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  1. Apparently, it's not the goldfish I should be worried about; it's Ivan the algae eater. I noticed my two Tamasabas with reddish and ripped caudal fins for several days now. I thought it was the Hibuna, since it was the only one unaffected. But I didn't want to jump the gun and waited to see if it was really him/her. Well, today I saw Ivan sucking and nibbling on their tails, like lettuce. The only one he doesn't do this to is the Hibuna, probably because of its shorter tail fin. Now that I think on it, Ivan is specifically following the Hibuna around, like a partner. Needless to say, I'll have to remove him. Ironically, Ivan was named after Ivan The Terrible.
  2. The first two pics show my 3 goldfish and single Siamese Algae Eater lined up in a row, staring at their beautiful reflections. They might have an Adonis complex. The algae eater likes to hang out with the big boys. Its name is Ivan (the goldfish don’t have names yet), and I actually had this fish much longer than the goldfish. I’d say about a year, maybe more.
  3. Nice! I especially like the first one with the white body and red fins. If it stays like that when it matures, I think that’d be great. As far as your algae problem, I don’t think it’s a bad thing, just excess nutrients. It can make the pond look unappealing, though.
  4. Hibuna Sandwich. The three are actually sharing an algae wafer.The really short body makes these fish look like floating heads when the lights are off. They almost look painted to.Top viewClear shot of my Hibuna. I actually purchased it as spur of the moment. Color is not the most vivid, but body comformation seemed pretty good for its size compared to many of its peers. I prefer proportionality to color, at least for non fancy varieties.
  5. I would love to add a red and white Ryukin someday. I think it would look nice with the two Tamasabas.
  6. Thanks. I like these guys a lot. Honestly, I was not a particular fan of high backs until I got them. I really wanted the Sabaos, but being even less popular, I felt I would have to wait a very long time to find a place of purchase. The Tamasabas gradually started appealing to me more and more. They're definitely a lot more conservative looking than Ryukins and generally less expensive. Red and white is pretty much the only pattern I'm aware of. Besides the single tail, the caudal peduncle is also straight, not pinched down, which I assume only makes them better swimmers.
  7. Too funny. I got the context wrong too, but seriously, I've yet to see you have a bad day.
  8. Thanks! No they’re from Japan, specifically from Kaneko Koi Farm. These were imported by Genkikoi, a koi importer based in CA.
  9. Just made a thread in the goldfish pics section
  10. Pics of when they first arrived in the mail: Looking a little raggedy after shipment. Broken dorsal eventually heals up bent. I don’t mind it. It immediately started bullying the Hibuna as soon as it was dropped in. Thankfully, it has more or less stopped.The other one came out of the bag in perfect condition. And now after about a month: Meet the school bully:
  11. Appreciate the warm welcomes ya’ll. Thanks for the heads up on the monthly pictures thread. I’ll try and post pics too. Admittedly, linking videos is easier for me. Hey! It’s nice to see you here. Did not know you were a goldfish enthusiast as well! I wonder who else I would bump into.
  12. Hi, finally decided to join. I'm actually surprised this place is still running. I used to lurk here years ago when I owned a Lionhead back in 2009 I think. I grew up around goldfish, as my parents kept them. The longest goldfish I remember having lived for 7-8 years. It was a Fantail I'm pretty sure. Lately I been more into tropicals. Now I currently have two Tamasabas imported from Kaneko Koi Farm and a single Hibuna. I specifically purchased them as I wanted a hardy, longer lived goldfish. I will link a feeding video later when I have the time. Thanks for having me.
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