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  1. So he is continuing to swim and interact. He eats morning and evening. I still don't see much poo. His tail is still streaked. How long will I continue giving him metronidazole
  2. That being said he still looks pink to me and his veins are quite prominent in his tail and fins. I also haven't seen any poo eventhough he is eating. Unless it's all being broken down by the bubbler. 🤔
  3. Jaffa was doing a lot better today. As far as I could tel he was swimming all day. He got excited everytime we approached the tank. And has been eating. I am about to do today's water change
  4. Changed the water after work yesterday and redosed the water with the medecine. He went through stages of bottom sitting and swimming. But he did eat. This morning he is swimming so far and ate when I fed him. The water still keeps getting cloudy overnight. I want to change it. But am worried I will run out of meds if I have to redose twice a day
  5. I have returned home to find him back to bottom sitting. The water was cloudy again. I did change the water again. I hope that was ok. He still looks pink to me from the top. But to be fair I am not sure how he used to look from above as he was in a much bigger tank.
  6. Jaffa was a little more active last night. Swimming quite a bit between sitting on the bottom. I woke up this morning to find the water in the hospital tank to be clouded. I have no idea why. The only thing I changed was add the new heater last night. So I changed the water 90% then 70%. And redosed with metronidazole. Jaffa was very active almost excitable this morning. He kept swimming from corner to corner (the tank us probably too small for him) and did his feed me dance. So we fed him a tiny bit and he ate it all. I am hoping this means things are on the up. Oh the ph in the hospital tank is between 6-7 but more towards 7 really. (Yellow tending more to orange than green)
  7. I don't know if the pictures help. I didn't take the before pictures in very good light
  8. The photos above show him now. He doesn't look as pink in them. And he didn't look as pink as he did when we were changing the water.
  9. So I just changed his water. I ended up doing a 90% and then a bit more than 50% change. Then I redosed the metronidazole. I noticed two things. He is looking very pink. All over his body There were a few fluffy white poops in the tank. At least I assume they were poops. They looked very furry. And general white fluff floating about the tank. I forgot to take a picture before I changed the water 😣
  10. Well he survived the night. He swam a little bit this morning. But then went back to lying very still on the bottom. I will be changing the water this evening when I am back from work. I don't have another tank to put him in while I change it. I could stick him in a bucket but I struggle to catch him with my bare hands and am worried I would drop him. And the pleco is pretty much impossible to catch unless he has sucked on to a log. I do have a python and another hose that I attach to my kitchen sink. Normally I empty 90% of the tank and then fill it back up. I could do that and then another 20% change. Or I could run emptying and filling the tank back up in parallel. Trying to figure out what will stress him the least.
  11. He is not doing well. I think we might lose him in the next hour 😣😪
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