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  1. Hi all I have a panda oranda , who is looking very good but will not eat these last two days. She has shed eggs into the tank though i do note that they have not stuck to anything, glass plants etc. She looks fine so i have assumed an internal infection. So I have dosed for this and added salt to the recommended level for prevention. I have called this salt as I wish to ask if this will affect the three hillstream loaches in the tank and the many fresh water shrimp in the sump. I have a 60 US gallon tank and a 18 US gallon sump. I also have a canister filter but this is used as a water polisher not as a biological filter though is by default. Any views would be good. My complete system is 78 US gallons or 293 litres. Only three orandas in the tank. Thanks Martin
  2. Hi guys Sorry unless you drip money this is in the Uk. I have an invite to the open day below, they only hold these once or twice a year, other wise you can only go by appointment. I am attending and hopefully buying, has anyone on here been to this event before ? Bought ? They profess to be the best in the uk. Ill update after. STAR FISHERIES FANCY GOLDFISH OF EXCELLENCE OPEN DAY SUNDAY 20th OCTOBER 10AM to 3PM We are pleased to Invite you to what we consider will be our best Open Day yet. This is an amazing opportunity for you to purchase some of the very best Fancy Goldfish for sale in Europe, if not the World. We are extremely privileged to be able to work with some of the Greatest Fancy Goldfish Breeders around the globe which enables us to offer you these incredible fish for purchase. The selection of fish will be vast, more so than ever before and the varieties and sizes will be extensive. There will be more than 3000 fish offered for sale on the Day, so an event not to be missed. GOLDFISH SOCIETY OF GREAT BRITAIN As the proud new owners of one of the oldest and largest Fancy Goldfish Clubs in the World we will offer anyone interested in joining for 2020 a special introductory joining fee at the Open Day. Please ask for the information. This offer is only for people attending the Open Day. Currently, we are actively looking for new members who are interested in all aspects of keeping Fancy Goldfish. Whether you have been keeping fish for a few weeks or have fifty years experience we would like you to be part of the New GSGB going forward. The great information given in the GSGB Newsletters alone is worth every penny of the membership fee. But for the members in the year 2020 there promises to be considerably more on offer than ever before. It is our aim to spread the word and uplift the profile of this fantastic Fancy Goldfish Members Club. A FEW POINTS OF INTEREST As always, all fish are sold on a first come first serve basis. We supply all the necessary packaging for you to be able to take your fish away with you on the day and there is plenty of free parking If you are travelling from Europe please give us at least 10 working days notice in order for us to prepare the necessary Government documentation, without this you will be unable to take the fish with you as this documentation is a legal requirement. There will be no standard grade website fish offered for sale at the Open Day all the fish offered for sale will be of superior quality. LAST ENTRY WILL BE 2.30PM Andy Green STAR FISHERIES 94a Benhill Road Sutton Surrey SM1 3RX Telephone: 0208 915 0455
  3. Im going to try this, i have the super easy growing Devils ivy growing from my sump as it lit for the shrimp ( dont tell them they are food for my Oranda ) to supply them with algae. I also have 3 hillstream loaches in my tank so light light light and fertilizer added to ensure growth. I think all plants pull Nitrate from the water and the more plants we add we are moving towards hydroponics. Anymore plants to grow ?
  4. Hi All I think I have learnt behaviour in my fish with spitting water from the tank when I'm near to gain attention. When i had my tank cycling i bought my fish in one go online and bought an orange oranda that was to big for the others i had bought and basically sadly she had to go. Now, what she used to do was spit water at me when i was near. Since i have taken her to my aquatics centre for re-homing but now my other female left in the tank has started doing the same thing, the males dont do this. I thought it was tail flicks at first but she definitly spits at me. Maybe its kisses Thoughts ?
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