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  1. Various issues arising

    Update. I started feeding the Kanaplex on Friday. Behavior: Gasping at the surface a lot. The most I've seen him do thus far. Whole body jerking/twitching. For example, he will be gulping at the surface and suddenly his body will jerk sideways a few times. I've been trying to get it on video for awhile now but as usual they don't cooperate. Not floating in the corner anymore (so far)
  2. Various issues arising

    @Arctic MamaI can manage, but is there any preference for dosing the water column vs. feeding the kanaplex? I already have some kanaplex gel food in the freezer and it would save me the hassle of daily water changes. But if dosing the water column is preferable, I can do that instead.
  3. Various issues arising

    Will do Koko! So I recently said that this fish had been floating at the top again. Well, he has stopped floating once more in favor of "glass surfing" rather vigorously. I swear this fish is giving me whiplash. Oh, and I stopped the Paraguard. I have Kanaplex on hand. Just note that the glass surfing started before I stopped the Paraguard a couple days ago.
  4. Various issues arising

    I believe I fully cleaned it, rinsing all the media (in tank water) and poured all the water out, maybe 2-3 weeks ago. I rinse the filter floss with each water change, because it gets dirty quick (mostly from the suspended particles out of the tap in my well water).
  5. Various issues arising

    Very unfortunate that you guys lost a lot of your fish. It seems there are always those unfortunate years in the hobby. The last time I've had such large losses was about four years ago when all of my axolotl stock was wiped out within months. I had had some of them for years. This is a 20 gallon quarantine tank, but it is filtered/cycled. I don't believe I experienced any cycle bumps. I tested the water after starting the treatment and no ammonia registered. The last water change I did was Sunday and test results right before it were NH3:0, NO2:0,:NO3: less than 10 but looked above 5.
  6. Various issues arising

    I guess I spoke too soon. He's back to floating in the corner today, same as before. Should I treat for a bacterial infection too? This has been a super frustrating year as far as goldfish keeping goes. At the beginning of the year, I lost one of my favorite fish. About a month later, all the fancys in my indoor pond died within days of each other. A heron took some of the biggest koi in my pond. I purchased a few more fish and 2 from different sources died after coming down with dropsy. If I lose this guy too, I think I'm about done. Sorry for the rant, but I've just been feeling helpless
  7. Various issues arising

    Updated picture, I’d say it has definitely gotten worse.
  8. Various issues arising

    I went ahead and got the Paraguard. I'm happy to say he is no longer floating in the corner for the majority of the day. He's much more active, similar to when I first got him. However, his tail is still pretty red. It may have even gotten a bit worse since I started treatment. I also removed the protein rich foods. He's now just eating some duckweed, omega one pellets, and various other plants in my tank.
  9. Various issues arising

    I can get paraguard easily. The only formalin containing med I can get quickly would be Kordon Rid Ich. Which would be best in your opinion?
  10. Various issues arising

    Maybe this is a better representation? He seems to be acting worse He was rapidly flicking his pectoral fins before I started recording. 3BDC112B-29A3-4E8F-B138-E6F35DFB4B17///
  11. Various issues arising

    I agree that the biofilm is definitely a factor with the surface gulping , but I’m most concerned about him floating somewhat listlessly in the corner. I don’t think the video I posted shows the full extent. He will just hang there, unmoving for extended amounts of time. Up until this week he was always on the move like you see in the last video I posted. I will try removing the frozen, protein rich foods from his diet. I’ll also see if I can locate some duckweed since he likes eating my plants so much lol. He doesn’t seem to gulp more after feeding. It’s more sporadic throughout the day. I can definitely rearrange some tanks and see how well he does next to some of my other goldfish.
  12. Various issues arising

    He was in a tank with another oranda when I got him. They were getting rid of both, but I only took him as I'm short on space atm. His poop looks good, not stringy or clear. It's the same color of whatever he eats (usually green because he likes to eat my plants).
  13. Various issues arising

    yikes, his tail looks pretty bad in this picture. 56053946424__75E78AA9-9398-4AC3-A5B1-F0609C486AF5.MOV
  14. Various issues arising

    This is how he’s been acting all week. It was only occasionally, but now it’s pretty much all the time unless he sees me. Sorry for the terrible quality. I had to zoom in from across the room because he stops if I come near. 5FCC46E3-4BAA-4409-9026-805C6AB814B3.MOV
  15. Various issues arising

    This tank was setup two months ago. I took established media from one of my tanks that has been running for a few years. It was originally just for extra plants and some apple snails. Now I’m just using it as a quarantine tank. I did a break for 5 days, but unfortunately, don’t recall if his tail was any better or worse.