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  1. Hi.. I’m fairly new to goldfish & recently set up a tank - 240 litres, drip tray type filter lined with noodles & alfagrog mix plus floss plus sponge, Eheim 400 air pump plus spray bar from powerhead so plenty of air / surface agitation. Very little current. Tank is quite tall (approx 1m L x 400mm H x 300mm D). Have 2 x 4 inch quality Orandas purchased from reputable source. Change 50% water weekly. Ammonia 0 / Nitrite 0 / Nitrate 40ppm (added noodles etc to filter now to counter this). One fish seems in fine health. Other (from different source) however has swim bladder issues, which seem to have developed since I’ve had. He is fairly deep bodied but with fairly small wen. Issue seems diet related. I feed Hikari pellets (use syringe to drive air out so fish feed mid tank & bottom), veg, fruit, bloodworm & mussels. Since bladder issues have tried feeding peas only for 3 days & also feeding peas once then nothing for 2 days. The pea thing works, but immediately after feeding anything else issue returns. Also issue occurs immediately after feeding peas, but then goes. Have noticed when feeding bulkier food like mussels problem is worst. When troubled fish will float to surface & gulp air. While foraging he will often tip over. He will always manage to make way to bottom when food’s involved! I sense he may have been fed on floating food before from early behaviour. Apart from this he seems in fine health.. Many thanks in advance for any thoughts you may have. I realise such issues are mightily difficult to advise on remotely but any suggestions are massively appreciated 🙂
  2. Excellent advice. It’s now all making sense in my head without me having to continually reference the YouTube videos, your posts etc.. My plan as it stands is to get the Bio-kit, a new adjustable powerhead, balance the flow so it’s slow enough to follow theory in above post yet still provides decent air flow (could add pump but I’ve read these mostly just blow air out via surface?) and definitely stick with 2 fish until they grow, when I will buy that 500l dream tank! In the meantime thank you so much again for all the sound advice. Will let you know when the nitrate hits zero!
  3. I’ve taken your advice on board, watched a lot of Pondguru’s videos & started to wish I’d paid more attention in science classes at school! It’s actually quite fascinating & I’m surprised at the very recent development of products to complete that nitrogen cycle efficiently given how long people have been keeping goldfish.. I’m unsure of the output of my power head as not marked on product etc, seems pretty fast & is not adjustable. I plan to order some media from Pondguru & try that in tray alongside wool. One thing puzzles me - conditions to encourage anaerobic bacteria & reduce nitrate are low oxygen, yet fancy goldfish need plenty of this? Guess it’s all a balance.. Many thanks again 🙂
  4. Sorry won’t let me add more but hope you get the idea.. It’s basically a 27 x 5 inch tray about 3 inches deep fed by a power head attached to a stick type inflow pipe which pumps into the tray and a spray bar which I’m trying to get proper connector in order to sit above water level. Spray bar recent addition as I’ve decided very little current suits my fish better than the surfers paradise they previously endured! Poor things had to take regular breaks in calmest corner. Guess I’m learning! 😗
  5. OK, please see pics below & more to follow..
  6. I’m unable to attach pics due to maximum kB size but will have a play around later, bear with..
  7. Hi & apologies for going quiet, it’s been a craaazy week! Please find attached pictures of my filter set up. If anyone can suggest how I could adapt / add filtration in order to reduce nitrate & improve water quality generally that would be great.. I’ve tested my tap water & it’s off the scale - 160ppm plus I reckon. Now adding a reducing product. Many thanks
  8. Hi & thanks for the welcome 🙂 Will post some pictures tomorrow as I’m working overnight.. Might start a thread on how other shift workers ensure their fish are OK while away! I’m using veg & increasingly small pieces of fruit as they last (a little) longer than pellets. Your site is the best! I’ve prioritised it for advice over last few months. Nothing like it in the UK. You also seem to have better supply of fish over there. Was in Chicago a fortnight ago & so tempted to pop over the lake to a place called Dandy Orandas. Don’t think customs would have appreciated that in my luggage though 😉 Cheers
  9. Thankyou Dahling (can I say that?!) for the incredibly helpful advice so far. Same from Aki & Noddy 😉
  10. Thanks Arctic Mama, so often it’s the obvious things I miss! Will check tap levels later.. Doesn’t the aqua safe type conditioner neutralise or decrease nitrate?
  11. Wow, thank you so much for the swift, useful & thorough replies. There’s a serious amount & diversity of opinion out there for a beginner as I’m sure you know! I’m hooked anyway so time to experiment is kind of on my side. Just want to do the absolute right thing in the meantime.. Hopefully someday I can pass on whatever I’ve managed to pick up. This site seems great by the way, keep up the good work Koko!
  12. Hi. I’m relatively new to ‘proper’ goldfish. Bought all in one type aquarium (Juwel 240l) with the built in trickle tray type filter. Allowed 6 weeks to cycle before adding 2 x 4 inch orandas 3 months ago. Since stocking I’ve had zero readings for ammonia & nitrite, however nitrate reads around 40ppm (possibly more I find chart hard to read as colours very similar above 40).. Sadly lost one fish to ‘hole in the head’ so concerned about those nitrate levels. I am changing 50% water weekly, being careful not to over feed etc. Only using standard filter wool, changing weekly. My question is, would you recommend adding additional filter media to tray (noodles, rocks, sponge, carbon etc) & if so in what order, should I separate horizontally or vertically or just layer? Or should I consider different type of filtration altogether or in addition? Ideally would like to continue with tray alone. Your assistance is massively appreciated! Becoming mildly obsessed by orandas & really committed to giving best care possible. Thought I’d read up properly beforehand but there’s so much to learn & so much conflicting advice online. Cheers.
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