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  1. Hi guys! I haven't really been on here for some time, but this article came up on another forum and I'd really like to hear some thoughts. Personally I do think the conclusions made here are unscientific and such, but what do you all think? https://puregoldfish.com/stunted-growth/ P.S. this could've been brought up around here before, sorry if it has. Just really curious!
  2. From the tap it's about 8, in tank closer to 8.2. After the first salt dip he is doing miles better. He is very active now and is no longer clamping or scratching. He still has the outward symptoms, but not nearly as much as before. Right now I am getting ready to do the 2% salt dip
  3. Today I performed a 1% salt dip to start him off with the salt, and a lot of the excess slime coat is cleared off just from that. Not all, but it's definitely less severe. I left him to relax in some aerated clean water for about 2 hours and now he's back in the tank with the lights off. Tomorrow I will increase the dip to 2%, then monday to 3%
  4. Thank you so much for your time and to help Karma and help me learn. I will do the dips, but is he looking skinny to you? He fattened up pretty nicely and hasn't lost too much weight. Again, I really, really cannot thank you enough. It means the world.
  5. He is still eating an active, you can just tell his skin is bothered with itching, twitching, the cloudiness, etc. This is not the same illness as before by a long shot. He has been better from that for 3 months now, and before there weren't any outward symptoms other than popeye. Also, what would be the concentration for the salt dips and for how long? Sorry to keep asking loads of questions
  6. I know it's only been a day, but there isn't really improvement. The gunk hasn't gotten worse too much worse but he definitely is really bothered. Nirvana is completely fine
  7. Upon further examination he does have some red streaks in his fins; pronounced veins
  8. Got it. I've been running paraguard in there already since sunday, but I've been underdosing by 5 gallons. Thank you! They are still both active and hungry, and this doesn't look anything like columnaris or something of the sort. I do appreciate the help as always
  9. He did not, which is why I am a bit upset with myself for not being patient. She's been in there for around 2 weeks and there were no signs of anything wrong with the both of them. Karma had a little bit of a fungus spot about a day ago, so I ran paraguard in the tank, and yesterday it was almost cleared. Today he is like this. Nothing visually seems wrong with Nirvana, but she is clamping a bit
  10. So, everything was going really really well, but karma now seems to have some sort of infection. The other fish seems fine, but she is clamping a little bit. Maybe I should have waited that extra week? Or start treating with kanaplex? It looks possibly bacterial. Karmawhat seems to be a fungus thing going on. He's still active and swimming but he's clamping. Should I give him a methylene blue bath? He had a tiny fungal spot on his fin a but before, and I started running paraguard and it was basically gone but today he has white "sheets" kind of.
  11. It's not like I have a problem with it, I just don't want to be telling everyone it's a he when it's really a she
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