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  1. My friend sold me her two AQ 110's for $25. She showed me the canister filter she is running, and she found it on E-bay for under $60 with free shipping (she bought 2). Thinking about getting one of those too.
  2. I don't know how I ended up with 2 defective ones in a row, but somehow I did. The only downside to upgrading is that my Aqua Clear 70's won't fit properly on the back (and I just bought them in Nov). I do have friend who has 2 AQ 110's she's wanting to sell because she's not using them, and she said I could have them both for $25. She moved to a canister filter and loves it. I might consider that later after I have some time to save up some more moolah...lol!
  3. I wanted to come back with an update. The 60 gal started leaking in one corner and I only noticed it when the stand started to split on the top edge. I broke it down, took it back, traded for another one and set it back up. 5 hours worth of work, to discover the silicone is not right on this one either (there are white lines between the glass and silicone on both sides in the front, and obviously I can't see what the back looks like. So, I got in touch with Marineland and sent them pics, and they said it was definitely defective. Marineland just send me my refund check, and the manager at PS is so ticked, that she told me I could return the replacement combo and she would refund my money there as well so I could get another tank (they don't stock but one 75 gal at a time and she wasn't sure if they would get anymore, since they are a smaller store). SO....with the extra money, because I could not afford this all on my own right now (and the PS manager doesn't want the one I have to start leaking), I went to my LFS and bought an Aqueon tank and stand (I really wanted solid wood to start with). I'm upgrading to a 90 and should have it up and running this week. Hubby knows I upgraded, but I haven't told him to how big yet. Figured best to get it set up first and ask for forgiveness later......
  4. I bought myself the 50 ft python for Christmas (in hindsight, the 25 ft would have been long enough-but it was only a little less than $5 cheaper than the 50) and used it the first time last week. Our house was built in 1950, and has the original sink in the bathroom. We can't get it apart without breaking anything, so I run it out to my spigot in the front of the house and hook it up there. I just turned the water on enough to get the flow going, and then turned off the water and let it drain. With a new 60 gallon tank, I'm so happy to stop with the buckets!
  5. Well, I have the 60 gallon tank set up and running, and I love it! I have happy fish, who love sifting through the sand bottom. I would love to have gotten the 75 gallon (or bigger) tank, but our house is too small. Thank you for your input.
  6. So, I have scoped out 2 Petsmarts, and the one closest to me (less than 5 minutes and the least crazy for any attempts at Black Friday shopping, has 3 of these combo sets that will be available starting at midnight this Thurs. You purchase and pick store pick up. Does anyone have this set? Do you like it? Issues? I need a bigger tank for my fantail and oranda, and thought about putting another 1 or 2 goldfish in with them. The LFS is having a half off sale of all fish from Fri-Mon, so I was going to take a peek there. Thought they could go in the 60 gallon for awhile to make sure they don't have any parasites or diseases and then I could add my other 2 fish back in. We have the tiny telescope, so was going to get another smaller fish (he is so tiny compared to the other 2) to keep that one company. Fingers crossed I can score one!
  7. Thank you! The oranda I was given by my friend, was very well taken care of. All of her fish and her dog are very well taken care of. That is a good estimate for me to go by. I was just going with a year for my bigger calico, because that is what the lfs said. I'm sure he/she will get bigger. The telescope has filled out in the week we've had him, and his pale gold is turning darker orange, so I must be doing something right.
  8. I was just curious. I wasn't sure what to expect. I was kind of assuming the oranda I was given, might be as big as she was going to get (she's a little over 3). The Ryukin/Fantail mystery fish, the lady at the lfs said the size he was was usually the size of one that was a year old. And baby fish, he looks to be the size of some fish I saw in the section where people were posting pics of their fish as they grew, and he was similar in size to a 2 month old. He looks to be growing to me, but maybe it's because I'm used to him being the baby fish in the tank.
  9. I have really enjoyed looking at all the pics and reading all things goldfish on this site. Can anyone tell me where to find a guide (visual is better for me, but I'll take whatever length measurements) of how big a fish is at what age? I have the tiny baby telescope, the oranda my friend said she had for 3 years(the rest of the fish in the tank ended up being males, and they wre beating her up, so she asked if I'd take her), and a (I am biased) gorgeous calico that was sold to me as Ryukin, but after asking around, most people think Ryukin mix or Fantail. Curious as how to determine the age of the other two. Also, how do you tell if a fish is stunted when you purchase it? Sorry for all the newbie questions. Really just trying to read anything and everything I can get my hands on, as school is still out for summer, and I've turned summer reading, into summer of goldfish learning
  10. I'm posting this here, and hope it's ok. I saw the API Freshwater Master Test Kit was listed as part of the Prime Day promotion. https://www.amazon.com/b/ref=gbps_ftr_m-6_f45d_page_8?node=13887280011&gb_f_GB-SUPPLE=dealTypes:DEAL_OF_THE_DAY%2CLIGHTNING_DEAL%2CBEST_DEAL,page:8,sortOrder:BY_SCORE,MARKETING_ID:PDAY,enforcedCategories:2619533011,dealsPerPage:24&pf_rd_p=c624455a-ed52-4f78-9f81-675ed6faf45d&pf_rd_s=merchandised-search-6&pf_rd_t=101&pf_rd_i=13887280011&pf_rd_m=ATVPDKIKX0DER&pf_rd_r=JX53ATH230VA09V2FTEQ&ie=UTF8 Said the promotion starts at 5:39 EST. My lfs, which is a big box, wants right at $40 for the same testing kit....hoping to nab one tonight. The friend who gave me her orange oranda had been looking for another filter for her tank, and I told her I'd found some fish supplies on there, and that filter happened to be what she was looking for. She got it for $30 instead of $50 (sorry, can't remember the brand).
  11. This is our little guy. He kept following my daughter at the pet store...lol! He/she was the tiniest fish in the store! Can't wait to watch him grow up. He/she's such a happy little fish!
  12. Well, I hope this works this time. The tiny baby is a telescope. He/she was the smallest fish in the store, and my daughter fell in love with him. He kept following us, and the rest of the fish in that tank ignored us...LOL! The orange oranda was rehomed to us, and the what is supposed to be a calico Ryukin...after looking at pics not thinking so. I did go for a water test at the store today, and pointed out that what they had labeled as a Ryukin wasn't looking like pics I had seen online, and was told they just mark them as how they are listed when they get them. I told the manager that was pretty crappy. Either way, maybe there is some Ryukin in there, but I love his/her coloring. He metallic scales that are pretty flashy. All of them are happy together, and we're enjoying them, so that's all that matters in the end.
  13. I'm reading around more on the site, and am figuring out the photo thing. It's a tad different then another site I was on. I went back to the pet store for a water test (everything is good except Ph and ammonia). I also asked about the fish I purchased, versus the picture of a Ryukin I pulled up on my phone. Pet store manager said that just labeled them on the tanks like they come in from wherever they get them, and the sweet girl who was helping me whispered that half the time they didn't even know what kinds of fish they were....I did look in another tank and they do have some listed as mixed Ryukin, that look like Ryukins. They are smaller than the one I bought, but my daughter and I agreed we can't bear to take back the one we bought, so he/she will be staying with us. Now, to post pics. Thank you for your help!
  14. I can't post pics yet, and I'm just finding this site today, but last week I was sold what I was told was a Ryukin, but after looking at pics online and here, I'm not sure if that what he/she is. Can someone help me with pics? He/she was not an inexpensive fish because he was bigger than the microscopic telescope in my profile pic. He's gorgeous though, but I would like to know for sure what he is. Frustrating to think they sold me a fish at a higher price, and it's not what was listed.
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