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  1. Pudgster's Tail

    Thanks so much for your help. Ammonia levels are down to a safe level. Doing multiple water changes and building up the cycle again. His appetite is still great and he's as friendly as ever. Hopefully we'll get this beat. 😊
  2. Pudgster's Tail

    Hi again. Will fill out form for you tomorrow. I work nights and it's past my bedtime,lol. Thanks again for your help. 😊
  3. Pudgster's Tail

    Thanks for the information. Much appreciated.😊
  4. Pudgster's Tail

    Hello there. Thanks for responding. I'm just wondering if there is anything else I can do for him other than what I'm currently doing. Thanks.
  5. Hi everyone. I am a new member. My ted oranda Pudge, has what I believe to be hemorrhagic septicemia in his tail. Just discovered today that I have lost my cycle, due to the antibiotics I was dosing him with for the same issuy. Consequently, my ammonia has spiked, and I'm now doing multiple water changes as well as adding BB. Am also adding aquarium salts. Any other advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.🙂
  6. Hello everyone!😊

    Hi everyone. My name is Carrie and I have 3 fancy goldfish. They are Pudge, a red oranda I have had for almost 2 years, Paco a celestial eye goldfish and Malcolm, a black moor. I stumbled on this forum while my husband and I were searching for an answer to Pudge's tail issue. He has hemorrhagic septicemia. I have been treating him with antibiotics and aquarium salts but it's getting worse not better. Have now discovered that I've lost my cycle so now that I know that, I feel more confident that we can get this problem under control. Any other advice would be greatly appreciated. 😊