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  1. Money, my newest adult goldfish. Then 4 of Goldie and Bullets fry in order- Sherrie, Toby, Spot and Cash.
  2. Koi and goldfish playing ‘chase the orange’
  3. Hiya, just joined today thought I would introduce myself from sunny England I currently have 9 common goldfish My biggest(Goldie)being one I won at the fair, the next one is one I purchased a week later to keep her company(Bullet). I also have kept 5 of their fry(Mango, Spot, Cash, Sherrie& Toby)which are now about 3 months old. Then there is 2 more(Honey& Money) that I picked up along the way. My goldfish enjoy life in the pond with koi, gold Orfe, blue Orfe, mirror carp and grass carp(everyone of those has a name too!) I also have a 250L tropical community tank. Yep I’m a bit obsessed with fish! Then also living in my pond until they have to come in for the winter is my little red and white Fantail Bertie and his little oranda friend Binky. I had my big red cap oranda (Brain) living in his 300 litre tank with 3 weather loach. Swim bladder problems meant he couldn’t join his friends in the pond. I had to put him down today 😔 as swim bladder problems were getting so bad he couldn’t get to the bottom to eat he would just swim round in circles. But I made a nice grave and a cross with his name on. I’ve been planning for ages to get 4 butterfly telescopes for my 300L but when I went to purchase them online from one of the best breeders in the uk they didn’t have the colours I wanted(2 red and white and 2 calico). I think I will leave it for a few weeks now after loosing brain then try again. 🙂🐟
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