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  1. Long story short, I am helping my family out with some fish they just wanted to get for the pond at their new house one day. Due to the changing weather and some rather determined raccoons, we're looking into moving the fish to a tank inside for the future. These three fish (out of the five, the other two went belly-up) have survived and looks like they're staying. The three feeder fish are in what I estimate to be a 100 gallon pond. There are some plants in the pond (too much in my opinion), as well as a few rocks. The fish have been thriving on algae. They were bought from a pond shop about month ago, and now they're 2" long and plump. I know that some people out there with a pond keep their fish in a pond all the time and some have their fish out of the pond in the winter. As far as I know, this might be a permanent move because of the animals around, but who knows what will happen in the future. Aside from water quality (I'm going to make sure they have a cycled tank before moving the fish in...They might not want too large of a tank right away but I think I can easily find at least a 60 gallon tank second-hand to start with) are there any concerns with moving fish between a pond and a tank? I'd imagine the process can stress them out. Will the fish age/size play a huge role? How about the change in their diet? (I'd imagine a more fish chow-based diet instead will have to be introduced gradually) Is there anything I'd have to watch out for when moving them from an environment with sunlight to artificial light? I'd really appreciate any advice, thanks in advance!
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