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  1. Black skirt Tetra spawning

    Happy healthy little angel fish, one of my juveniles started nipping them so now he’s in a qt tank I want the babies in a cycled tank fully established after their trip
  2. Black skirt Tetra spawning

    They’re finally here
  3. Any body have Australian rainbow fish

    They look better every day
  4. Any body have Australian rainbow fish

    Everything seems fine the spot on their lips hasn’t fallen off yet but they seem healthy n active
  5. Any body have Australian rainbow fish

    i caught them put them in a 20 tall I medicated the water with aquarium salt n meth blue they seem fine going too change the water every two days n see what happens I did a 60% in angel tank little at a time so it came up to temp they seem great
  6. Any body have Australian rainbow fish

    I’ve read on a few other forums that it’s normal for them, that they run into stuff in the tank but idk enuff about them
  7. Any body have Australian rainbow fish

    Yea I’m really worried about that I’ve been doing a 20% water change every day
  8. Is the little bump on they're lip normal
  9. Black skirt Tetra spawning

    Yes they did and they are doing pretty good the seller sent me more like 13 instead of ten but they were all babies n juveniles 2 died but I think the rest will be ok the shrimp I mean, mr Gordon sounded really cool told me he would email me when it was warm enough to mail my fish
  10. Black skirt Tetra spawning

    Will update you guys on how things turn out or check out my channel
  11. Black skirt Tetra spawning

    Jim Gordon just emailed me and is making it right 😝
  12. Need a male ranchu

    Looking for juvenile
  13. Hello

    My fish are getting so big