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  1. Hello World

    Forgot to mention the bad news, the black/golden Ranchu passed away in the middle. He had internal diseases when I got them, and never got chance to recover from it. RIP, a very beautiful gold fish
  2. Hello World

    Have been busy, some short text update, will update images later... 1) Major change to 75G and moved discus/angels/platies out, removed heater and decided to keep all gold fishes at room temperature 2) Discus/Angles to friends tank; a 10G tank new setup to keep plates, and they delivered a batch of small babies almost immediately 3) Attended a Gold Fish show and picked up few ryukins and orandas, unfortunately different species could not get alone and fight with each other 4) New setup of a 40G and 30G goldfish tanks, Rykins and Orandas were moved from 75G to their species own tank Less than two month, from 1 tank to 4, what a expansion~ Will post some images when I have time...
  3. Ryan's 75G Goldfish

    25GL I am testing high flow/influence to certain breed IMG_9108.mov
  4. Ryan's 75G Goldfish

    Some update: Being busy, Scored some nice fish at a show and got couple of more tanks Hence the dear Discus Angel Platy has being moved out to new tanks Now, all gold fish tanks are on room temp... https://youtu.be/s9HpTJBCGC0 https://youtu.be/Dwh-Sp0608Q https://youtu.be/UpQL5rCk0SM 25GL I am testing high flow/influence to certain breed https://youtu.be/BaW-eos1PWw https://youtu.be/djft7Zvo1Qg
  5. Ryan's 75G Goldfish

    1st I have to defend myself, 1) keeping Goldfish at higher temp 70 up is feasible, keep a discuss /angel /platy at that temp is feasible as well. The discus was not stressed, he eat like pig and if he like, he can attack any gold fish in the tank 2)Food, I feed my fish blood worm so they all get enough protein, and peas for gold fish, tropical fake for protein again and all the fishes in the tank could digest well You should really look and judge and open minded, the lone discus are much less stressful than those in discuss tank
  6. Ryan's 75G Goldfish

    Thanks you Aussie Dude, points taken. But I am happen to believe, that I am giving them the best care~
  7. Ryan's 75G Goldfish

    The LED light throws the white balance off cell phone cameral, esp. display on PC screen... more realistic color at around 14K: [MEDIA=youtube]zUaOcgxcyOQ[/MEDIA]
  8. Ryan's 75G Goldfish

    Thank u Michele for the concern~ Let's see What if: 1) I decided to keep these gold fish on higher temperature for the sake of their immune system...and 2) they seem to get alone...such as 3) Angels will tick on parasite of big pigs...I mean gold fishes are pigs 4) Discuss is in fact king of tank, could attach anybody in the tank, but get alone with bigs and almost don't bother to tick em...
  9. Ryan's 75G Goldfish

    Some Update~ introduced few new tank mates
  10. Hello World

    Adorable, Oscar is smart and attaching~
  11. Hello World

    Yeah they are so cute, and smart. They come to greet you any time you walk by~
  12. Ryan's 75G Goldfish

    World Cup for fish
  13. Ryan's 75G Goldfish

    Thank you Koko, will move to there Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Ryan's 75G Goldfish

    Is it right sub-forum to hold a tank thread? I thought it will be fun to have member's tank threads, so that progress can be shared and things/lessons can be learned
  15. Hello World

    Thank you Koko The tank is very new, so far it seems to be OK Hope that I can keep it going...