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  1. Would I need to worry about spawning at all if I get a female on accident or would they not be compatible? Or are the requirements more specific and don't usually occur on accident?
  2. Ok thank you! Is there anything I should watch out for when keeping two goldfish housed together? Also I think you mentioned dosing prazi during QT? I could be remembering wrong.
  3. Karma has still been doing well and I am very pleased with everything right now. Again, I cannot thank you guys enough for all that you've taught me and helped me overcome. I just want to confirm something, would it still be a good idea to get a shubunkin? I don't want him to be lonely so I am just making sure that I am still good to go on that front. When the cycle is stable and Karma is all fine, I am planning on getting a shubunkin, and of course quarantining it. Still fine?
  4. The bridge isn't hollow inside. It's officially been 2 weeks of Karma being back and he's still doing real well.
  5. Ok, so, I redid the entire tank. Took out all the sand and used clay pots for my plants. I added him back in on Saturday, November 24th and so far I'd like to say everything is going well. Knock on wood. He's been eating well and isn't skiddish. I've got him on spinach now too and I also feed him an occasional veggie round while also feeding him pellets majority of the week. I want to get gel food too, or make my own, only if he is well for at least 2 weeks. I completely replaced all the media in the filter as well, so I have been doing water changes and such to keep up with the lack of a cycle.
  6. I do have a cover. Would my fish have eaten them if he were there? I am not too keen on having these be an ongoing occurrence.
  7. I was doing some research and read that they can only lay eggs and survive in stagnant water. Since before I only had my filter as a flow of water and now I have no flow of water, I believe the water was much too still. I want to redo the tank anyway, so I will just drain it tomorrow and leave it dry until I want to rescape make sure when I scape it I add additional flows of water. They first were seen right after he was moved, which was still in the summer, and I think that's when the eggs were laid.
  8. So karma's been doing A ok lately, but looking back at his main tank, what I thought were nematodes are actually mosquito larvae and they're bigger now and I hate them so much. I am going to completely drain the tank tomorrow and leave it dry for a couple days. Are there ways to prevent mosquitos from laying eggs in my tank?
  9. He's looking good today
  10. He already isn't lying down or breathing heavy anymore. Perhaps I misinterpreted something as abnormal? He was lying down earlier today and yesterday with heavy breathing, but still had appetite.
  11. I just did it today, so now I am waiting on hopeful improvement
  12. Yeah that makes sense. Should I wait until I know for sure he isn't feeling well or just go ahead with it?
  13. I gave hum a bit more time and he ate, but still acting a bit strange. I'll give it more time to see, but I think it's the filter