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  1. Awesome!! What Luck, I didn't think I would actually win! Thanks!!
  2. Netta

    Open Chat :)

    Oh I see most people do salt and heat. Just curious what temp and how much salt usually works?
  3. Netta

    Open Chat :)

    Hi MJ how do you usually treat for Ich? Thanks Donetta
  4. Netta

    Open Chat :)

    I just got it.....Crown, Royal, and Whiskey Duh! They look great!
  5. Netta

    Open Chat :)

    Yeah they must have not been in there long. Glad you was able to work out something for them. I do remember seeing two Betta's in a cup before. The defeated Betta was lying down motionless and the other was parading over him like he was Muhammad Ali. Poor thing. I took the cup to the sales person. Another time I saw this Betta in a cup with a stomach totally inflated looking like he was 9 months pregnant. Someone had dumped a whole bunch of pellets in his cup and he proceeded to try and eat himself to death. Again I took the cup to the sales person and he said "kids". It's sad that customers act like that, but in this case the company is putting the animals at risk. Terrible.
  6. Netta

    New Fish!

    Wow I never seen fish gills before. How did the cover come off?
  7. Netta

    Open Chat :)

    Wow shame on Walmart! I've seen some crazy stuff with Bettas at a pet stores, but never a three for one special all in the same cup. Hot mess! I'm surprised they're all alive. Hope they pull through.
  8. That's interesting. Good luck this time around.
  9. Sounds like a lot of fun. I never been to a fish show.
  10. Hi I need to clean my filters too. I have a sponge and HOB filter. Do you think it'll be ok to squeeze them both out during the same water change?
  11. Netta

    Open Chat :)

    Hi and good morning y'all. TGIF....was this close to not coming to work today. Wanted to take the day off and clean my tank and take care of other business LOL. But I came to work anyway. Will take care of the stuff this weekend.
  12. Netta

    New Goldies w/ Problems

    Thanks Myra, I'll remove all the salt. Should I do my last scheduled round of the Prazipro once the salt is removed? That would be number 6.
  13. Uh oh!!!!! Sorry, my question started it! Glad your fish 🐟 s better😊
  14. Netta

    New Goldies w/ Problems

    Hi thanks for responding. What's your name or do you go by Artic Mama? Thanks for the info on the stringy poop. I'm doing Metroplex Med food right now. I'm on day 12 will finish out the three weeks. They are no longer bottom sitting. They flashed a lot initially, but hardly ever anymore. I did see Goldie flash once on Monday night, but no more after that. I panicked cause I had not seen them flash in probably 2 plus weeks. I'm on round 5 with Prazipro and will start the final round on Friday. I only have .1% Aq salt in my tank now, Can you clarify, should I just water change the salt out? Then if it's needed i.e. Cause of flashing bring it back up to .3% or .5%. I am concerned about their increased air gulping though and I have plenty aeriation in the tank. The gulping got better, but has now returned. I was double dosing the Prazipro when my Aq salt was .3%, but when I brought it down to .1% on Saturday then I single dosed. I wonder since I put in less Prazipro that they have more symptoms i.e. Air gulping.