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  1. Sorry your goldfish are going thru this, but you have good people who will help you on this site ! Welcome to the forum....
  2. Nice Fish.....so adorable
  3. goldfish are wayyyy cute....and Justine is adorable...
  4. Congratulation, I think this is so awesome......I bet u are excited beyond words...
  5. Beautiful fish, pond, I so jelly right now.....I have missed seeing everyone's beautiful creations !!
  6. Nice find on the tank, Everyone has such pretty tanks....with the sand, plants and all....My sister makes fun of my tank because I have NOTHING in it, bare bottom, no background, just water, bubbles....and Sushi....Super easy for me to clean....
  7. when I got back into my goldie, when setting up the tank, forgot everything I had learned....but knew what was going on when it was going on.....had cloudy "new tank syndrome" water...Luckily Sushi ended up surviving, I just feel bad cause of the stress he/she must have went through...But, this site will help you the folks here are VERY Knowledgeable
  8. Could someone PLEASE move my post to correct place.....just saw that I put it in the wrong forum... go figure...?!!
  9. Once I figure out how to post pics again, I will be more than glad to share...y'all will most likely get tired of all my photos.....lol
  10. Sorry it took so long to answer, SMH, First I get locked out of forum and had to deal with laptop updates.... I am really glad to be back and its nice to be remembered, it's been a long while.....there are some I remember as well....Luna is part pit and part chinese crested All white and fuzzie..reminds you of a Q-tip......lol 8 months old, she has my heart !!
  11. I really missed KoKosgoldfish so I came back....was on here before as Sharkbait (some called me Dot) because I used them a lot..... Since on here I have divorced and have been living on my own now for a few years, this past year I have gotten back into fish..... got a female crowntail beta and a black moore goldfish.....oh and a puppy for Christmas from my niece....yes, I knew I was gettin her, seen her and have been in love with her since she was born.....(the puppy).....lol,,,,Named her Luna and she has been called that EVEN before I got her. Was REALLY missing having a goldfish....so about a month ago I got one, just one....and a little 20 gal. tank.....I did have a 55 gal. with Caldwell (who was stunning) this new fish I named Sushi....lol.....and this last week he/she had first slice of orange.....LOVED IT. So its good to be back, Hope everyone is doing well.....I am sure the have been MANY CHANGES with everyone !!
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