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  1. I was planning on moving the filter to his bin today because I finally had time, but I saw that the bump that he had on his head is now this. He had the bump the entire time he was in the bin and in the tank. He had a bump last time too but that went away.
  2. I will move the filter over to quarantine maybe monday. I want to give him a bit more time to adjust to the QT before I potentially make him sick again. Sucks I have to experiment on the poor guy but we gotta do what we gotta do. I've got a large water wisteria that I am very proud of, any way I can incorporate that into the new tank design?
  3. His quarantine tank is just a 10 gallon rubbermaid bin in my kitchen. Today is the second day in QT, and he's already begun eating again. Any suggestions on how to go about redoing my tank? I plan on only keeping the plants and filter (not the media) but I don't want to get all new stuff for it not to work. I've seen people with terracotta pots and I may want to try that out because I kinda feel I should go bare bottom. Should I sterilize it in anyway? Bleach solution? I was planning on doing a 9:1 bleach solution and rinsing, then letting the tank sit for a few days, and then proceed to redo it.
  4. The quarantine tank is just a 10 gallon Rubbermaid bin in my kitchen
  5. You have helped so much and most of all gave me hope to help him through this. I've also learned so much about medications and what not. He will reside in quarantine and if he gets better in there, I guess the only thing left to do is a complete tank take down. I'll replace the sand and filter media. Is there anything I should do to perhaps sterilize the tank and decor? This experience is honestly all to weird, but I'm not sure what's left to do. I can't just completely buy a new tank. Any recommended substrates? Should I just go bare bottom with some plants in terracotta pots or something of the sort? Or would it be okay to have sand again?
  6. I've gone ahead and moved him back into quarantine. Even though he was not lying down, bloated, etc, it all started with him not eating. If he starts eating in QT, then I will know for sure it is solely that tank and will take necessary measure to make it safe again. I have him in with both a sponge filter and an airstone this time.
  7. I guess there's also no bubbler in the main tank like there is in the other
  8. He goes for the food, but either spits it out or just becomes disinterested. Like he'll swim to it when it's falling, but then not care for it once it's hit the ground.
  9. As for sand, I didn't go completely bare bottom because I wanted to have the plants, but I left the middle bare bottom and I drop the food in the middle where there are only rogue sand particles
  10. I'll pick up some peas and see if he'll take them. He also still has one of those bumps on his head and other than that he's been all normal. Poop is translucent still, though. But not all of it is. Some is solid. Quarentine resided on the ground in my kitchen. The only differences in the quarentine opposed to the tank I can point out are: no traces of any nitrogen compound in the water, generally colder, no decor, and smaller. Other than that there really is no difference between the two. My current params are 0 ammonia and nitrite with around 40 ppm nitrate, which seems a bit high for only a week and I'm surprised I didn't get result for ammonia.
  11. Prior to this, I had not fed him yesterday or monday because I was barely home.
  12. My goodness gracious he quit eating once again. Might be time for prazi then. I ran the tank with mblue for about a week and a half. He was all good except today he's spitting out the food again, still sifting but spitting out the pellets. Today is the 10th day of being back in the tank.
  13. Just want to give some updates. I moved him back Sunday and so far he's been doing just fine. Almost all my plants died so I just replaced them and overall the tank is more of the design I wanted in the first place. He has been eating well and energetic. Last time he fell ill within three days so things are already looking up. Fingers crossed he's all better this time! Never realized how big he was!