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  1. OK. I don't even know what dropsy is. Researching it now ...
  2. Thanks for your reply. This isn't a fish health or water quality problem - it's a behavioral concern. This "little" ryukin plumped up because he or she ate a bunch of her roommates. The picture on the left is her yesterday and in the picture on the right she's in the middle left. That's from about two weeks ago. There are 8 goldfish, 5 weather loaches, 2 long fin danios and 4-6 mystery snails in the 150 gallon, planted tank. It's been set up for 2 or 3 weeks. Before that they were all in a 90 from which I transferred about 15 gallons of good, cycled water, the filter media, the gravel substrate, a large log, plants and several rocks. When I tested for ammonia about a week after i set it up there was 0. Ph tends to run a little high from the tap - I don't remember, 7.4-ish. It has a customized Eshopps sump filter with mechanical, biological and carbon filter components. I set up a trickle over the Eheim bio media. No meds added to the tank. I feed them 1x per day, flakes and Excel micro pellets. Occasionally I give them green beans or peas. Water temp is 66-70 F. No heater. No unusual symptoms on the fish and no unusual behaviors observed - just the missing fish and the greatly increased girth of Tripod here.
  3. Moved my goldies from a 90 gal to a 150 planted about 3 weeks ago. I usually keep long fin danios in with my goldies, also mystery snails and 5 golden weather loaches. I moved 7 of the danios with 8 goldies into the new 150. Within 2 days I could only find 5 of the danios. I added lots of new plants, partly to provide more hiding places for the little ones. About a week later I added 6 more danios. I can't always get a good head count with all the plants, logs and rocks so I thought the danios were just hiding. I now think there are only 2 left out of 11 and one of the ryukins is all of a sudden like twice her previous size. She's so bloated she looks like a puffer. OK so I've come to the conclusion that I can't keep danios in there any more. Now today I do a headcount of the goldies and there are only 8 (I added one since the move - there are supposed to be 9!). The smallest one, but not that small, is missing - completely. I think my blimpy ryukin is on a murderous, canibalism spree and not sure what to do. There's really only one goldy, another ryukin that's smaller than her. Anybody experience anything like this? Do I have to remove her? Should I play "Don't bite your friends" from Yo Gabba Gabba for her? Any other ideas?
  4. Thanks! Snails are supposed to help control algae but I don't think they do much on that front. I have at least a dozen in there. I scrub every week or so with one of those kitchen-scrubber-on-a-stick things. My kids like to use the magnetic scrubber but that doesn't get the tough stuff. Frequent water changes probably help. You may have too much light if you're getting excessive algae.
  5. Oh yeah! That IS a big boy!! Very good-looking baby!
  6. Thanks! You have nice looking ummm... fish, too. Those are the hairiest goldfish I've ever seen.
  7. Thanks for the idea. Maybe I'll try Duckweed - may save me chopping green beans and broccoli!
  8. As anybody who's tried to do it knows, "planted" and "goldfish" don't go together so easily. right now I have Java Fern, a couple types of Anubias, Pothos, which is not a true aquatic plant but seems to work, and Jungle Val in with my goldies. My LFS just recommends not putting plants in with goldfish. Everything else I've put in there they have eaten, including other Java Ferns and a couple big, expensive Anubias. Currently we're all pretty happy with this set-up.
  9. Thank you! That's my little guy, Hubble. I'm training him and Panda to take food from my hand - everyone else is too skittish.
  10. New member intro - Kept several bubble-eyes @ 20 years ago but made a lot of mistakes and they never lived long. 3 years ago we got my then 7-year son old a fantail and a moor and started learning how to take care of them. The big box pet store sold my wife the fantail, a CAE and some other tropical fish - all to put in the same 2 1/2 gallon tank! Fortunately the fantail survived and we still have him, now in a 90-gallon with 8 friends, a handful of golden Dojo Loaches, 9 long-fin Danios, 2-6 Amano shrimp and a bunch of mystery snails. We've had the big tank set up for just under a year and before that 4 or 5 of the goldies were in a 45 gallon which now houses tropicals. The goldies in the 90 gallon are - the fantail (Splash), 3 Orandas, 2 Ryukins, a Telescope, a Comet and a Tamasaba. Can't see how to insert a pic but will add one if I can.
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