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  1. Alright thank you
  2. Ok thank you. Just waiting on the meth blue now. Should I be worried about the food issue?
  3. If these pictures don't help I will hold him. Also provided a better picture of his bump.
  4. Also the poor babe hasn't eaten in little over 2 weeks and is really skinny
  5. Update: I have the bin ready. The meth blue comes on friday. I was looking at him today, and he now has some brown spots on his belly and white cyst-like dots on his head kind of where the bump is. Does this affect what my current treatment plan is? Should the erythromycin be switched out for another med? I really can't get a good picture of the areas I described because he won't be still. I felt these were worth mentioning.
  6. Yeah I meant into the newly changed hospital tank. I have the bin and have ordered the meth blue and will go get the salt, thank you all so much for the help and I will try my best with this treatment
  7. So I just plop him right in?
  8. No re acclimating or anything? Would that be stressful?
  9. I have found the container and will order the meth blue and get the aquarium salt. Would kordon be a good brand for the blue? And what size water change would you recommend?
  10. Haha I do believe I have a bin like that but Petco is also having their dollar per gallon sale which I totally forgot about so I can get a 10 gallon from that. And now I have learned that erythromycin only combats gram positive bacterium. So what is my current game plan?
  11. I am also curious as to why the erythromycin won't help with the fin rot, just so I know for future reference
  12. I have a 5.5 gallon tank I haven't yet set up. Could this work? I also have an airstone ready to go. If I return the erythromycin, I can use that money for methylene blue and the salt. Or should I keep the erythromycin? I also don't know what methylene blue is, but I trust you so I will listen to what you say. I care so much about this little guy.
  13. I'm just getting frustrated that what I have tried so far isn't working. I am sorry for jumping to conclusions and getting the erythromycin. I should have waited for your reply.
  14. His pop eye has significantly decreased since the epsom salt treatment. I have only put in the first dose of erythomycin so I can always return the rest. Why won't the erythromycin cure the fin rot? Erythromycin was the only one that is fairly accessible to me but if it was not a good choice, my mistake. I take responsibility for acting too quickly and not waiting for more advice. I thought it would at least help with the rot. I don't have any tank or bin to QT in and my parents aren't so willing anymore to keep buying me things for the fish for I have already spent a lot of money. What does methylene blue and aquarium salt do? And would you agree this is bacterial?
  15. I decided to go ahead with it because others said it was good. And it will at the very least cure his fin rot.