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  1. A better image of my baby white ryukin and the deeper bodied white and gold one They're both adorable. They've grown a lot even in the short month I've had them in quarantine.
  2. Here is my favourite of my new goldies just out of quarantine today! The white baby ryukin behind is also pretty cute, but I love orandas. Especially the giant-brain looking red caps! The tank still needs to be decorated properly - the little bits and pieces at the moment are purely there while I decide on the final design and get my plants in.
  3. Hi Koko I will probably have one large anubias in there somewhere when I can figure out a good way to affix it to something (maybe a large piece of driftwood, but would rather stay away due to tails catching on sharp bits - goldfish are not the most graceful sometimes). In the vases/pots I'm still looking for, I'm likely to plant a few large java ferns and see how they go. I haven't kept them with goldfish before but I'll give them a go. Fingers crossed in the few months it takes the babies to put on a bit of size, they'll be bushy and established enough to endure the occasional nibble. Might even try some amazon swords, but not 100% sure how they'll go in the depths of my tank. I have always done treats of duckweed for my goldies in the past as well, so that'll be in there at some point.
  4. Hello goldie lovers! Prepare for the story of my intro to goldfish. For many many years I kept South African Malawi cichlids, and a few South American Oscars. Then I moved house and sold all my tanks and all my fish. Well, I kept 1 tank. I cycled and established a fancy goldfish tank! Completely new for me as a fish keeper. They were doing beautifully for nearly 2 years, and then I found this beautiful broadtail moor. Quarantine went well - 6 weeks, healthy, no signs of illness, so I moved him into the big display tank with my other babies. Nope. Despite a clean bill of health, I must have missed something. Within 1 week lost my entire stock of 10 huge fancies I had grown over the 2 years. Dropsy signs - puffed bodies, lethargy, scales popped out. Water was perfect, no meds worked. My heart was a bit shattered. For the past 8 months my tank has stood empty because I didn't want to keep fish anymore (for the first time in my entire life). All I have is a small tank of tropical guppies and shrimp. These school holidays (I am a teacher) I decided it was either sell, or move on and fill and try again. Now I'm here! I have just painted the background of my 5x2x2 which is in my living room, and tiled the bottom. I know tiles are not ideal for goldfish as grazers, but when I put in the large pots with plants there will be plenty of things for them to nibble on. I am not interested in show goldfish, I just like ones I find pretty. So... in my quarantine tubs (since I sold all my tanks when I moved in a few years ago!) I have 2 orandas, and 2 ryukin going through the quarantine process, who will then go into the renovated tank in my living room. It will be quick cycled by media from one small tropical tank and then ready to go. Here's what we look like now at the beginning. I can't wait to join in discussions and see some gorgeous fish! I'll upload pics of my babies in about 4-6 weeks once they're in their proper home!
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