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  1. Sue


    Hi. I would like to add some rocks to my tank. I bought some in petsmart and my son found some on the beach. Can I boil the rocks he found on the beach and add them or just boil the ones from petsmart. I see a lot of setups have nice rocks in them. Just would like to know what has to be done to them before adding them Thank you
  2. Sue

    2019 KG Raffle

    mcpesq817 Thank you for the information. Beautiful setup. I have read from several people giving the fish peas (remove the shell) helps a great deal with swim bladder issues. you can look into that if you like.
  3. Sue

    2019 KG Raffle

    They are all beautiful! Can you tell me about your tank? It's beautiful. What substrate is that?
  4. Sue

    125g 6 goldfish

    Thank you!
  5. Sue

    125g 6 goldfish

    Is the sponge filter the only filtration you have in this tank?
  6. Sue

    125g 6 goldfish

    Just beautiful!
  7. Sue


    Thank you, again for your advice. I really appreciate it.
  8. Hi, has anyone used Carib sea instant Aquarium sand for their goldfish? Which one did you use?
  9. Sue


    Your Absolutely right!
  10. Sue


    Thank you so much for this. I was not sure that you can put Orandas with Ranchos. I don't have a Oranda yet. I heard that they can be aggressive with other fish. Now that I read your article it clears it up for me. Thank you again. thank
  11. Sue

    Vegetables and Fruit

    Wow!!!! Thank you!
  12. Sue

    Vegetables and Fruit

    i am sure this is here somewhere. I have one Oranda in a 20 gallon long. I give him Repashy gel food from Dandy Orandas. mini frozen shrimp a couple times a day and once in a while Omega pellets. I want to introduce him to fruit and veggies. Can you please tell me what I can feed just one fish. I am nervous I will give him to much. is it just one pea? do you microwave them for a second to make them soft? I am new so I would really appreciate info on this Thank you
  13. Sue

    75 Gallon Project

    Thank you!
  14. Sue

    75 Gallon Project

    Hi, I have two questions. I am getting live plants for my tank. How do you treat a plant before it goes into your tank? What do you soak it in? Also I would like to put a thin layer of sand on the bottom can you recommend the best sand to use. There is a few on the market. Thank you again
  15. Sue

    help gravel vs bare bottom

    Thank you all for the beautiful picture s of your tanks. Koko what do you use to keep your potted plants from floating?