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  1. Ryukin - Fantail ?

    Oh , I already like him the way he is. I'm not the biggest fan of some of the hunchbacks I sometimes see so if he stays the same but only bigger I'm perfectly fine .
  2. Ryukin - Fantail ?

    Thanks. A three dollar and ten cents Ryukin it is then , it's a keeper ! lol
  3. Ryukin - Fantail ?

    It's the smallest one in my tank , bought six weeks ago from the pet shop . Was around 2 inch when I bought it but has grown over an inch in 6 weeks .
  4. Ryukin - Fantail ?

    As I bought this one at the pet shop and they sell everything under the " goldfish " name , what kind is this ?
  5. Hi, My Goldfish tank actually is my old 150 gallon saltwater Riff aquarium that I had for over 17 years . I kept the sump but instead of protein skimmers I glued compartments in there for an old fashioned bio filter and had angelfish in there for a couple of years and now Fancy goldfish . The Eheim 1050 is replaced with a 1060 to keep the tank clear because Goldfish are pigs , the Tetra filter is replaced with an old Eheim Professional 2229 I stil had , I use a co2 reactor on it for plant growth . One of those 20 gallon Superfish tanks for quarantine .
  6. Hi from Holland !

    Thank you !
  7. Oranda turns black

    Kingyo Ho Grow and Vitality ,Kingyo Color Plus ,Kinyo Vital balance ,Medigold standard , Hikari Lionhead,HS Spirulina pellets , sometimes Peas , frozen white mosquito and frozen artemia .
  8. Oranda turns black

    In that same time my other Oranda is rapidly losing it's last black colour I just discovered , I didn't notice this before . Maybe they are trading !
  9. Hello, This Oranda that I bought about 5 weeks ago is perfectly healthy , has spawned eggs last week with my even newer new big male orange Oranda that was just released in the big tank after quaratine, is very active and eats a lot . I know that they can turn color but there is about two weeks between these two pictures , it looks like just the red is turning black as I hope she will keep her light pinkish head color . This is normal , right ?
  10. Fishy videos

    Those little Ryukins are awesome !
  11. Let's See Those Koko's Ranchus!

    My new piggy waiting to be released from quarantine into the big tank .
  12. Show me your Oranda please

    Got a new mate coming for Pixel that is in quarantine now !
  13. Show me your Oranda please

    The first three oranda are from a regular pet store but Pixel came from a specialized Fancy goldfish shop here in Holland who imports really high quality fish . http://www.fancygoldfishstore.nl/
  14. Show me your Oranda please

    This is Zen : Brutus : Freekie : Pixel : Big Pixel begging for food while Freekie cools his hat !