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  1. hannahh

    Open Chat :)

    Story of my life Koko. Also so sorry to hear about your step mum. Sending love.
  2. hannahh

    Open Chat :)

    Noo not what I meant at all! Sorry. It was the talk of hair that just reminded me of my roots and how awful my hair looks right now. 🤣 I should have worded that better.
  3. hannahh

    Where to start on a pond...

    Oranda no. 2 decided to make an appearance! Kind of. I’m convinced wens develop so much better when they’re outside. I’ve been sold so many orandas that have spent their entire lives looking like fantails. Also bought a tiny little red cap, only one I’ve ever found in a pet shop. He’s fattening up and will be overwintering and growing out in the house as I’m pretty sure my old fantail could fit him in his mouth.
  4. hannahh

    Open Chat :)

    Loving the hair! You’ve reminded me I gotta sort my roots out.
  5. hannahh

    Just a few pictures

    Your orange and white chu. 😍💕
  6. hannahh

    Where to start on a pond...

    Everyone was feeling a bit shy today. Here’s my one oranda when I bought him and him today. I’m loving how his colours are changing. His oranges are much more vibrant since he’s been outside. 😍
  7. hannahh

    Where to start on a pond...

    Haha the fish are the only pretty part of it right now. I have a black thumb - no plant survives!
  8. hannahh

    The Buns

    Hey guys. My beloved Marley unfortunately passed away in July suddenly. 😞 Bri is still crazy as ever and doing well! 💙 She took quickly to my sister’s two giants. She looks out of place!
  9. hannahh

    Where to start on a pond...

    Hello! I’ve returned 2 years later. 😁😁 The pond was finally set up in 2017 when I convinced my brother to come round and dig a hole in the ground for me. 🙄 The 3 fishies in there made it through last winter with no problems! I will try and get a photo sometime but we have a slight algae problem at the moment.