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  1. Fishy videos

    Those little Ryukins are awesome !
  2. Let's See Those Koko's Ranchus!

    My new piggy waiting to be released from quarantine into the big tank .
  3. Show me your Oranda please

    Got a new mate coming for Pixel that is in quarantine now !
  4. Show me your Oranda please

    The first three oranda are from a regular pet store but Pixel came from a specialized Fancy goldfish shop here in Holland who imports really high quality fish . http://www.fancygoldfishstore.nl/
  5. Show me your Oranda please

    This is Zen : Brutus : Freekie : Pixel : Big Pixel begging for food while Freekie cools his hat !
  6. Hi from Holland !

    Hi, I live in Rotterdam , the Netherlands . After breeding Killi fish for years as a hobby and having about 40 small tanks I also had a reef tank for 17 years with stone corals . I sold the contents of my tank some time ago and decided to hold some fancy goldfish in the 130 gallon ex reef tank tank with biological filter , I now have 4 Oranda's , a Fantail and a Telescope and hope to learn a thing or two about holding goldfish .