-shield. I'll go get some worms & Stress Coat and see what he thinks.
  15. More good and bad news- redness in his armpits has basically disappeared, that's the last I see on him. And his bruise thing is going away too. Bad news, he's on a food strike. He is interested and picks it up but spits it back out. I ran out of Stress Coat a couple days ago. I'm not sure if that has anything to do with it? Tomorrow is the last day for Kanaplex, so that should lessen the load and maybe they'll be ready to eat on Sunday. Edit: The white thing on his head is gone, he's still sitting weird though.
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